Day 12Edit

I feel like shit for voting out Allison because the first time we went to tribal I said to myself "if they did the challenge they deserve to stay and those who didn't can go home" and we decided to vote Allison and then I went to the tribal council page to look at everyone's response and Austin pointed it out him self that he didn't do shit in the challenge or another one before that and hes always talking about his shitty wifi and he's been doing that for two years and I don't know why im not voting him out lol I hope Allison kicks ass at RI cause I feel bad. If she comes back with a vengeance I understand but I didn't let her down like Austin did cause after she was voted out she said "Thanks Austin" which probably means that she tried to get to work with to vote out Tyler and the probably me so nvm im less sorry than I was lol bye.


Day 13Edit

I have decided that Martin has potential to become a really good ally. Why keep another alpha wolf around when I can groom a potential beta to be loyal to me and me alone? Max better watch his back..... and where he posts his confessionals. *checks this isn't tribe chat. sends*


So it looks like Tyler got an idol. Now I'm starting to regret voting Allison out haha. But again he really seems to trust me and jack since he told he has an idol after all. We'll see how it goes from here if there's gonna be a merge or tribe swap whatever because I'm actually waiting for something to change here.


Today, Tyler told us he found the HII and now that we are only 3 of us, there isn't a whole lot of options so Tyler is pretty safe right now but if we lose immunity then it will probably be me or Austin. I feel like Tyler is better friends with Austin than me so I would most likely go home if we lost and I am certainly not ready to go home.


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