Unstable is the 9th aired episode of season 1 of 703 ORG Network's The Elementals.


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The dark forces Drew conjured up come back to bite him in the butt as his powers start to spiral out of control. Alissa discovers that the magic Drew tampered with has full control over him and doesn't want to let go.

Main CastEdit

  • Austin Williams
  • Alissa Graf
  • Charlie Tchotchke
  • Drew Mikaelson
  • Hannah Strarrup
  • TJ Apostol
  • Zakriah Razzak


  • Aerokinesis: Charlie creates a wall of wind to block Drew's blasts..
  • Electrokinesis: Zakriah hits Drew multiple times with electricity blasts.
  • Invulnerability: Drew displayed feats of invulnerability during the fight, by easily shrugging off the attacks thrown by the elementals.
  • Absolute Strength: Drew exhibited feats of next level strength when one of his punches broke Charlie's ribs, one of his kicks had Zak doubled over in pain and he slammed Hannah into the group with little force.
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