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Day 9[]

Soo Matthias... voted out. My 1 ally.

And he exposes that Elias, Jake, Aras are in an alliance which is TOTALLY realistic. and I'm not the one to sit by and let things like this go unbothered. So I let my stance be known in the chat and tell them I believe Matthias. I confront Jake about it and he denies ANYTHING to do with the alliance but.. I'm not stupid. Even a stupid person would know he's in it. He tells me he wants to work against the alliance with me, Gabe, Alex which... I actually believe.

And also I start talking to Matt, and he wants to work with me and Eve. I add Christina and Emily into equation and bam! We have an alliance. It hasn't been made yet though but we're all down.

Anyway this is the point where my game goes downhill and I let my emotions take over! See y'all on the other side


I might have spun this. I just played dumb, which isn't that hard since I am dumb. My favorite winner is Fabio and some day I hope to be him. Or have sex with him. Haven't decided.


I am Varys, the Spider. The problem is so is everyone else :(


So after all the drama with the mega alliance, I've had skme very good talks with Kyle and I think we're a power duo. So based off everything Id still say for now my loyalties lie with Aras unless the mega alliance gets outta control. I need to make sure Jake knows im fine with the alliance so he doesn't take me out over Mikey


So much shit has happened since last night honestly this is so hard to explain bc it's a lot but; Aras, Eve, Wendy, Elias, David, Jake, Matt, and Luca are in an alliance together. However, Eve/David/Matt/Wendy are also in an alliance so that group of 8 isn't quite so scary. In addition, I'm in an alliance with Eve, Christina, Nic, Emily, and Matt. Gabe appears to be up Aras the snake's asshole. Eve and Matt think they're slick being double agents but they're going to get caught eventually and I'll be able to hide behind them when it happens.


Our tribe did our best at the challenge. We thought we do ok and then we started hearing other scores. Now, we're scared to death and praying we don't have to go to tc tonight. Please help us, Survivor gods!


Day 10[]

I'll honestly admit this one any day, but sometimes I play pissed off and I do things to people solely because I don't like them and want to see them look foolish but not this time. I have to play very social and keep my options open and keep nobody pissed off, play in a superficially charismatic and intelligent role - almost like a psychopath. What you've got to do is turn people against each other and to fear each other while also trusting yourself in order to get farther and that's a critical stage in this game too. I've made it to double digit days in this game which is a very minor achievement, it feels like it has been eons of time almost. This Matthias exposing an alliance of eight between myself, David, Eve, Elias, Jake, Luca, Matt, Wendy only really brought us closer together. It's obvious Matthias wants to give Nic, his tumblr buttfuck buddy and friend prior to this game an advantage and that's what he's doing but I think in reality he cemented an eight. Nic is hellbent on the idea that I have a final four alliance with Jake, David and Elias and he's calling us the "challenge beast alliance", I'm still going to try and see where he's coming from and basically be very social and fake with Nic. But now there's many new dimensions of the game that are interesting. That challenge was VERY good for us because a tight alliance of three that was against us was forced to turn on eachother and after Christina left, she basically exposed the outcasts alliance for what was perceived as betrayal by Emily and Nic. So Emily was giving me this dumb sob story yesterday about feeling out of the loop and all that and it's like shut the hell up you've been in this alliance, and then there's Kyle who came to me shitting himself about being on a tribe with Wendy and Luca who are supposedly in an alliance meanwhile he's been with Nic for a while too and honestly if we had it my way and we stayed in our tribes I would ask Wendy or Luca to fucking throw the challenge to get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!!1 but that's none of my business. Nic being a prick is no surprise to anyone either I think. The key thing now though is keeping up those relationships with middle players (aka people who are floating into fucking oblivion) by middle players I don't mean Eve or Matt bc I can't wait to screw over them and their idol tbh, I mean the people who are in no alliances bc they fucking float. Alex isn't floating but he's not in an alliance bc no one fucking trusts him basically and that's the tea, Mikey and Whitney are legit the two weakest fuckers here. So for me that leaves Bradley and Gabe as potential good partners for me, despite being tight with David prior to the Axupa swap I buddied up to Bradley bc I know it's likely we're going to win out and we can hopefully continue to work together like that, Bradley also came to us and said he thought Nic was full of shit so that's good!! Gabe was my friend prior to this game but I can tell he has his hand in some other cookie jars and I'm not here for that lmao I can tell hes kinda tight with Kyle from their convo and sees himself as in the middle so I have to pull him to my side :P


So far I've confronted some people about the events from last night and it is fuckin funnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy. Shoutout to Elias for not knowing screenshot rules, because if he had I wouldn't have got this information, and conveniently, Elias is going to his next tribal with a penalty vote and not being able to vote. I've kind of thought Elias has seen himself as the king pin for a while and it's funny how much he's in jeopardy now. I did talk to Matt and he really is good at saying the right things to get him to trust you, he claims to want to continue working with "den of beasts" and against Nic but I did plant the seed that Elias is problematic, so hopefully I can get he and Eve to do my bidding and I think I'll know about their idol if they find it. Fucking Nic, Kyle and Emily need to stop playing the fucking victim though, y'all got caught, y'all played yourselves so please stop mate. I get bs from all of them to this day and voting them out sure as hell would be fun whew, but I already got enough comedy from the losing tribe being an alliance in its entirety and having to target eachother. THIS MY FRIENDS is why you don't make an anti-comp beast alliance, YOU WILL EAT SHIT IN COMPS. Then Christina exposing the outsiders was the icing on the cake. Ugh, all the options to throw people under the bus is beautiful.


Well fuck. There goes my game. Christina I have no idea what on earth you were trying to achieve with your shitty little screenshot but i'm now pissed. yes Elias now has a self-vote against him, but that means nothing unlike the consequences of this screenshot. multiple people saw it and now I'm in deep shit. Hopefully I can salvage eve and i's gameplay and get back in peoples good books, but honestly. fuck. you. christina you salty hoe.

PS. This is a rant, so don't take this too seriously but im mega pissed rn