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Day 19[]

Jake & alex forced me to vote john I had no choice.. They will pay


Going to this tribal council is the best thing that has happened to me game! Alex and Jake are really tight, so I just had to convince Alec, which was easy, probably because he had already considered it himself. I talked to Andy too, and he was worried about Alex and Jake being so tight, that he wanted a secret alliance with me and Steph. And talking about Steph, he was losses at his tribemates for various understandable reasons, and was all up for that secret alliance too. This could not have turned out better! And I thought I was getting eliminated.

We voted out John, seemingly per my suggestion. He seemed like the easiest target; big threat, somewhat disliked and unpredictable. I got someone voted out, while having my head on the chopping block myself! This really could not have worked out better.


Day 20[]

I found my second idol piece! That means those Pailin losers have to come talk to me to get my pieces lol HAHAHAH anyway now my tribe just needs to win immunity and hopefully we merge next with numbers and nobody will flip! But I don't trust Marco honestly but we just gotta see what happens. I would rather win though so i can stay safe


Hannah really? You got a score of 4,000 something? If we lose because of her score, I will be so pissed off


Day 21[]

before I go out, I just wanted to let you guys know I just made a finals deal with Hannah. Now I just need to be more social/strategic/physical than her and hopefully I can get a win?


It's a shame the merge still isn't here. In spite of the controversy over Amber's elimination, I do still like Hanna and I'm not happy to vote her. Then again, two people already voted and I wasn't told anything so that bothers me a little. I'm not sure if tonight's vote will be as straightforward as it seems.