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Day 10[]

Hi Kyle I love my tribe hate this acon game


Losing Jeanette should be really good for the tribe. She was not only our weakest member but she kind of rubbed just about everyone the wrong way. Her social game lacked a lot, that’s costly. But now I’m left with people that I really like and enjoy being around. We really need to use this advantage of having a strong tribe right so we can be back to level numbers between Rawaki and Orona. With a looming tribe switch and merge, the more numbers we have, the easier it is to stay. Everyone gets along over here and we wanna expose the cracks in Orona as soon as possible.


I'm currently going through a lot. I'm glad I was able to build strong enough connections that kept me here during this time, I was prepared to go if my "Alliance" turned out to be fake. Luckily it got me through. I'm just really worried and nervous right now with personal real life things. And am hoping for everything to be okay.


Day 11[]

It’s super important we win immunity today, especially around these bitches. Literally 5 losses in a row is pathetic. I once again was the best in our tribe in the reward challenge, nothing seems to go right. Between Kassy’s (which is very sad) family problems and our numbers disadvantage, I’m really worried right now. I’m also starting to feel weary about my alliance. Rhone and Victor are KINGS! Literal kings! Well princes compared to me but if I get dethroned they take the crown. I literally love them so much which jeopardises me alliance with Elizabeth and Kassy. Andrea is my number 1, first and foremost. And maybe if she wants to flip we have to do it together. Especially when Kassy is making us weaker (unintentionally) and Elizabeth... doesn’t... say... much. It’s the dilemma of Day 11. Which side holds more value?


This losing streak isn't cute or fun. Hoping there are some Rawaki friendly challenges or a swap coming up so my tribe can win and we don't have to face another tribal. The more we go the more worried I am it could be me.


Wow what the fuck lmao So yeah, the challenge. I'm a competitive bitch y'all. I get really upset when I lose live challenges specifically for some reason. It's like my body can't handle the adrenaline and I start shaking and sometimes I cry and it's a mess. I didn't cry this time but I just got furious. I miiiiight have pulled a Marissa Peterson and cursed at Alietta when I left but whatever, I literally regret nothing. It's not like it would matter much if we lost because Kassy gotta go tbh. Idk what she's doing here. (TIME LAPSE LOL THIS SHIT IS GETTING LIT) Ok hi I'm back. We're a mess. Kassy and Matthew want Victor out, I have Elizabeth with me 100% on voting out Kassy unless she's lying to me, Andrea's not online so she's the unknown quantity at the moment. Victor now wants Matthew out. I know that Kassy's dealing with some stuff so I feel the need to emphasize that I don't want to vote her out for her inactivity this round, it's her general lack of engagement and lack of interest in talking to me in previous rounds that upsets me. That and she wants Victor out so that can't happen. But honestly I'm thinking it might be funnier/better to blindside Matthew because Kassy's less of a threat. We can't do that without Andrea though. I'll have more later. I can't believe people are actually trying to kill Victor. He's my SJW son and I won't abide by this.


Day 12[]

*crickets chirp and birds coo* Well. We lost again. It's kind of funny now. Like, the only challenge we ever won, was when we got 3 points and the other tribe fucked up. We sick. Bad. And what makes it worse is that we've got some strong people here. But, I'm just frustrated. The performance from some members is terrible and now I'm praying for a tribe switch that's in my favor. We really need to switch tribes and then all 5 of us end up on the same tribe. And now I'm torn between Kassy and Victor. Kassy in my alliance. Why should I betray my ally this early? Victor is stronger in challenges and is a potential threat but also a potential strength in future tribal challenges. Kassy has a lot going on right now and she's making the tribe weaker. But loyalty plays a huge role. I'm surrounded with people I actually like now. It kinda sucks. It's really up in the air right now, and I think me and Andrea are pulling the trigger. Let's hope we aim right.