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"Two Rooms & A Boom"
Season The Genius
Episode Number 10/12
Episode Chronology
Previous Coup
Next Kill Doctor Lucky

Two Rooms & A Boom is the tenth episode of The Genius.

Main Match[]

Two Rooms & A Boom. In Two Rooms & A Boom, the players would, with a guest, try to divide rooms per their win condition.

Player Guest Finish
TGAromal.pngAromal TGPriscilla.pngPriscilla Won
TGGavin.pngGavin TGNathaniel.pngNathaniel Lost
TGJohn.pngJohn TGDanny.pngDanny Won
TGWill.pngWill TGTom.pngTom Lost

As the only two players without a Token of Life, Gavin and Will went directly to the Death Match.

Death Match[]

Black Hole. In this game, players placed number tokens on a triangular board to avoid a black hole.

Competitor Result
TGGavin.pngGavin Advanced
TGWill.pngWill Eliminated


  • This is the first, and thus far, only match in The Genius to feature guests.
    • Will's guest, Tom, later competed himself in Season 2, where he won.
    • Aromal's guest, Priscilla, was a host for Season 2.
    • Brian from Season 2 was originally brought in as Gavin's guest, albeit was later changed for someone else due to scheduling difficulties.


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