Day 1[edit | edit source]

I don’t know why we are on one tribe to begin with, but most of these people I have talked to at least once. Some are trustworthy, some are not, however, I am going to lay low until someone comes to me about an alliance or something because I don’t want to look horrible on the first day. Hopefully this goes well for me since this is my first time being on a maroon tribe. Gig Em Aggies!


Might as well right me that hypothetical million dollow cheque because I am ready to school these people. I have no idea how but Ill take any opportunity I can to further myself


I am super stoked to finally be competing, I have tried out for Canada and Isla Del Sol but did not make any of the casts. So happy to get a chance to play the game! grin emoticon


Well, I have to say that this by far has been one of the most boring first days in a game ever, these people are not talkative, they're all boring and it doesnt seem like they are excited to be here at all.

In other news, I know Brian & Andrew and I'm kinda friends with them so yay

Oh Jay Summer is in this game... fun..... looks like I have my first target #byebitch

No seriously, I don't know how this Anarchy twist works, I think it's like that just a variety of people go to tribal for sucking at the challenge, but hell, I will make sure that if he is at that point sometime, his ass will be kicked the fuck out


So there is one person I have always hated in anything that had to do with them and it is Ugnius. I believe that this person is a dumb ass as well as dip shit that doesn’t know how to show his face in a freaking game. I don’t respect people like that at all. He asks me to play in his game and I just laugh because I don’t respect him at all. Anyways, that James guy barely talked to me and suddenly asked me to be in an alliance with him and Ugnius. There are many ways to play in this game, but what he did was freaking stupid. There is no point to doing that immediately. I kind of just want to exploit that alliance and get people to target them, I just feel that way right now. These people just make me laugh right now for their stupidity.


So I am unsure of what exactly the labirynth is, but im sure it will do a lot to the game. Its anarchy which means that I need to have a lot of relationships to keep myself through the game, and I hope im approachable enough


Yeah we are playing anarchy. We don't even have a tribe to win against with . This is like a merge now where the big dogs get rid first. I dunno if they see it that way.


Ok m the best strategy now is just play UDR, totally play like a dead fish. It's a new game and at this point everything is inconsistent there is no clear division on who is who is working with who, so the best strategy is to observe let them play and select later on which side for me is the best. Richard hatch did it, I don't get why people play hard on day 1. They should watch big brother and learn from da'voune and Audrey.

These people have no idea who they playing with im calm now but I know one day I'll be explode out of nowhere and crash them like a hurricane .


So far anarchy seems kind of quiet. Tribe chat has been slow, but I don't think that'll last too long. It feels weird having everyone on the same tribe from the get-go! I don't know how to explain it but there's less of a security blanket with having a massive tribe. On the other hand, I like that I don't have to wait to get to know everyone in the game, I feel like I lose out on that opportunity in games with pre-merge tribes.


Oh shit, I got the best score LMFAO, that's bad. But at least I'm going to the Labyrinth BITCHESSSSSSSSSS. On the other hand, if a lot of people are bad at challenges and Anarchy basically relies on challenges, that point difference could be good news for me


Day 2[edit | edit source]

Well, that alliance with Andrew & Brian worked out really well because I see myself working with them greatly

But... Brian is.... really dumb LOL, but I love him


Despite me being aligned with Andrew & Brian, I'm still not going to budge telling them about a possible power if it's like SUPER BENEFICIAL to myself, because there's always a possibility that people will be more honest with you about you possibly being taken out if you don't have any evidence that you have a power


My alliances have been very good so far. I will be sticking it to the end ABBA for now since it is the best option for my game play at the moment. When we were presented the challenge and I was on the same team as my other allies, I was jumping up and down with happiness because I can use them to my advantage. Hopefully we can win this challenge so that we can do well for now in this game, however if we lose I honestly don't care because of my allies we are good to go!


Rayton is so annoying. I mean we have an early alliance on both 703 and Eden dora's org but I would love to cut this dudes throat. It just suck that we are stuck to each other to align on both orgs.

Rayton is the cancer of the tribe. Like seriously, if you wanna do it just do it. Don't tell people "editing is hard" . He is like Jtia , he acts like he do everything but in fact he doesn't do anything but talking and making situations more confusing. He was on my tribe too back on edens he is online everything but he didn't even make a 5 min. Flag at least we have something to submit so that we have a chance at least to win, so I did a 5 min. Rush flag and looks like this... And we won! Like seriously he doesn't do anything.

I'm not sure if this is his strategy or is this his attitude really I'm getting annoyed with him. We might ended up like abi/rc here. I think I'm gonna talk more to people to align with, I think I can trust that girl name Sarah.


Well bye, our opposing team is sucking major ass in that challenge LMFAO

"Natalie can you help us?" BYE JAY GURL, you don't even know who the host is

Ugnius actually really annoys me with his dictator personality, like ok hi someone posted I don't need to post FIVE SECONDS AFTER THAT..... bitch

I understand that we should win this challenge but sometimes he would just type in caps and be like YO NEED TO FOKKEN POST BIATCH

Congratulations Ugnius, your dictating personality is slowly making us flop this because you're so out of order

I'm literally so done with Ugnius, like I might seem like a complaining bitch right now.... but he drives me INSANE....


Day 3[edit | edit source]

So I am just trying to get agold of the game and the relationships so far, but I need to be able to talk to everyone. I am hopefully going to be able to get a grap on everyone without getting targeted though


My tribe is a flop

Even more floppier than my brother lol


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