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Day 16[]

Ugh. Jake quit, and that doesn't help my game AT ALL. Him and I had a very strong alliance, and we had planned to be the final 2. But, him quitting changes everything. I lost my numbers, I lost my #1 alliance, and it feels terrible. But, I have to work with what I have. But I don't have much.


i was thinking that may be in that bottle, my opinion - it writes that we all are going to the tribal councill, and we are playing for individuall immunity now... this makes me sorry for telling everyone that i have played this game before... well, 23 hours left and we will know the answer... would i get extra points if i am right?


I was sick at first, but now I am completely fine. However, I am telling everyone I am still sick so they won't talk to me because they are starting to get on my nerves. Tomorrow and for the rest of the game, I'll just deal with it but I'm taking an extra day hiding from everyone and to collect my thoughts.


Day 17[]

Marty may just be an eency-bit insane.


We won immunity! That's awesome! And we get to screw with the other tribe. Now, immediately when that happens, Marty goes and says to vote Nicola. Like, way to show where your allegiances lie. I'm giving my vote to George cause I want Bayartai strong until the merge. Plus we need no chance of another female winning.


Day 18[]

am i cocky that i am proud of my score in this challenge? my score is better than other tribemates combined again, two sides of a coin: good side - we won, bad side - this may put a target on me


i am trying to convince tribemates to give an immunity for Nicola. it wouldn't just keep another tribe weaker, but also would help me, to get Nicola back on my side, if we both reach the merge... we had good relationship before tribe swap, it would be nice to work with her again