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Day 24[]

Okay, I thought this was a great moment to make a move and freaking Tucker ruined everything. I AM SOOO PISSED AT HIM. I was planning to get him out before the finals anyway, but now I am sure. He is my buddy, he is a friend but I know he is thinking too about flipping on me. The time is not there yet though.

We added Nicolai to our alliance so we are a nice 5. And just when we were flipping the vote to Catherine, the Catherine I am solid with and we can do stuff and I accepted this, Tucker forces me to be the one to bring her name up. I do it, we are working the votes, Jake is reluctant but willing to do it, and FREAKING TUCKER decides to go and tell the group that it cannot happen. Tucker screwed me big time! And I believe he did it on purpose no matter how much he apologizes. We ended up voting Jacob. WHY DO ALL MY PARTNERS GO INACTIVE? Our position has severely worsened because of this. I hope he has another thing going (I am sure he does), because that move destroyed us. But I will figure things out. He is too much of a threat, and I am making sure people know that. Also, I am dropping hints to Catherine and Jake that he has the idol. I am not going home soon I think.


i want to vote violet out here she is the one im furtherst away from me and closest to tucker. if i want tucker as my ally soley or closer to me then violet has to go. i think she sences i want her out and might vote her out. sh appraoched me about it meaning kon probably told her but w/e.

they want a thekkady out. its not like im sitcking to tribal lines. its just violet is ideal here to go. the rest can be delt with later but if another thakkdy leaves then violet will be safe for ages. kon and tucker and asa wont vote her out so i need it to be today. lets hope she cant win this immunity so i at least ahve a choice!

kon leaked shiz i told him to tucker man cant trust that guy lmfao.

cat and jake are close thats a bit dangerous but i am like their 3rd wheel so its fine for now.

anna/asa seem a pair

idk where kon stands. for now he is all over the place

nic erm he is a good ally to me lol but a bit messy roudn the edges worth keeping with me as a close ally. who else is there? meh


Day 25[]

violet just approached me


Hey!! Can I like ask Where do we stand with each other Because idk, I'm really worried this round. I went on vacation so I didn't talk to many people So I don't know like what's going on or where I stand with you.

me: Hmmm I'm unsure either to be h we don't talk much and we haven't been so close on ur totem. Pole of allies I see myself my be pretty low. So I'm unsure 3:01PM

I see that, honestly Like I'm just a bad social player where I forget to talk to people But I feel I should talk to you more just because I do trust you I literally never talk to any other Thekkady's And then even the Periyar's, I don't talk to I'll send like 1-2 messages a day to people!! But I do want to work with you if I can extend that now

me: hmm yeah my only other porblem is how close you are with tucker but other than that ill consider it. i just dont know where i stand on ppl's totem poles ^^"" so im worried

Tucker's GAY i mean uh me: LOL

Do you not trust him? Loaded question omg me: nah its not that i dont trust him i just have to take into considerashion where i stand with him compared to others

i see, i see


ill take in all youve said and ill think about it if we talk more and shit and mybe if we are more straightfoward. maybe even if you sound less suspishious about what i say id say wed be able to become decent if not good allys

ill mull over this. idk who else to target next tribal apart from her lmfao



Honestly I have loyalty only to you and jake.




fuck fuck fuck fuck im so fucked this game what do i do!?!?!?!!?!?

fuck you tucker for convincing me to keep violet in.

fuck maybe that was a bad idea

lolollool what am i gonan do!?!?!?!?


my name was mentioned i was voted too

not winning in f2 no matter what fuck whole jury porbably hates me

what do i do man T_T

ok imma go utr a bit lmfao lets try that loolollo


Day 26[]

With this war reading to wage, I am so glad I won this immunity. Most likely to cheat??? WTH, because they are awful at flash games?


OMG this tribal is sooo stressful. First of all, Tucker thinks he is playing me so much. I am annoyed because it is in his best interest to keep Anna around and not in mine. But I can' t be too obvious about this. The plan to get Julia out was too good to pass on, but it may be a bad move for me in the long run. We shall see. For now, Anna wants to be added to the Periyar numbers and vote Julia out.