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Tribe Switch
Survivor Gameplay
Description Contestants being transferred to rival tribe
Appearance(s) Survivor: Wales
Survivor: Africa
Survivor: Australia
Survivor: Mongolia
Survivor: Resurgence
Survivor: Siem Reap
Survivor: Tokelau
Survivor: Socotra

A Tribe Switch (also known as Tribe Shuffle or Tribe Swap) is the very first game-changing twists of Survivor. This twist sends members from one tribe to the rival tribe and vice versa.


The Tribe Switch is a twist can happen in a random point during a game and this reassignment of tribes will be effective until the tribes merge or a new opportunity to switch tribes shows up (e.g. a Mutiny or a second switch.)

Normally it would send half of the tribe to the other when both tribes have equal number of tribe members, though it has changed depending on circumstances.

If the contestants cannot be equally divided into new tribes, it is possible that one contestant will not initially join a tribe, and will instead join the next tribe to lose a member. So far, this has only occurred in Survivor: Resurgence.

A variant of the tribe switch, the Tribe Dissolve, is where one or more tribes cease to exist after the switch. It either requires the entire tribe to be dismantled and its remaining members are spread into the remaining tribes (absorption) or requires that all remaining players, usually in four or three tribes, in the game are shuffled between two of four tribes.

Very rarely, a third tribe will be created when a tribe switch occurs. These tribes are called Post-Swap Tribes. So far this has not occurred.


Tribe Dissolve[]

See Tribe Dissolve


See Mutiny


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