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My Favorite Castaways[]

Season My Favorite Contestants
Wales Brittany Diego Aaron
Africa Natalie Kevin Perry Ted Pete Dan Sean
Italy Domonique Liam Nuno Lindsay TJ Ian Emma Laura
Australia Jessy Luke Mikayla Noah Marco Miguel
Mongolia Bryce Ahad Tom George Bailey Jace Mikey Danny Kaeden
Japan Wes Sean Richie Joe
Chile Heather Tyler P. Evan Fitz
Resurgence Perry Emma Noah Bryce Eddie
Canada The Whole Cast <3
Isla Del Sol The Whole Fucking Cast OMFG <3
Minoan Empire Sarah Yannick
Skye Islands Domonique Evan Szymon
Siem Reap Charley Hannah Nathan Julian
Tokelau Sora Jake Chris Scott Yannick Danielle Kim Hunter Austin
Socotra Lexus Bryce Nick Charlie Miguel Rob
Papua New Guinea Linh
Antarctica John Shiloh Ivan Ci'ere Andrew Jamie Nick Rhiannon
Visayas Tim Jimmy Alissa Dusk Ayhan
Sumbawa CJ Danielle
HvV The Whole Cast (minus Jay tbh) <3
Kerala Julia Catherine
San Marcos The Whole Cast <3
El Salvador Miguel
Caracol Shaquilla Forrest Luis Annabelle Hunter
Resurrection Jenna Charlie Zakriah Adrian Nathan Cali
Chaos Luca Emily David
Bora Bora Asa Christine Torsa Tate Ally Jon Toby
Carthage Nadine Fariha Danielle Jack O. Jack C. Carson Jerry
Hallasan Ally Dan Cammy Sam Felipe Devon Zach
Legends Sam Perry Eddie Ally Chris N. Jessy Fitz

My Season Rankings (Least Favorite to Favorite)[]


So I'm gonna do what Ali did in 2016 a couple months ago and list my ranking of the 703 Survivor Seasons just because im bored rn. Also these are just my opinions from what I've seen/heard/hosted.

30: Survivor: El Salvador: TRASH ASF

29: Survivor: Wales: Wales was dry af. Between the inactivity and the non submissions, it took too damn long and was just a mess.

28: Survivor: Visayas: Visayas was just hard to host. The swap killed things game wise and it got really boring to host and watch and after a while it wasn't fun and I just wanted to get it over with.

27: Survivor: Minoan Empire. It was long & a lot of the people were boring af except like Yannick/Alex/Jay/Sarah. It was cackleworthy watching Gerda getting voted out tho LMMMMMFAOOOOOOOOOOO W H E W #pettywap

26: Survivor: Africa. It was one of the starting seasons but the early quits and stuff and James constantly not submitting because of school brought it down IMO but Natalie's almost perfect game and Kevin's idol play definitely made it cooler 👍

25: Survivor: Legends. It was supposed to be best of the best competing against each other. Making these amazing moves, putting everything into it and just slaying altogether and I was going to end hosting on a great note. Instead, I get subpar gameplay, some bullying tactics, whining all the damn time, cheating from MULTIPLE people not just Chris & Torsa (even though people LOVE to blame them for everything & it's not just them smh). The occasional personal attacks from people aimed at Evan, Alissa & Perry (and maybe more) and the VL attacking the hosts on a difficult decision (don't worry they will get called out when the season is over TRUST ME) (on top of the contestants at times) was bullshit at times & made this season longer and unenjoyable to host and I'll be happy when it's finished and then I can wash my hands of it forever. Although Sam personally made this season enjoyable for me. I loved watching her story arc <3

24: Survivor: Siem Reap. It was just crusty af tbh. Pailin was a complete trainwreck from start to finish. We had cheaters, inactives, rigging accusations, host firings, etc. Although all of the darksided people went pre/early merge so ayyy and that Temple twist was a hot ass mess

23: Survivor: Antarctica. I just found it so hard to pay attention to it. Like if it wasn't for Ci'ere and Mihai's confessionals, i would know nothing. Lmao the colors are pretty though

22: Survivor: Papua New Guinea. It was dry to me honestly. At the beginning it was lit but then it fell off HARD. But Linh's story of getting voted out and then winning was honestly so iconic!!!

21: Survivor: Mongolia. It was sorta basic tbh. Most of the strategic players went out in the middle and then we had the rage quit by the wack bitch. But overall i feel like Mongolia was just meh.

20: Survivor: Kerala: Kerala could've been good but because the hosts decided to troll the contestants constantly and the somewhat slow pace, it had good players but ended up just ok.

19: Survivor: Japan. I personally thought Japan was corny af until the merge and then i saw the dynamics of Richie/Joe/Will/Joan/Austin and everyone just being extra messy so it turned out to be better at the end but just meh overall.

18: Survivor: Hallasan. Hallasan was messy with the contestants fighting with the hosts, although by the time I stepped in, it had already stopped (maybe because I got there? idk for sure) I know i did basically everything from F7-to the end and I enjoyed the cast, especially Cammy, for the most part tbh (they could keep that bitter ass Ponderosa though)..

17: Survivor: Resurgence. Resurgence was great premerge but quickly fizzled out at the swap when challenges were thrown to destroy Qin and then the merge was just completely crusty though the winner was excellent though.

16: Survivor: Sumbawa: Sumbawa strategy wise was lit however the cast (sans Linus, Josh, CJ, Aromal, Danielle & Josephine) was EXTREMELY annoying and unbearable to be around the majority. They were all cocky, sore losers, irritating as fuck and on top of that they were super cringey. If it wasn't for the solid strategic gameplay IMO it would be a bottom tier season for sure!!!

15: Survivor: Chaos: Chaos was a mess BUT from a season called Chaos what do you expect? Besides some cheating and drama in the VL, it was actually a solid season & very entertaining to watch. 14: Survivor: Caracol: Caracol, i think personally, was pretty fun to watch. I liked the colors and the gameplay at the merge was solid and pretty fun to watch. Plus my fav player and draft pick won ^.^

13: Survivor: Australia. It was a solid season with a great theme and cast. I think the thing that brought it down was that those jury speeches were yikes af and the final 6 wasn't most people's ideal one but nonetheless still a great season.

12: Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains. I loved Heroes Vs Villains tbh! I wasn't really disappointed too much (except with the Heroes being so damn boring sans Eva tbh! Except for the screenshot thing, the players killed it (most of them) and I love hosting it.

11: Survivor: Carthage. Usually I hate tribe vs tribe seasons, but the people in Carthage really made it worth hosting and watching. Even though, I wasn't super duper involved as a host, Josephine & Aromal absoultely killed it hosting wise & I loved LOVED most of the cast & plus a great winner? What else could we ask for? :P.

10: Survivor: Resurrection: So I basically solo-hosted Resurrection (which started my hosting downfall of being lazy tbh). Even though the cast was tiring and annoying at the end, I loved the gameplay and the drive everyone in the season had to win! We literally cast 25 people who wanted to win and would cut anybody and do anything to get that number 1 spot and I was personally proud of the cast because they really worked their asses off and earned a top 10 spot on this list!!!

9: Survivor: Canada. Canada was set up to be predictable season with Nain getting picked off by Okak but Ryan flipping to Nain and giving them control and Okak getting wittled down to Bjorn and I and then the great idol plays and the close FTC vote, Canada turned out to be a great season overall :)

8: Survivor: Tokelau. I didn't expect Tokelau to be so lit. Literally no one was safe at any point and it was so fun to watch everything unfold. It was great strategically and entertaining at the same time. It was also great to watch Sora get his redemption from Canada.

7: Survivor: Socotra. Socotra was nothing but a clusterfuck of entertainment from start to finish. Everyone was a target, everyone was endlessly snatched by everyone in the tribe chat and in confessionals. It was 100% underrated and deserves more love.

6: Survivor: Chile. Chile was basically messy from the start. Everyone had their own agenda and everyone was on a mission to win & they had no problems with destroying each other to get that win and it was just so much fun to watch it all go down!

5: Survivor: Italy. For a back to basics themed season, it had to depend solely on the cast for it to stand out and the cast didn't disappoint us. It had multiple power shifts, crazy arguments, alliances being broken apart and going against each other and even a tiebreaker at the final immunity challenge! Overall it was a really strong season with an excellent F2 :) and lots of cast members will returnee potential.

4: Survivor: Isla Del Sol. This season was nothing but pure chaos. The hosts nor the contestants could tell you everything that happened because so much went down at every single tribal. I've never seen a season be so chaotic and unpredictable and it rightfully has the title of one of the best seasons.

3: Survivor: Bora Bora: Bora Bora was EVERYTHING!!! It was our 3rd Battle of the Sexes season and neither sex failed us. We had so many great players and they went at it. From the idol plays to the blindsides, arguments, unorthodox strategies, etc. It was so fun to host and watch and most def worthy of a top 3 spot!!

2: Survivor: San Marcos. This season was basically like IDS on steroids. So many rootable characters, redemption arcs, countless idol plays. Blindside after blindside, San Marcos was rightfully was one of the greatest in 703's history. (hopefully now the cast will STFU about it *eyes emoji*)

1: Survivor: Skye Islands. It was probably one of the best all star seasons I've seen play out in an org. We got 24 all stars together and they went at it. The iconic idol plays, the multiple blindsides, the arguments, challenge performances, strategic plays, etc. This season was excellent from start to finish and definitely sets the bar up there for returnee seasons in the future! :)

And that's my list :D