Day 28[edit | edit source]

I knew we should have voted for Sim. I fuckin knew it. Now I'm really starting to feel like Chris is the one trying to mess up all of our games.

It's really starting to get frustrating to not make things work because the odds seem to never work in our favor. If we voted for Sim, in a shocking turn of events, I feel like the idol would be played on him. It doesn't matter who we vote for because the idols will be there, and whomever we vote for is not going home. Damn.


So a bit before tribal Chris/Claudia told Austin about what they did, how they voted, and Austin told Nick, who told me. The word spread around relatively quickly, but I only got this information from one person.

Now I've always trusted Nick the most, but this is seriously freaking me out. Why is Austin always the first to know, Chris and Claudia have always trusted Austin, even though I practically threw myself at them. Jenna says the same thing, she only talks to me and AUSTIN. I mean I only got this information through Nick meaning he talks to Austin.

What the fuck? Literally Austin



People think Nathaniel run this game. Nope, Austin does. He's connected to almost everyone, probably even fucking Renz. Austin really made me think he was one of my closest allies, but I'm sure everyone felt that way. I mean come on, even Hannah felt that way at one point lmao.

There is no way I can blindside Nathaniel and expect to take out Austin, so this game has definitely taken a sudden shift in my mind. I've been able to lay low, but I'm about to really put myself out there, and if I find this idol I'm going to bring up the plan to Nathaniel, because he'll have no choice to be on board. The hard part will be convincing Nick. I don't want to go against Nick but I won't let him stop me, because if I'm sitting up there with Austin, he's already friends with most of the jury, even if he votes them out.


So Claudia comes to me before tribal results telling me that she voted Nathaniel and that she has the advantage, AND that the advantage is essentially the reset idol from NZ on main org. It's great that she has it because she said she would use it on me it needed but if it ever comes to a point when I need to vote her out then that'll be really bad bc it's kinda impossible, but I'm glad I somehow voted correctly again. It's now time to start campaigning for Nathaniel to go if he doesn't win immunity because he's literally been such a beast so far, he's a huge threat and definitely would win if he got to the end, it's gonna be tough to get him out especially if he gets another idol magically.


Claudia just told me that there was an idol hidden in the challenge, and she found it. Time zones usually fuck me up, but I'm glad she has it because it means that Nathaniel doesn't.

The fact that she told me about it too means that she trusts me, so that's a good thing because I can definitely use that to my advantage moving forward in this game. I still hope I'm as expert when it comes to looking for idols, but if I can't have it, at least the people I would consider my friends in this game do.


So I now have a dilemma, I trust Claudia probably more than anyone else in this game and the feeling is mutual considering she told me she had the advantage which is basically the reset idol and now telling me the location of the idol before she even got done doing the puzzle, that being said this leaves me with the issue of her having two game changing items that she has told me she would use on me but like leaving someone in the game with that shit is just so scary. I love Claudia and I trust her a lot but after Nathaniel/Renz are gone I definitely need to shift my focus onto her, she has a lot of power with those two items and I'm debating on telling nick/sim because they are my two closest allies after Claudia, I'm really conflicted on what to do in this game but im hoping I'll make the right decisions to get me to the end


Day 29[edit | edit source]

CLAUDIA IS SO GOOD! She got the secret advantage which is a reset idol. Omg! If we can successfully vote out Nathaniel this tribal she has a really big plan that she thinks would benefit the four of us.


Alright so this round there's definitely a lot that could happen, there's the original with going for Nathaniel because he's a huge threat but doing that willingly gives up immunity and puts our life in Tacana's hands, which I'm not completely fine with bc idk if I can trust Chris completely, but Claudia has confided in me quite a bit so I feel good with her. Now I've found out some things that makes me pretty nervous being that Renz is closer to Tacana than I originally thought because Claudia told Renz about her idol, with some discussion with Claudia I found out she was kind of forced to since Chris showed Renz the puzzle before it was found meaning Chris is really the one we should be nervous about. Now while Shea is strategically useless 98% of the time he did have an idea that I don't think is that bad, while I love Claudia to death she is one of the biggest threats with her idol and reset idol and if we took her out she would have no choice but to use the reset idol, which could be bad considering I wouldn't be immune unless I asked her to throw a vote at me, this is just all a big blur and hopefully everything will come to focus soon so I can see what the right move right here is


I'm telling nick and sim about claudia's idol because as of right now my plan is to get Claudia to flush her idol and get Nathaniel out then Nathaniel isn't bitter towards me and Claudia has one less item. This could really backfire on me next round depending on how the sides lay after a Nathaniel blindside, Shea is more loyal to Nathaniel and Renz or Jenna probably won't trust us at all, Claudia and I have always been close but I don't know how long we can keep voting against each other and stay as allies, I think it's inevitable that eventually there will be a straw that breaks the camels back.


I might go home

Renz and Chris want to vote me out I might go home Claudia and Jenna follow Whatever Chris and Renz decide We have a majority, but I might go home


Trust my allies

Is what I need to do right now Trust my allies Is the only way for me to Survive this strange tribal council My game now is whether I can Trust my allies


The irony

Claudia has found the Idol The irony I was too arrogant to see That the hosts had tried to trick me We need to change our votes to Renz The irony


So this tribal council I expected us all to unite against Nathaniel. That is not what happened. Quetzal has practically left me and Nick in the dark, but guess who's not in the dark? Austin, is anyone shocked? This is what I'm talking about, I love Austin, but I'm sure everyone else feels the same way, but there's no way I can, or even want to blindside Austin right now, what I do want to do is keep Nathaniel for a little bit longer to be able to do it later.

So Austin is always the bridge of information thanks to Claudia, and I was informed that Claudia found the idol. I'm sure Austin's known this ever since he revealed the idol was found, but that's besides the point. Anyways, the plan was, we vote Claudia, she plays her idol, Nathaniel goes home, no blood on our hands and an idol (technically) flushed!

However, that would mean a technical 4-4 situation, where Austin is literally the only connection to the ""other side"". I am not letting that happen, Austin has enough power as it is and I have to weaken him some way some how.

I know there will be 4 votes on Nathaniel, period. I can talk to Jenna but I know she aint flipping, so I can't rely on that. Okay, plan B, Austin continues to pressure Claudia to play that idol, and we all switch to Renz, however Austin is obsessed with his IMAGE. Bitch are you a model? Anyways, I get it, I'm clearly trying to take away his power, but he's the one who came to me afraid that Tacana was more loyal to Renz than they were letting on, so I played that up. I told Austin that he could vote Claudia, make it seem like we went behind his back, and then vote out Renz in the tiebreaker. That way he doesn't have to ""lie"".

I am determined on keeping Nathaniel for one more round, I mean, he's a meat shield. Nobody blinks an eye at me or Nick while Nathaniel is here. However they won't blink an eye at Austin like ever, so that's why I need Nathaniel and Shea's eyelashes to blink for and with me.

I've basically planned this all with Nick, and I've done it to keep US in a power position, and if this all blows up in my face, then I'll be at Austin's mercy.

I'm really being an undercover strategist though, and I'm actually having so much fun being this evil mastermind LMAO. I wouldn't say this until Final Tribal but I'm taking like 80% credit for this move, and it doesn't seem like a big deal, like Renz has been on the bottom forever, but it's probably the most impactful vote for how the rest of this game will go.


My final stand

This is it; the end is near me My final stand The battle has reached its highlight It is now Beast against human Only one survives the battle My final stand


So, Shea kind of fucked everything up. I don't have much to say as my entire plan is ruined, and Austin controls this game now, so all I can say is RIP.

The other side will never trust me, Austin is the only person that gains something from this, and I'm honestly really fucking upset.

I'm not giving up, but I don't know where to go from here.


It's me.




However I'm shocked at no idols coming out, I guess they assumed that we fucked up our vote so bad that they didn't need it.



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