"Ultimate Werewolf"
Season The Genius
Episode Number 2/12
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Ultimate Werewolf is the second episode of The Genius.

Main MatchEdit

One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The interactions between werewolves and villagers make up One Night Ultimate Werewolf. The villagers will attempt to kill the werewolves, while the werewolves will attempt to avoid being killed.

Player Identity Ability Vote
TGWillWill Werewolf

(switched to Minion)

Would be informed of one of the unused identities (Villager). Loren
TGLorenLoren Minion

(switched to Robber)

Was informed of the identity of the Werewolf (Will). Malik
TGAlexAlex Mason Both were informed of the other's identity. Loren
TGZakriahZakriah Loren
TGThomasThomas Seer Could either look at another player's identity or two unused identities (the former was selected to look at Will, who was then a Werewolf.) Loren
TGMattMatt Robber (switched to Werewolf) Would switch identities with another player, and be told his new identity (switched with Will, the werewolf.) Loren
TGAromalAromal Troublemaker Swapped two players' identities (selected Loren and Will). Malik
TGDavidDavid Drunk (switched to Werewolf) Swapped with one of the unused identities. Loren
TGGavinGavin Insomniac Would be notified if his identity had changed (it did not). Malik
TGJohnJohn Villager N/A Malik
TGMalikMalik Tanner Would win the game if he died. Gavin
TGCJCJ Hunter If CJ was killed, the player who he voted for (Loren) would also be killed. Loren
Unused Werewolf (switched to Drunk) Would be informed of the other Werewolf's identity. N/A
Villager N/A
Villager N/A

In a vote of 7-4-1, Loren was killed and the Werewolf Team were declared the winners. They voted to make Aromal the Elimination Candidate; he selected Malik to join him in the Death Match.

Death MatchEdit

Elevator Game. Both players were in a building with various elevators that went up and down, and the first player to reach Floor #100 would win the match.

Competitor Floor Reached Result
TGAromalAromal Floor 100 Advanced
TGMalikMalik Floor 81 Eliminated


  • This episode had the highest number of players in joint last place, with 9.
  • No member of the Werewolf Team received any votes.
    • Loren, however, was originally a member of the Werewolf Team and did receive votes.


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