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"Today's Menu"
Season The Genius
Episode Number 3/12
Episode Chronology
Previous Ultimate Werewolf
Next Seat Exchange

Today's Menu is the third episode of The Genius.

Main Match[]

Today's Menu. In this game, the contestants had to guess how many people placed the same order as them to earn points.

Player Points
TGAlex.pngAlex 2
TGAromal.pngAromal 6
TGCJ.pngCJ 9
TGDavid.pngDavid 6
TGGavin.pngGavin 4
TGJohn.pngJohn 8
TGLoren.pngLoren 7
TGMatt.pngMatt 6
TGThomas.pngThomas 2
TGWill.pngWill 8
TGZakriah.pngZakriah 6

As the sole winner, CJ decided to give the Token of Life to Zakriah, sending them both to Round 4. Between joint last place finishers Alex and Thomas, CJ decided to send Thomas to the Death Match, who then selected David to join him.

Death Match[]

Black & White. Both players had to play numbers against their opponent in an imperfect knowledge game where the player with the higher number would win. The player who won more out of 9 rounds would win the game (since there was a tie at the end of Round 9, the game played for an additional 9 rounds.)

Competitor Round 9 Score Round 18 Score Result
TGThomas.pngThomas 4 wins 8 wins Advanced
TGDavid.pngDavid 4 wins 6 wins Eliminated


  • This is the first episode with a sole winner, CJ.
    • As such, this is the first episode where someone, Zakriah, earns a Token of Life without winning the Main Match.
  • This is the first episode where neither Matt or David win the Main Match.
  • This is the first episode where a Death Match has gone to a tiebreaker.


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