Day 27[edit | edit source]

YESSSS IT WORKED BOYS LETS FUCKING GO IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW. Phew, there's so many different things that could've gone wrong that vote but everything actually worked out and i couldnt be more delighted. and the best part is, im talking to the brains right now and they dont suspect a thing. here's to hoping this doesnt bite me in the ass later and we can keep playing this game like this, cause honestly im having so much fun right now


also tfw nicole tosses a vote at andre cause she thought thats where the beauties were going. i guess she really doesnt have anyone right now, guess that means it's time to reach out to her :D


it's ok though, i didnt come here to play like a hero


Day 28[edit | edit source]

For the record, if I had known they were dropping votes on Claire I would've idoled her. Alas, her blindside was indirectly my doing. Telling Augusto saved his ass and took out Claire's and while the decision still hurts, I have to live with it now. I did it and it's forever going to be something I've done. I can't have these doubts about whether this move was worth making or not but all I know for sure now is that I have to win not only for my sake but also for Claire's.

As an immediate effect of the vote, some good things happened. 1) Tyler thinks Sam was in on Claire's vote out which may or may not be true, either way there's no suspicion on me. 2) Nicole flipped over because the Beauties left her out of the vote so we still have the majority if we need it. 3) Augusto should see me as even just a little trustworthy which is good enough for me because it seems he's close enough to Luca and Hannah to get their thoughts.

I have taken Claire's spot and moved over to a central position where I have an ear in pretty much every area. While I may not have as much direct contact as Claire I'm still lowkey enough where I really don't believe I'm on anybody's priority list of targets right now. Despite what had to happen for me to get to this spot, I'm feeling pretty good right now. But, I won't let it get to my head. I'm standing on a tower of dominoes an anything can set it to fall down.

As for this reward challenge, I don't plan on throwing it but I don't want to win it either. Throwing it just puts suspicion on me being under the radar and winning it would mean that I'd be forced to share it with my alliance which I so don't wanna do because that means they would have an idol. I don't trust them to tell me they found it just like I didn't tell them.


OMG WE DID IT!! I feel bad for Claire but this plan worked beautifully...

Basically Sam started talking to me about how we had to get Claire this round cos if it got to final 9, she basically would have control of this game (Her + Brains +Nicole) I agreed with him completely.

So basically the target was agreed upon by brawn + brains to be Augusto. We told the beauties about this plan so that they could use the idol. But the best part was that we still voted Augusto... so now we're in with the beauties and the brains still think we're with them... holy fuck no one is even annoyed with us this is insane.

–Charlie W

i don’t see much of a future of getting myself super far ahead in this game

i have a feeling sam or charlie are gonna win sam charlie or maybe tyler and uh sam and charlie basically decide which way the votes go it’s impossible for me to stay utr because that perception doesn’t exist in this game and no shade @ y’all but two sides are absolutely lame it’s extremely hard to maneuver myself into good positions i’m expecting myself to go home this week it’s the natural order of things though i’m gonna skype call with tyler tonight


Sorry for not making a confessional for a while, there wasn't anything really to confess. Okay so last tribal my teammates Augusto Hannah and Luca blindsided me and killed Claire. Luca kinda has an excuse because he was asleep and he thought someone would've told me. I do not trust them at all, Augusto and Hannah didn't even tell me if Liam passed on the idol or not. So I really don't trust Hannah and Augusto but I'm willing to give Luca a chance. RN my game plan is to probably flip to the smart side, i'm skipping reward cause i really don't care about it and would rather not piss anyone off. Then I want to beast all of the challenges but that really isn't realistic lol.


Day 29[edit | edit source]

Last Tribal we DID THAT! The me-Augusto-Luca-Sam-Charlie alliance is all alive, in the majority, and ready to shove nerds in lockers (it's even the name of our alliance chat)! I transferred the idol to Augusto for him to play on himself instead of playing it on him directly so we could hide our closeness from the Brains+Nicole group (and more importantly, so I wouldn't look dumb to the VL if I played the idol incorrectly and sent myself home).

Everything went as we expected, except for one thing. Nicole had flipped to the brains side, so me Augusto and Luca told Nicole we were voting Andre, not expecting her to actually do it. Except she ACTUALLY voted Andre for real! What?! If only we'd known, we could've gotten Claire out 5-4-1 and saved the idol. I could've really used that idol if there is in fact an unmerge! But at the same time, I'm also kind of glad I don't have it anymore, and everyone can see it's gone. As I said in my last conf, thanks to Nicole's leaking everyone knew about the idol, and had narrowed it down to either me or Augusto having it. That would've put a huge target on my back. Idols are a bigger curse than benefit when everyone knows you have them. Nicole's vote raises a ton of questions. If she voted Andre does that mean she's still with us, and if she's still with us then why did she seemingly leak information to the brains???? Can she be trusted to be let in the loop next vote or not??? (if next vote is even a normal merge vote, that is. Idt there would be an unmerge at f9 with an odd number of people tho. But there might be one at 8, and I want to maximize my allies and minimize my enemies to increase the odds of ending up in a good unmerged-tribe position. As of now we already have the majority so we don't NEED Nicole's vote, but an unmerge, especially into small tribes of 4, could strip that majority away and make me depend on her vote. So I want to stay on good terms with her if possible, but I don't want to risk her potentially leaking more info to the Brains.) so many mysteries!


Ugh... this is why I hate touchy subjects. Being the one people don't wanna talk to after the game hurts.

–Charlie W

Ok so Claire got sent home (which i knew she would) for playing too hard too fast. So now, my attention is focused on Sam & Charlie. They are obviously playing both sides and touchy subjects really just exposed how Sam is doing the most. What I think is that Charlie has Sam do his dirty work for him because Sam is crazy enough to do it. But yeah in terms of the last vote, Sam and Charlie voted with us but they knew that Claire was getting votes (we all did) and i believe that they also knew the idol was being played and then Sam came and talked to me about it like he didn't know the tea like...Samantha...stop this. He must think I'm slow lol


So anyways, Luca and I made an alliance at the beginning of last round so when Sam decided make a 6 person alliance with the Brains (me, Pris and Andre) and him, Charlie and Nicole. I blew his spot up to Andre and Pris with my theory tbh. And i think they agree that Sam is doing the most. What I'm trying to do is dissolve tribal lines and stop people from this tribe vs tribe mentality so we can work together and integrate. This works for me if that happens because 1)there's only 3 brains left & 2)i can just be super social and sink into the background.

So today, I got on call with Luca and spilled ALL of the tea and he spilled ALL of his tea on Sam/Charlie too. So the plan is to take them both out before they get outta control. They are obviously playing both sides and they don't try to hide it tbh and frankly they've had power for a round or two and i'm over it already. When Sam has power, he kinda feels like he doesn't have to talk to you unless he's lying to you so I'm ready to subtly take this game by the horns and fuck shit up. I'm just worried Hannah or Augusto will do some dumb shit and fuck it up but i gotta shoot my shot and hope it works kdjfbsd


Day 30[edit | edit source]

Okay before I go into strategy and the vote and all that I kinda wanna mention Hannah before I forget. I don't think Touchy Subjects is a tell all description of everyone's view of you because you just need the majority which could very well just be 2. Buuuut, it's still good feedback. I'm seen as a easily manipulated which is fair because I've been a bit of a follower. My issue is that Hannah guessed my name for a few of the negative ones. She may not think that herself, but she thinks the majority would have chosen that which is kind of concerning. Given a few elements of the conversations we have, I'm a bit wary of her. According to Luca, Augusto and Hannah have a duo which is really kind of alarming because that means Augusto doesn't necessarily trust me as much as I would have liked.

Anyway, regarding the vote. I got super cocky last round and just assumed I was the only one to leak the vote. It really does make sense for Sam and/or Charlie to leak the vote because it puts them in the position that I would've wanted to be in. We have a plan where the brains and beauty unite for a vote to take out one of the two brawn for playing the middle. My issue is that all this info came from beauty and I do question why they would want us to go after these two potential numbers for them when they know they're in a deficit. They could be just telling this stuff to get the numbers swung back their way while having us piss off potential allies. My saving grace is that they probably wouldn't target me if they were pulling something. As long as it isn't me, I'm fine with it, and I think if the situation grows dire then I can navigate my way through.


oh boy, would i love if this vote works out how i want it to. i mean lets be real, andre more than likely has shared his idol clues with tyler, and i still have no idea which of them, if any, have the brain idol. so for the long run, getting rid of tyler now, even though i love him as a person, would be best for my game. because he's a better player than andre imo, and he could cause way more damage if he was still in the game after being blindsided than andre, who doesnt really seem to talk to anyone. and i mean, pris and nicole have just been floating by anyways, so im not too worried about them. and they also seem to be the most easily manipulated (man thats such a harsh word) so i feel i could use them later on if i wanted to make a move against somebody else, or try and take them to the end because they seem easier to beat at this point than most anyone else, so we'll see. just gotta hope im not getting played. but if this works out and tyler does go, best believe some people are gonna be mad as fuck at me lmao, but im prepared for it. thats what happens when you play the middle, gotta betray people at some point


i also know that im not playing with idiots either, and everyone is just like agreeing on the first thing said or whatever, which i mean things could be as simple as that. but most of the time, it isnt. so if i do get played, then good job, cause these are smart players. but im hoping my middle ground is keeping me safe right now, even though i know for a fact, assuming im still in the game, im gonna be seen as a huge threat lol. but thats something ill tackle when i get there


if the middle survives

they're just gonna alternate between beauty and brains even if ONE of them survives sam charlie and nicole i'm basically forced into a trio in which i'm the biggest threa threat* since i CAN'T flip don't have enough of a bond with the middle to do so beauty and brains are practically mirror images of each otehr other* like let's say sam gets booted if charlie/nicole vote with beauty, a brain goes home, but next vote, they flip back, and a beauty goes home let's say both sam and like charlie get voted out if at f7 nicole votes with beauty, a brain goes home, but she knows she's on the bottom of both sides so she'd just flip back if sam charlie and nicole get taken out in successive order we're looking at f6 and rocks it's literally a loss no matter which option i take


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