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Day 6[]

OH MY GOD. This is actually becoming frustrating. I've been trying to form an alliance forever, and I've been talking to people and we have it all set out except, it doesn't happen. We still haven't created a chat and I'm becoming impatient. I honestly hope we go to tribal soon so we can sort the alliances out, because I want to feel like we're playing the game.

The alliance I've come up with Austin is us + Nick. We'd need one more for majority and I've really grown close to Nathaniel. On top of that we all like Rhi even though she is hella busy.

It's as if we all planned to go out, we all got ready, except none of us are in the car. We're all just sitting in the house doing nothing, while we could be in the car driving to wherever we wanted to go. CAN WE PLEASE GET IN THE FUCKING CAR LMAO help


Cam get the boot ooo fuq everything worked out yaaaaaaay!


The previous tribal makes me proud of my tribe, because we actually got to pull off a unanimous vote. Hopefully, this unity is going to make us strong in facing the next challenges and the twists that will come our way into this game.

The obvious main goal as of now is to defeat Catarina, and hopefully, people from Tacana also have the same goal, because DUH, WHO WANTS TO PLAY WITH RETURNEES? PEOPLE WHO LIKE TO KISS ASS, THAT'S WHO...


I cannot deal with this challenge 😂😂 I'm trying to redeem myself on this team, and idek how to go about it lmao. Hopefully we somehow pull a win thanks to Andrew.


*Really long sigh* I CAN’T BELIEVE WE LOST AGAIN! I’m not really that used to losing, so this is definitely one of my lowest moments, because I know that I’m trying, and I know they’re all trying, but it always seems like it’s not enough. I love my people, and it’s really difficult to make a decision every time we go to Tribal. I have to listen where everybody’s at and make sure I’m not the target, of course.

Anyway, during the challenge, I got to play with the eye candy from Catarina by the name of Brian, so I’m kinda satisfied. *wink* I still want Catarina to lose though. LOL


Everybody’s strategizing at the moment, and the target is Jalen. Since it’s not me, I thought I should think ahead and plan for our future.

Now, it’s possible that we’re switching tribes at 18, so I thought maybe we should work with Tacana to gun for the returnees. It’s the sanest and smartest thing to do at this point. That's what I'm trying to tell everyone right now.

While I don’t want to be the one being labelled as “the guy who hates returnees” (except Brian), because I don't hate them, it's more of the fear of their ability to persuade gullible people by transforming them into pawns. I just do not feel comfortable taking them further into the game, so I believe that it's the best option.


The best thing that could happen to us after the tribal is a switch, because I really don’t want to lose any of these people anymore. It’s not that I don’t trust our ability to win, I just think a switch will open up a lot of opportunities for us to get further into this game, and hopefully, with the help of Tacana.


Day 7[]

So I made the alliance chat. I had no problem doing it. Someone had to do it right? I wasn't paranoid until Austin told me why him and Nathaniel didn't want to make it. I have nothing to hide, unless your name is Hannah or Brian, so I don't see the big deal. but alas I'm a bit cautious about the whole situation.

Anyways, I was just happy to secure something. The drawbacks of not attending a tribal for a while is not being able to know where you stand in the game. Whether you actually have power, or you're imagining it.


So Austin really opened up to me about something personal, and I'm gonna keep that detail private but it really took me out of the game.

The fact that he felt vulnerable enough to share that really touched me, and I want nothing more than to give him a hug. I can't even imagine betraying him now, and I'm so glad we get to play together.


Last season I approached this game very socially, and somewhat strategically. I always thought those were my strong suits, and I was quite frankly a liability in challenges. I wasn't so bad that I was dragging the tribe down, I was just enough to warrant keeping me around if I was on the right side of the numbers. In fact, I was voted out because I suck at flash games.

However, this season I've realized, I'm actually pretty good at challenges? I never really thought about it but I've done the most for the tribe in every single challenge so far. I did endurance with Nick in the first round, something people like to avoid because it's time consuming. I got 11 million in Music Catch, which was the 2nd highest score, and now I've scored the majority of points for our tribe in Wiki Wars.

Basically, I'm a changed person. I'm a beast.


Finally!! We finally got first and I somehow came in clutch and won the 4-4-4 tie, it's honestly a really great feeling knowing I scored the point that kept us from tribal and got us an immunity clue, of course I didn't do it by myself though, Sim and I both scored 2 points each and Brian scored 1, I'm definitely at a high point right now because I get along with my tribe, I just did a lot this immunity/reward and so did one of my closest allies Sim, and it's honestly amazing being the only tribe to not visit tribal yet, I'm just waiting and waiting to the point where I beat my Tokelau placement :) If we are to lose I've kind of discussed who we should boot just a little with Hannah and nick and nick agreed with me that Brian would be in our best interests considering he is the only person we aren't really aligned with, but Hannah suggested Nathaniel, so ideally I would go after Nathaniel if we ended up going to tribal 2 times on this tribe but then that would mean betraying Sim and I reaaaaally do not wanna do that, I want to keep a good working relationship with Sim, Nick, Hannah, and Rhi, even Nathaniel, I've been making it a point to not talk to Nathaniel and Brian as much as the others since they would be the first two to go if I had my way because I kinda feel like that's best for my game, plus I feel like if Brian links up with Malik I feel like that could potentially be pretty dangerous, I do like Brian and Nathaniel though don't get me wrong, I think they're both great guys, I just don't know about them being beneficial to me right now.


I was sitting pretty since we’ve already talked about the vote but Elmo, one of my favorite people from my tribe, came up to me today and said that he “accidentally spoke out of” his mouth to Jalen about the vote.

He says that he thinks Jalen “knew that he is on the outs and has probably been looking for the idol for a hefty amount of time.” While I don’t think Jalen found the idol, it makes me a little nervous because perception is the biggest shit that could fuck up your game.

The clue is too vague for my 22-year-old mind, maybe for Jalen, it isn’t. Jalen not going crazy on the tribe chat after he supposedly found out that he’s on the chopping block worries me a little.

Since the vote is also unanimous, if Jalen plays an idol, which is hopefully the worst case scenario, whoever he votes for automatically gets voted out, so now, I’m really contemplating throwing someone else’s name out there for my vote.


Looks like we're picking things up a bit. There's still the four person majority of Claudia, Malik and I; it looks like Claudia may have leaked it to Ryan, because Ryan went to Andrew and told him that Malik, Chris and I are working together. Andrew asks Chris about this, Chris tells me yesterday.

This is challenging because I know that, while I'm 100% safe until the swap, I don't want to swap with Andrew knowing I'm two-timing him. So, I went to Andrew acting like Ryan told me that Andrew, Chris, and Malik are allied. Andrew gets sketched out on Ryan and we're back to normal.

Next step, is making a fake alliance with Andrew and Chris/Malik. We'll also probably be throwing this next challenge to get rid of Ryan. Claudia won't like it but Ryan is the only person here that doesn't trust me, so he's going home soon.


Nuno: “We’ll give out the Idol clue now!”

Me, two hours later: “So… How about that clue?”
Nuno: “Right, sorry! The clue is that the Idol is hidden somewhere in the forum.”
Me: *Looks at all the hosts’ contributions pages and finds out that Dom edited two old forum posts just before the season begun*
Me: *Follows links, which both lead to puzzles for the other two tribes, that when solved, gives the Idol*
Me: *Finds no clue to our tribe’s Idol*
Me: “Are you sure you’ve hidden it? You could’ve made a mistake.”
Nuno: “I can’t tell you that. I’m not stupid!”
Me: “...”
Me: “Just saying that mistakes happen easily.”
Nuno: “No mistakes happened.”
Me: “Thanks.”
Me: *Follows different trails regarding puzzle URLs, puzzle tags and logic regarding the other tribes’ forum posts, but finds nothing after two hours of doing nothing but searching*
Me: “Well, I’ve got nothing, except horrible Canada flashbacks. This is great.”
Me: “Thanks, Ty.”


Claudia had my name in her mouth NONSTOP SINCE YESTERDAY. Ryan throwing my name out because he doesn't know me. And now Andrew saying he wouldn't vote me out, and did it anyway. If me, Matt, and Chris all survive, they better hope there's a swap because I'm going for them. If not, I hope it bites them back in the end.