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Day 19[]

The new tribe is great, we're all getting along just fine, and we're an even stronger than before. Cali would have been smart to stay, but it's not much of a loss. I'm a little pissed I didn't know about the hard mode in this challenge before, but oh well.

Evan has just shared with me that he cracked the clue for the idol. Egg. Seriously? I pretty much didn't bother trying because I had no idea and it was EGG? Ugh. Anyway, he says he hasn't shared this with Xavier or Jace, and we're going to work together first. If we can't find it before we get a new clue, we'll include them to prevent the mutineers from having a shot. Ideally, we'll be going into the merge with all of them, but if we have to go to tribal, the Smash Bros are staying strong.


Okay so we're technically half way through this game so maybe I should make one of these? Lol. I feel like this tribe is sorta weird because I feel like everyone here would all stick together come the merge. Which obviously makes it really hard if we lose because we're losing valuable #'s here! Cali probably being someone who could of helped us but she had to go because of her challenge performances and overall the tribe trusted Cali the least.

Right now I'm loving Tyler P on our tribe because he's gonna help us in challenges and he had previously been working with Alf so I feel like I can trust him a lot. And we get along great so it'll be interesting to see how far this can take us. Cause our tribe HAS to win these next couple challenges before a possible merge. Because if we end up tanking a couple more challenges I could see myself being an early merge boot because our side doesn't have #'s. And I'm not ready for that to happen. In fact if we win this next immunity (which Tyler and I slayed in) I'm gonna throw Jessy aka The Screenshot Queen of Chile so hard under the bus that her weave might get caught under there! Because she is highly responsible for Alf's departure. She threw my man under the bus so I'm gonna throw her down even harder. So I hope we win so I can stir the pot over there like she did to Alf. I pretty much hope anyone on that tribe goes besides Heather because I feel like there's a chance she would still work with me later down the road. Normally I would have said I wanted Seth to stay safe as well but as much as I love Seth personally he is a SNITCH. He snitched on some things I said to him and told jessy about it. So I'm really not happy with him rn because he was trying to play me. And if my tribe wins this challenge too he's also getting thrown under the bus when I send Jessy those screenshots Seth sent to me about her having the hidden immunity idol. I'm praying we win because our tribe really needs this right now.

–Tyler F.

this has been an interesting last day in chile. even though I sort of knew the writing was on the wall, sethsus christ did everything he could to try and help me so i hope he can destroy the bitches on p*tos and c*rro and win this whole thing for me. I can't say I didn't expect this bc my social game has been a complete flop and i've barely had time to talk to anybody, but oh well. idk why X*vier had to try and give me false hope to produce more incriminating screenshots against me or what but it wasn't appreciated!!!!!


So, with Cali gone, our tribe is down to five...it's getting very lonely here xD. If we lose anymore we'll be down to four, and if Tyler F. is right and there's another challenge after this one, we can potentially be down to three people left on our tribe. That's a scary thought. We really need to make sure we don't lose anymore or else Cerro will slaughter us come merge-time.

Of course I wanna go deep with Ali and Tyler F., but Tyler F is really all about keeping Tyler P over Eden which I'm unsure about, as is Ali, so I don't know what's going to happen if we lose again so ugh rip us. Jessy and Ali for cutest couple 2k15 tbh. Those two just don't stop talking about each other it's adorable :3


Cali is out of here I mean, it was a easy vote but she was nice and it hurts voting out anyone but we need to start winning challenges otherwise were screwed come merge.