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Day 6[]

Fuck these bitches. Now it's time for me to burn this fucking camp to the ground and I'm going to take everyone down with me.


Everything has been so great up to this point. Lindsay just got voted out second. LINDSAY! Not only are they voting of strong challenge competitors (which will keep them from winning challenges), but they are voting off people who are a threat to me! Point is I'm on a high. Then, I start to play this stupid bitch of a challenge (we're gonna nickname it Wave-Bitch), This is the dumbest, most basic-looking, double jump stealing, blazing speed, annoying, bitch-ass endurance game ever. I'd rather do that fucking puzzle as all of the challenges then play this mini-turd from Miniclip. However, I cant bail out of the challenge and be a Norbert, so I'll just take the blow on this one. I miss the days when I was opening the same doors as my own tribemate... Those days were simple. Now we're all cross-tribal alliances and annoying af challenges. Anyway, i hope my tribe keeps winning challenges because I don't wanna see Jeff at nighttime.


Still feeling that sting from Lindsay. Damn, that fucking sucked, but think about it. What would have happened if I were to have voted for someone like Max or Shannon? Compared to the entire tribe, that's a horrible way of thinking. That has outsider written all over it. I do know that TJ voted with Lindsay, so I'm half expecting to get some heat in my direction from him. Really not looking forward to it, but I'm ready regardless. I'm also half expecting him to be the next to go if we go to Tribal once again. Lindsay shared with me her two guesses for the Hidden Immunity Idol and was going to add TJ's guesses into the mix, but sadly, that's not the case. I need that Idol...I want it! And I'm going to get it...hopefully. Just need some damn clues first.


Alright, while Qin is at tribal council, I'll talk about my relationship with them.

Ew. From what I can see, they're all very aggressive relative to our tribe. Also voting out Andreas first was cold; I didn't appreciate them doing that to my friend. But I still have to keep in good with them, so here's what I do have. I've like 95 % confirmed that their majority alliance is Dan, Eddie, Xavier, Noah, Bryce, Shannon (with Dan, Eddie, Xavier stemming from Counterstrike and Shannon & Bryce being a pair). I've also heard that Dan is their leader and that the boot order will be 1. Lindsay, 2. Wesley, 3. Max, and 4. TJ. That is a lot of information, but Dan is sort of a leaky pot. He's surprisingly loose with his information. Plus I've tried playing up the "Africa Buddies" card as much as possible, since I want them to want me. So while I'm not happy with the majority on that tribe, it seems that I can stay one step ahead of them and Counterstrike in the future if I keep my mouth shut. Silence is golden my friends. You shouldn't have said anything.


Right now the vote is between Wes and TJ. TJ was the original perpetrator of my two votes last times with Lindsay so that fucker is bound to be on the line. Next is Wes. Wes as our idea because he is such a great social threat. He has real connections on the other tribe friends wise so it is crucial we take him out. Right now I need to think what's best for my alliance of Shannon and Noah. I need to get these two together and forcefully drag them to the merge because I want us to be strong. It is beneficial to my long game. Otherwise right now, I don't want to make big waves but any of these two might have the idol. Who knows? If that's the case we could see a minority upset but other than that all the majority votes should fall on TJ or Wes. Unless something terribly goes awry....


I haven't sent in a confessional lately, so, yeah. Perry told me that the counterstrike's boot order was Lindsay (voted out last tribal), Wesley, max, TJ leaving a majority 3/5 counterstrike people against Shannon and whoever else would remain. Perry wants to find the Qin idol, if we can. Do I think the hosts would allow us to have the qin idol? No. I hope to find the idol for shang. If I do, I won't show anyone because I got bit last time I told someone about my idol *glares at Tyler & Ryan*. I think that out of everyone on the platypus squad, I would want to go to the end with Emma and Perry because I think they're my strongest allies. I do see the platypus squad in the final 6. I think we are a perfect combo with brains (me and Gavin, mostly Gavin) and brawn (Perry, Jordan and Ian) and Emma holds us together. I go from the worst alliance to arguably the best. I hope we can get rid of Tom after Norbert gets evacuated/voted out. Let's see if we're at tribal. Also pray for me to get dat idol.


I'm just so pumped to vote out some of the counterstrike, like they get mad annoying. Half of them are like 12. ugh, once this swap happens I'm not going to sit around and wait to get the boot like Australia, I will be gunning for people and making moves and all that jazz


Day 7[]

Counterstrike on Qin doesnt appear to have an active plan on who to vote out. Leaving it open. Jaylen may be at risk.


Tribal Council...again? Nothing new here. God, this tribe is so fucking doomed. We're really giving these challenges every single thing we have, but we're just not stacking up! Since the first day Qin became a thing, no one has brought us down at all. No one has been doing anything to brand anyone as a subsequent "weakest link" within the tribe. And that's what's so fucking hard about the votes. It's that there's no blame to cast. There's none of that. It's practically nonexistent. It's been boiling down to things like, "who's the outsider?" "Which people are close to one another?" "Who has strong connections to people on the other tribe?" And that's so hard to do. Andreas went because he was an outsider. Lindsay left because she had to be broken up from TJ and the others on Shang. And now, it looks like Wesley may be getting the ax tonight because of his connections, too. It's a damn shame to see people's shots at redemption slip away from them like this. It really is. But...in the end? It's better them than me.


this is what happens when you get dragged into the crazy alliance PREGAME. Jaylennnnnnn. I got a mess to clean up now.


I'm mad. Tom is blaming the "Emma, Reed, Ian, Tom, Perry" Alliance on me. Apparently in Counterstrike, he's saying I made it. Now this would be easily refuted come his elimination, EXCEPT HIS ACCOUNT GOT DE-ACTIVATED AND I CAN'T ACCESS OUR MESSAGES. I'll find some way around it I guess.


Soooooo I'm doing a really good job at not being a challenge threat <_<. I can't help it if my heart's in the game! If I can help my tribe get immunity, I'm gonna do it. I'm still a little nervous about our alliance, Tom has had a lot of time to try and convince somebody of something stupid. I really want to trust my alliance, but that is always difficult. I think while Qin is at tribal, I will do some work further closing our group off from Tom, maybe get a fresh set of screenshots from Gavin.

Anyways, glad we won today: I don't even have a torch to snuff at this point lol.


My old Qin tribe has burnt me so bad that I am on a mission to take them out, one by one. Will I win? No. But you can't outcast someone for no reason and then lie about the vote, only to take out my only ally and expect me to be all "Qin to the end!" IT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I AM A TEEJ SCORNED AND I AM OUT FOR BLOOD... QIN BLOOD.


So I'm a little disappointed in Eddie because when he was talking to Max, Max said it's going to be either Xavier or myself, and Eddie told him he could chose which one to vote and he'd do the same. It just sets me back a little that he wouldn't just tell him to vote Xavier, but instead, risks me getting atleast one additional vote. I think I'm solid on this tribal, expecting no votes now so that's good atleast - I was a paranoid mess all last night.

Anyways, Lindsay invited me to a docs I should be allowed to see soon where herself, TJ, and Noah will be sharing idol guesses with each other. It feels great that they trust me enough for this, buuuut Lindsay should be the one leaving this tribal so that will DEFINITELY cause waves. But if anything, I'll be shown areas in which the idol is NOT in. I know that TJ, Lindsay, and Max are voting for Xavier, possibly Noah as well which could mean a 6-4 vote or worse. Regardless, it isn't me who is leaving this tribal council and even if Xavier DOES leave, I can always fall back with Lindsay/TJ and pretend I voted with them since they trust me enough with idol clues versus Max.


EDDIE, Jaylen, and Tom are soooooo annoying. If I get the chance I'm flipping with SHANNON and voting jaylen out I don't really care.