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Day 16[]

Ok so IM BACK BITCHES!!! KERALA NEEDS TO BE READY TO CATCH THESE H A N D S!!! Also nobody is talking to me except Catherine LIKE...........???? Fuck my hard work and my jury vote huh? WELL FUCK YALL TOO STUPID BITCHES




I haven' t been making a lot of confessionals. So I will wrap everything that has been happening.

Back in New Periyar, we started having a solid relationship with Julia. Ok, I get it, she may be playing us, but I legitimately think I have a shot with her. So after winning the first challenge we decided to throw the second one and get our original Periyar numbers up. So in the process of that, we got a new alliance going with Julia and Tucker. Tucker for now is my boy, I trust him and he has the Periyar immunity idol so I have to have him close. Jake is supposed to enter so we will have to see into that.


I don' t believe for one second that Tyler is not here to play like he says. But come to think of it, he can run all the way to the end with us thinking he is not even a player. LOL. I guess getting asked questions at TC can give him away. But for that first day...


MERGE TIME! So we have the original Periyars at a minority. And the side alliance with Tucker and Julia. And Jake is supposed to join us there and if that cross-tribe alliance happens I think we can run the game. I have started mingling socially with the Thekkady people, but some of them are soooooo quiet. I may be getting myself into trouble by being so overspoken. We shall see.

However, it is time to make as much trouble as I can, otherwise I may not make it 2 more tribals.


Tucker is a rhinocerus


"MERRRRRRRRRRGE Ayyyyyyyyyyy. The streak continues! (Sans my Shadow fuck up, lel).

Shit is kicking off already. Juliaviv almost instantly messages me and asks me to be in an alliance with her, Beard Guy, and Tucker. I obviously accept because I’m not a dumbass, but it does feel kind of sketch getting into an alliance with people I don’t know well right off the bat. Could come back to bite me, but there’s not really an alternative route that doesn’t suck, so I’m going with the flow there.

The next morning, Catherine messages me, and she tells me about how Beard Guy is trying to make deals with everyone. I tell her he tried making a deal with me, as well (sort of true . . . ish?), and she throws him out to me as a possible merge boot. I tell her it’s sketchy to me, too, but that we should keep a low profile for now until we see how immunity goes down. Mostly to avoid having to commit to anything on my end until I personally see how these dynamics play out a little further. Catherine herself has pretty much forced herself as my #1, as I had little choice but to tell her that I’d found the idol. I tried my damndest to make her feel like it’s OUR idol, but I think every player knows that’s mostly bullshit when people say that, lol. I mean, I’d play it on her, but it’s ultimately mine to play in the first place.

Her knowing that I have the idol, anyway, means I HAVE to trust her. If there’s no trust there, I’m getting thrown to the wolves. She wouldn’t tell me if she were secretly telling everyone about my idol, anyway, and that’s a dumb move in itself if I trusted her enough to tell her. Right? So yeah, going to trust her word, and if it comes down to it, I’ll vote Beard Guy. He’s been awkward in the chat, anyway.

Speaking of that, Catherine also said Juliaviv claimed that she finds Beard Guy to be weird. And yet, she didn’t hesitate pulling me into an alliance with him . . . hmm. Now that’s weird, lol. Is she trying to hide her relationship to him? Or is there hooliganism in the air that has yet to rear its head? That’s the big question for this merge. I HIGHLY doubt that it’s going to be a straight pagonging. Periyar seems to have pound for pound better players on their side than we have over here with the likes of Wal-Mart, Vik, and even Anna. To someone like me, I woudn’t mind exploring that as a possible new route to the finale. On the other hand, I’m probably not the only one thinking that. And who better to take out than the social guy who can hold his own in a challenge?

That usually comes a lot later in the game, but I’ve got my idol, just in case. All it’ll take is for one person to let me in on the #blindside, and I’ll take my vengeance instantly. Would OG Thekkady flip on me specifically, though? Over some others? Unclear, but doubtful for now.

I’m going to continue to build new relationships with OG Perirryaryr for now. The REAL vote won’t be set in stone until very late tonight or tomorrow afternoon at the latest, and so until then, I want to just keep my head down and observe."


ok hello so erm

imma scratch what i said. aaaaah idk man im paranoid as fuck why help lol.

why does kon sound so fake? violet sounds sus of me as fuck? like idk idk idk jacob seems to be good to work with but already last tribal he was like "pat is campaiging against you" already!?!?!? throwing!?!? shade!??! at ppl?!?! IDK WHAT THIS MEASN AAAAAH like. im an org newb help idk what to do in these situations.

cat seems nice and shiz ok i think imma work cclosley with cat. jake too . ok i take back what i said about tucker im porbs gnan need him. erm anna? well she hasnt been on to talk to lol but me.

why does kon sound so fake though??!?!? cat said she felt it too idk idk idk aaah

erm doulton is ok i dont see myself workign closley with him long term ? mybe? well we meshed well day 1 but now we sorta havent talked much. and then ther eis nic idk and vik hasnt been on to talk to wsefdghj

gotta wait till eviction to know for sure

omfg idk what to do ineviciton

aaaaah i want violet out i think but if i vote her out peryryryryry will hate me b-but i dont want her out just cause of tribe lines!!! i just dont see her as a good ally like she doesnt seem comfortable with me aaha


Day 17[]

So, I've been brainstorming the game and this is what I got.

The most likely outcome of merge is that we pagong Periyar, vote out Anna and Vik and then the core alliance of Thekkadys turns onto each other. We might lose 1-2 members if an idol(s) pops up. If I want to win, this is what I can do. First merge tribal I vote whoever the alliance of Thekkadys chooses - Violet, Jacob, maybe someone else. I would hate to vote off Tucker since I've gotten close with him and he might be useful. After that, I decide whether I want to keep the pagonging going or if I flip to the Periyars. I'll probably vote off another two members and then try and work with those who remain. I think that the two Periyars most likely to stay are Asa and Tucker, but I'd like it to be Kostas and Tucker, since Asa is apparenly hard to work with. It would be best to have an idol on our side. If we don't, plan B would be exposing the core alliance to Anna and Vik, so we can get them aboard, ant then TRY to get Cath to flip. If we do, the supposed target just gets saved and then we continue the game with said plan B. Worst case scenario would be not having an idol, not having anyone from core alliance idoled out prior to that and Cath sticking to the core alliance, in which case we'll go to rocks. I hope that doesn't happen though. After the core alliance has fallen, I'll see who I'd rather have with me at F2/F3. I guess that would be Vik/Anna, but maybe I'll bring Cath. I just hope that shit works as planned. It better do. I might have to tweak that plan after I see the results of this Chain of Command challenge, but time will tell for sure, I guess.


Merge and we are 7-5. It has been sooo quiet. We are in the minority is it is all guns out right now. I am willing to do ANYTHING. I am socializing, I am approaching everyone, I am trying to find the breaks in Thekkady. I am ready to promise them the world and then vote them out. :P I will try to keep my Periyars safe as long as possible but if it comes down to us, better them than me...

Now with these being said, I don' t see how the hell I am going to survive this vote. :P I am screwed.


I am currently working Julia, Vikram and Jake. Me, Julia, Tucker and Jake are the most likable people in the tribe. It would be in our best interest to stick it out. We kinda have made an alliance. I am dropping my seeds everywhere and I am charm mode on, and it seems to be working. Nicolai and Catherine are my targets. I am turning the game right now.

To add to that, the most dangerous playeds right now is Jacob, and he is coming off on the wrong side for me lately. It doesn' t work for me to get him out now, but he is my person to go if I fail to get a Thekkady out.


this took me 6 hours to finally sit down and write lmfao.

ok so i think doulton planned to blindisde me and vote nic out. he told jake i was with the vote but he never said a word to me and he got jacob to not tell me who said what and what the target was. He only tlaked to me about the nic vote after he realised i already knew. sus. as. fuk.

anyways i don't want vik out but if it is what it takes to keep nic in the game then ill do it. nic is a good ally and honestly such a stupid vote. next vote imma push for violet to go home i really don't think she is on my side. nope. but it won't happen next tribal so ill push for 1 of doulton and violet to walk home. violet preferabbly. then doulton. violet first so the tribal lines wont affect shiz too much.

jacob is weird lol .

he was like someone told me to vote someone but i can't tell you who said it and who we want to vote!?!?!?!??!!??!!??!?!?!?!?! ?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!ok!?!?!?!?!!?!!??!!?

lol anyways.

i pushed on vik and doulton finally flipped gg

doulton flipped whole house flipepd CAUSE OF ME