Day 31[edit | edit source]

@Danielle: bitch


When I THOUGHT I was the one going to gun for Will, instead things turned around and someone uses the split vote as an advantage to gain the upperhand and vote out Will. Well shit, it's three against three. I can smell the rocks coming in tribal, very, very soon.



but i wouldve preferred nadine out! but STILL!!!! i love danielle and idec about winning anymore that moment of getting will out was... all i need.


I know I don't do this a lot but jesus, after that, I have to write something. I have never felt so... good about something. Voting out Will, the person that has condescended me, voted out ALL my allies, lied to me was God's work. I didn't think it would work, I threw everything out on the table and it fucking worked. I'm on Cloud 9 right now and I feel the power that I've been craving all game. I haven't got to show it but jesus, here we are 3-3 at final 6 and soooo many possibilities. I'm ready to make the finals, I'm ready to win. I've been OTT but at this point, I've had nothing but opportunities to gain and I feel like they are knocking on the door right now. Here's to hoping that I can just get there!


Ok so all tharros people must be mad at me,but they are being extra sweet to me so I vote with them next time.I think internally they are even happy I flipped cause they all knew they couldn't win against will.Immediately after that Keaton came up with a f3 deal of me,him and Ben.That would be like the perfect f3 for me,cause the other 3 are huge targets.But after all pacts were made he proposed that we frst vote out Dani and Carson and then we'll take out Nadine.Lol.He made a mistake there,No boy,It made me not to trust him all over again.


Will and I've made the biggest game mistake we could have made together, my excuse is that I was busy during that tribal and I couldn't think straight. After that happened, I've learnt to not throw a fit and didn't get mad at Fariha. Immediately I made a F3 alliance with Keaton and Ben, and then told them to make a F3 with Fariha in case she's feeling skeptical of us. I know that I'm seen as the biggest threat from Tharros now that Will's gone, and now I feel a ton of regrets after losing Will. I feel like I wasn't a good ally to him as he was to me, and I wish I was better. Sometimes I feel like I'm lying to myself a lot in this game.


Day 32[edit | edit source]

I know how the other side sees me, after Will's elimination, like Carson and Danielle wouldn't have me in their endgame plans. I might be the biggest threat for them now.

I'm going to try hard on this immunity challenge to prevent the others from getting it and the next course of action would be to try to get Danielle or Carson to flush off their idol. That means I'd give up my immunity to one of Ben or Keaton, and cause paranoia with the other side. I'm thinking of all sorts of variants to this strategy.


Day 33[edit | edit source]

let. me. OUT!!!!!

UGH. im just so SICK of these people. i feel like they all hate me. nadine's such a gamebot but apparently has SUCH a good social game but she didnt bother with me! keaton's keaton, ben's like talking to a brick wall, and i dont think danielle likes me. fariha's fun tho.

but still. even if i do somehow make ftc i KNOW im gonna have nothing to call my own as a cohesive game because ive had 0 social or strategic game and... i dont wanna get blasted at ftc so rock me out!!! ugh.

also nadines being annoying and extra by giving the immunity to keaton.


Everything was going pretty well for me until Nadine gave up her immunity.I don't know if she is bluffing or not.If they play the idol then the plan of flipping Ben or Keaton won't work.Ben is more innocent than I thought,so he would probably stick with Nadine.I tried my level best to make Keaton understand that he can't win against Nadine and Danielle,hope he gets that.Even if not, and in case nadine plays the idol,hopefully they will vote out Danielle and I still get one more chance to make them flip.


I achieved what I needed to do - showed my power by winning the immunity necklace and gave it to Keaton, in order to get the other side wondering the hell what's going to happen next. It's fun to create an air of panic and chaos, especially when I have most of the knowledge on this game. I just can only hope that Danielle or Carson would flush an idol, though based on their reactions I think they don't have one.

Basically I had Keaton offer some temporary deal with Fariha to get information out of her, and I'd find out she sees me as a huge threat. I would then talk about voting Danielle in the Rawmen alliance in order to get her to leak it to Danielle and see if that'd be enough to get her to flush an idol, if she does have one. If Fariha gets out here we should still have 3-2 majority at F5. I'm feeling a bit anxious about my future, but hopefully it goes well.


First time since the Gilad vote I am really scared that this could be me going.I am putting a lot of trust on Keaton and Ben.Everyone knows I don't have an idol,while Danielle and Carson may they can easily vote me and nadine can play idol on herself.But that would be the worst move for Keaton and Ben.That would make their chances of winning less too,I tried hard to make them understand it.I don't think Ben really gets it yet,but Keaton may.I hope atleast if its not Nadine then Danielle goes.Ahhh


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