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Day 7[]

The Tatianna vote was a success! Not that I had any doubt it wouldn't be.

I have to be careful now because Konstantinos is on to me, and he wants Violet out, but I don't.

I don't wanna make it obvious that I'm working with Violet, but I definitely want to save her over Michael who I haven't talked to at all, except Michael's social game will save him easily.

I just pray that we win a challenge because we are 7 strong!


Holy alliances, Batman! The Actives Alliance finally came through, and all of its members were parroting off of each other how great the group was, whatever whatever. But then Brendan comes out of nowhere and pulls me into an alliance with Juliaviv in the most sketchy way possible, lool. I think he said it was because I said I liked his beard once (to which he never replied)? He then threw shade at my own beard and proceeded to make a group chat. I don’t know, strange. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he’s forcefully sticking himself into a bunch of 3 person alliances in a desperate attempt towards safety. It gives me mixed feelings, because on one hand, I’m down with having this alliance if it keeps my name out of his mouth as a desperate Plan B vote. On the other, I was totally set to toss his name out if we lost immunity, LOL. I’m glad I’m patient with that sort of thing, or it probably would have gotten back to him, and I’d look super sketch. Now I think I’ll have to continue playing UTR, waiting to see who’s name gets tossed out when we lose, and then go with that.

I think it’s about time we lost, really. Winning everything is a shitty strategy, and we NEED to get rid of people like Vik before it’s too late. In a swap, it’s POSSIBLE that we could get rid of people like Vik and Anna to “preserve swapped tribe strength”, but there’s also a chance somebody wants to make big moves too early, and comes after me randomly. If that’s the case, there won’t be much I can do to prevent my own boot, barring finding the immunity idol. My only good option will be to play up that No TC equals No Solid Bonds. And then hope they like me more than the others.


Okay a tribe can never really be bonded. But I legit think that the 7 remaining Periyar tribe is extremely close. Last night, we all had voted out Tatianna so there was not chaos, and we are all trying our best to win the reward challenge. That was golden. Everyone was online, I think I subtly took the reigns of the challenge and we were all chatting and celebrating every win. We had a solid time. I swear that if the conditions will have it that group of 7 Periyars could be powerful. And the info we got about Thekkady during the reward challenge was that they are a tribe divided.

I am starting to feel much more comfortable. I have Tucker who is my main buddy. I don' t know what is going on with the HII but I have a clue I think I may be in a good way. The eggplant alliance is legit solid and I think I am socially connected well with everyone on the tribe. I also hid a fake immunity idol in a moment of paranoia which I have nooo idea what has happened because Tucker says he didn' t find it. I regret it now but it may be useful later on.


I thought it was very awkward when Tucker outright asked the tribe to go to exile, and not just that but also revealed his entire intentions, which were rather selfish?

I was just laughing at what others might thing, because it is a social blunder on his part, and if he does end up going to exile he'll probably be made a target.

He literally requested, "Send me to exile so I can find an idol" like this bitch doesn't know how to play Survivor!

Maybe it's all some part of reverse psychology?? I'm not sure but I've got my eye on him now...


So the idol search is pretty pathetic, but I've been using information Violet has given me to try and speed up my search. I have a general idea of where to look now.

In terms of the game, I've been bonding with Konstantinos, but I need to know when to keep my mouth shut. I spilled my worries about Tucker to him, and he didn't care, and just wanted to keep the eggplants strong lol.

My ultimate goal here is to find the idol, give it to Violet, so she can save herself come tribal, and we can blindside Tucker.

I'll still vote for her to keep my loyalties intact, but that would be a win-win situation.

In terms of the challenge I AM PRAYING PERIYAR PULLS THROUGH. We're really desperate for a win and boy do we need it, we've been a unified tribe, but I don't have any doubts that winning has unified them just as much. I know they'll probably vote out Vikram, which is fine, although I'd hope they keep him so we have any chance of beating them after this.

The biggest concern here is numbers. Survivor is a numbers game, and we are down 2. Sure, I'm near the top of the food chain on my own tribe, but I have no say at merge, when Thekkady has the advantage. We're subject to their mercy, and they have no reason to flip, I'm sure they've also bonded plenty in a week.


Day 8[]


IT'S ABOUT TIME! It's nice to know our tribe isn't as bad as we thought, the other tribe just got lucky! We may suck at drawing tigers, but I'm positive any other challenge won't be nearly as bad.

Also I feel kind of dumb for being so paranoid about Tucker! I actually won't be betraying the eggplants, but I will be protecting Violet, and therefore my main target is Michael, who seems to be Konstantinos' bitch.

and Konstantinos doesn't need any more power than he already has, he's basically the unspoken leader of the tribe! Hell, even I've fallen for his social game, but I've been plotting with Violet on ways to overthrow that, but I'd know she wants Tucker out before Michael.

I like Jacob and Asa, but I know I can't rely on them to make a move, especially pre-merge, so if it ever comes down to it, the only way to save Violet would be to find that idol, which isn't so hopeless after all.

I'm extremely close, I've already found 2 clues, thanks to Violet hinting to me that it was in the forest. After one more clue, I believe I'll be able to get a general idea of what I'm looking for, because the first 2 clues are pretty obscure.


Ok, long time I haven' t made a confessional.

Finally we won an immunity and we took the time in Periyar to relax and assess our situation. I have really strong bonds with Tucker and Jacob. I feel well with Asa and Sim. And Violet even though she is outside of our alliance I have gottenc loser with her. We are the most talkative. I know they see me as a threat, but I am building those relationships.

And FREAKING TUCKER went on to find the idol. I was 24 hours ahead of him and he freaking got lucky with the extra clue. He seems to be opening up tome. I have lied to him about some stuff but I see no reason in considering changing my main group for now.


Day 9[]

So we lost, which wasn't that surprising to me, and actually desired on my part, at least initially. Although I wanted to lose, that challenge I feel did me a lot more harm than good, really, and the frustrating part about it was that it was majorly out of my hands. It makes me nervous, anyway. The vote has fallen on Brendan, or at least that's what I'm being told. Juliaviv and I have "decided" earlier that we could probably work with Vik, but really, I just want as many inactives around as possible to save my ass in the case of a swap fucking, lol.

But here's where it gets convoluted --I have an alliance with Brendan. Will he try throwing me UTB out of bitterness on his way out? And what effect will that have on the way my real alliance views me? I think the ideal strategy here is to tell my alliance that Brendan had made an alliance out of the blue with Juliaviv and I TONIGHT, si they don't feel like I'm keeping secrets. Buuut, Juliaviv wasn't feeling it, and without her being fully committed to that, I feel like they'll see through the deception, and that's even worse.

I think I'm in something of a fragile position here. Brendan has ammo against me, and I don't like that. First boots on each tribe can go for literally any reason. If Brendan figures out he's the target and pushes the right buttons on these other people, it could 100% be me going, and that'd suck. I don't think it's the smartest decision whatsoever, but that's the game. If everyone made smart decisions the whole time, it'd be pretty dull. And still, I don't want to be a casualty of that, lool.

I think my ideal boot here would be Anna, but that's not happening. Wal-Mart is ADAMANT that a guy has to go this round, and that'd be Vik if we took the inactive vote route. I'm warming up to Vik a bit, so I'd rather that not happen. Especially if he's got an idol, lol.

So yeah, Brendan vote, supposedly. If I had to guess my boot scenario here, it'd be that Brendan gets the inactives + someone from my alliance to flip over me not telling them about the alliance with him. Or an idol play. Either way, I'm gone.

But again, that'd be such a stupid thing to do prior to a probable swap, but I really have no idea what to expect from these people. I'm going to be busy tomorrow until deadline, but I'll try checking in once or twice before then. Hopefully my level of effort is what keeps me safe, rather than what gets me eliminated. It's kind of odd when you're one of the few people actually being social, lel.