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Day 1[]

Aight, I finished my sociology assignment earlier than expected, so I figured I'd hop over here and try making a non literally-shit confessional. I don't know what the customs are to confessional writing in Facebook ORGs and all, since I've only ever played NDIM and Proboards games, but I'll just treat it the same until I hear otherwise.

I think that's microcosmic of my anxieties coming into this game as a whole, really -- the unknown aspect. Normally I feel super comfortable going into a game, because I know almost exactly what to expect, sans a weird twist here and there. With this, I have the obligatory twist to worry about, sure, but ALSO the people themselves. I have literally no idea what this community is like, outside of my bffl Linus. Which would be pretty cool, 'cause Linus was the only one who voted for me to win in EpicSBB, LOL. But I mean, I could be walking onto a beach full of SJWs and loonies, and my personality would clash so friggen hard with both. Something I've learned from the aforementioned EpicSBB game is that, even though I can make it to the end by suppressing parts of my personality and just using people for strategic purposes, it subsequently makes me come off a lot more dull than I am, and thus people are MUCH less likely to vote for you at the end if you're seen as a dull gamebot, even if your jury performance doesn't suck ass. I'm not going to be actively trying to suppress my personality this time, I think, for better or for worse. So, that definitely makes me worried a bit in regards to if my personality will clash with that of a majority of my tribemates'. My main goal here is to basically beat my boy PJ from last season, LOL. I think he was 9th? 9th is my first goal, then. In order to get there, I want to play a fairly active social game to where I'm liked, or at least seen as an active person (for challenges), but not TOO social to where I'm target numero uno once we merge (even though those types tend to get rekt around 7 or 6 in my experience). What I DON'T want is another Eons where I clash with just about everyone on the cast and basically have to scramble from round 1, finding it nearly painful to remain social. I'd ideally like to find maybe two or three people I really enjoy, and focus on them, while branching out a bit with another two or three people and putting additional effort towards them. Point being, I don't want to be the guy MAKING the alliances, but I want to be the guy brought in as a third or fourth. In my best games, I almost always have some single person I enjoy working with the most, so that too is something I'm looking for within those latter two or three. Once we hit F8, I'll dial it up. Hmmm, what else . . . OH, my "character"! Jake Stafford, aspiring writer! I initially thought about playing as one "Jack Morely", but figured the masturbation reference was too on the nose, and decided to go with a more subtle penis reference in Stafford. It's very complex work, I know. As for my garb, I went with a warm, earthy palette because those colours give off a vibe of calmness, which is a good thing if colour choice has any effect at all. But like alias choice in alias games, I think there could definitely be some subconscious element to your "appearance". So yeah, to sum this up, I'm excited to give this the ol' college try, but I can definitely see myself getting rekt early if my personality type doesn't mesh with this cast, lol. I'm going to be myself, though, so if they don't like it they can suck a Trump. In a lot of ways, it'll be kind of nice to try out this community, though. I have literally been targeted for several rounds in a row more than once just for being who I am, so to not have to worry about being ID'd as much as usual will be pretty n33t. 8)


Finished my shit early again, so writing another pre-game confessional because I've got nothing better to do. Not completely sure what to write about, but I did want to drone on about my character some more. 8)

Every time I've made FTC, it's been as a J name. Josh, Jordan, etc. So, I figured I'd name myself Jake here, so that this weird trend either continues, or if I fuck up, at least I don't feel compelled to play as J's anymore, lool. Been thinking some more about my actual character, too. I guess there's no real need to lie about my age, but I'll probably tell them I'm a journalism major at the University of Ottawa. I'm one of, like, four-and-a-half frequent Canadian ORG players, so I'm always a little apprehensive about people figuring out who I am just based on me being Canadian, but I suck ass at shticks, and would probably mess up and use Canadian spelling and grammar within the first night. So RIP trying to be 'Merican. I've been thinking, too, of telling them I was in the Navy or something. Go all Chris Kyle on them, except without the blatant random lying, kek. Nobody wants to vote off the war hero first, right? (Even if he was a chef or something?). I don't know, maybe I just wanted to throw shade at a dead veteran, but it's definitely something I'm considering. I think people might be SUPER threatened by the way I type or something (it's happened before), and so that could kind of balance things out maybe, perhaps. INB4 I try it, and someone immediately calls me out publicly and I get rekt. But I mean, it's not the dirtiest or riskiest lie I've told in a game, so eh. 💄💋


It hasn't even started but i'm already excited ^^ and am having fun (might as well have fun while i have the chance lmfao). IDK what kinda first impression im giving lmfao. porbably someone loud oops. might be beacuse i had about 3 hours sleep ^^" nah i joke around a lot hope it doens't rub off badly :0. Everyone seems a whole lot more civilised than me lmfao. probably cause its night for them and its like 11am for me :0. It'll be an awkward start but i think ill be ok lol i hope ^^" i'm probably the newest to orgs of the bunch. only 2 orgs ^^" I wonder if this'll affect me negativley or ill live with it. oh god all these typos smh.


The game is officially afoot! Aaaaaaaand I don't like my tribe, LOL. Well, I guess there are two sides to that coin, really. On the first, they're sort of lame. Like, ick, I don't know, they're just so quiet and boring. I mean, it's only been about an hour, sure, but none of them are messaging me 1 on 1 (not for a lack of trying on my part, either). There is some substance there, though. Aviv is quickly putting herself into the "leader" spot, just by feeling herself up randomly. "Lol, the challenge is whoever bows to me the lowest jks" Really? Who finds that funny outside of Aviv? Actually, I guess she calls herself Julia on the Wiki randomly, so Juliaviv. I thought we were going to get along well, too, since she's using "kek" and shit. Ah well. My plan for her is to just try and stay social, but I definitely don't want to be seen as her #2 or anything when her game inevitably crumbles in the next two weeks or so.

On the other side of the aforementioned coin, I think only, like, three people outside of myself have actually been active thus far, lol. This obviously bodes well for me, because inactivity sucks and gets people voted out. Over me. 8) Which I may need, since so far, I'm going to have an, uh, /interesting/ time attempting to fit in with these people without going nuts. Here's hoping the others aren't as dull. (Although I have to say, Patrick has some nice hair, ayy)

More to come soon, after I attempt to not be alienated day 1, LOL.


Aviv is wild, I can tell I'm not gonna like her...


So, I literally know nobody in this tribe--- probably in the whole game for that matter. But Aviv seems really nice. I feel like we've connected already, and I'm getting a good vibe. I just hope I'll be able to make more relationships with these people. I'm pretty good-looking, and I'm not afraid to flirt to get my way. I will not be in a showmance, however. Not a chance. I also hope that my job doesn't get in the way of this fantastic game hosted by these wonderful people like Thomas. 😍❤️


I had to catch myself just now. I often find myself being a pushover in life, so I had a desire to take control in this game and be a little bossy, but I realized that might come off as polarizing! Being a leader also means risking taking blame for the loss. It's comes from good intention though, as I want our tribe to succeed and make sure enough people are doing each aspect of the challenge.However, perception is reality in Survivor, therefore I will shut up and sit back! (for now).


So, it's only day one, and I'm already throwing shade at production. (Sorry, Linus) Overall, I feel comfortable with the people on my tribe. I definitely feel kind of worried being a somewhat newbie, but I have a good social game, so I hope that helps. I picked the puzzle for the challenge because I feel most comfortable with puzzles. I can fly through a puzzle in no time. I hope that will help my tribe see me as an asset to the tribe even if we lose.


Day 2[]

Wow! The game has started!! How exciting, I'm excited but also very nervous as I don't know anyone in my tribe personally, though I'm sure they feel the same way.. Maybe.

I'm pumped to maybe possibly fail but hey here's to the hopes I'll utilize what little social skills I have to get through if we ever go to Tribal Council.


For the most part, I've initiated conversation with almost every person on the tribe, except for Diane who hasn't spoken at all in the tribe chat, Michael who I added but casually forgot to speak to, and Tucker who approached me. As we decide who will do what in the challenge, I guess it's due time to give a basic rundown on what I think of my individual tribe mates so far.

Diane: I haven't spoken to her, but from previous knowledge of other games she's been in, she's a strong player but seems to be voted out for her lack of communication or social skills? Jacob: We've barely spoken but he seems nice albeit mysterious and hopefully he'll be diligent in the challenge! Konstantinos: He's a nice, cool, and overall chill guy. He does have a big time difference issue considering it was around 3 AM for him when we were talking a ways ago. Hopefully it won't deter him from the challenges and I can see him as someone I'd work with in the future. Michael: I managed to send a friend request to him, but I forgot to initiate conversation. To be fair, he didn't say anything to me either. In the tribe chat he spoke a bit and contributed to the discussion about the challenge, so hopefully there's good vibes there. Sim: He seems cool. We spoke for a bit, idle discussion really. He was nice in the tribe chat, at least! Tati: I think she's cool, but I get this weird anxious feeling that I bored her when conversating with her. She's busy with other ORG's as well so I felt a bit nervous and worried I was bothering her. What if she hates me ??/ / /adsfg Tucker: Tucker approached me first and we definitely clicked immediately. He's very nice and cool, I think we're working together, hopefully, maybe? Violet: I messaged her, and then she messages a while after, and then I message her a while after THAT because I was doing errands too. I'm worried I missed out on my chance to bond with her, but according to Tucker she is cool and nice.

So there we go, that's all 8 of my other tribe mates. I think, logically, in the event that we lost the Immunity Challenge, I'd be fairly okay, but I'd rather not so brazenly take that chance.


So far so good-ish? Juliaviv finally messaged me back, and I think we spoke enough to the point of where she won’t target me or anything early, lool. Attempted to bond a bit literally over her use of “kek”. I don’t even know. I feel like it’s enough for now, though, especially if she’s going to be taking on that leadership role.

In the tribe chat, I’m becoming a little more active, but not really adding much aside from just trolling. I feel like that’ll increase my visibility as an active, contributing member of the tribe, but not so much that I’ll look like I’m trying to be some sort of leader, as Juliaviv is kind of doing, lol. I want to be in that sweet spot, where if we have a swap, I’m not being thrown under the bus as someone with power over the others. Which is risky, but necessary for me, I think.

Something I thought of tonight that I for some reason didn’t anticipate coming into this game is the actual factors of non-alias. Not only do I not have any friends coming in, but I don’t know who’s friends with who from previous games. Could benefit me due to having a clean slate, or could hinder me by being ignorant to de facto alliances. I was sort of in this position before, back in Pure All-Stars, although I did know a few people then.

A fresh start should be neat. I plan on shooting some more 1 on 1 messages out soon, so I can get a better feel for the people on my tribe. The risk there is that, if nobody else is doing it, then I look like I’m playing way too hard, so I’ll probably wait until I get one or two myself before I go off and shoot out some of my own.

Later On,

Holy geez, Juliaviv must be on speed or something. Every time I've checked the tribe chat tonight, it's Juliaviv literally talking to herself for like 9 messages in a row, lool.

I tried messaging Daulton, and I may start calling him Dullton, because he was SO monotonous. I tried to keep the conversation going, but he kept killing it and I gave up after he complained about working at Wal-Mart for the fourth time in a row instead of adding anything else to the conversation. And now apparently he's a puzzle wizowd, so he's not only going to ironically show me up in the challenge, but he'll be around for a while, probably. Ugh.

Nicolai popped in, though, and he's somebody I actually enjoyed, lol. I look forward to talking to him 1on1 eventually. I feel like he might be shticking, else I don't know how some Russian guy gets into this ORG, aside from having a rep in the community already, lol. Nothing against him being Russian, but I'd just imagine the hosts would have been hesitant against casting him based off of his app alone.

This challenge is sort of a pain. Everybody is hopping on Tetris, and normally I WOULD do the story part, but since three people have to work on it together, the benefit to me doing that is fairly low, as I'm pretty sure we'll be getting rekt in that section already. I ended up choosing to do the Jigsaw puzzle, also offering to help edit the stories since I'm good at that, too. I'm actually pretty crap at puzzles, so hopefully that balances things out if I get rekt, lool. (Additionally don't have the time right now to write shit, wumpwump)

Still meh about my tribe. I think they've got to be the dullest group I've been in so far, which is a bit disheartening. I was really looking forward to having some fun late night convos, but with this bunch, I feel like I'd be lucky to get any conversation at all, LOL. I think Linus has said more in the tribe chat than half the tribe combined. Unless you count Juliaviv, who's just about written a novel's worth of words in the tribe chat as it is.

I need to keep trying, though, even if it's a pain in the ass. It's tough because I could be creating a target for myself by trying to start up these 1on1 conversations, but like, if I'm really the only one who's doing that at this point then that's just shitty gameplay on their part, and I don't like shitty gameplay. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


sum up so far: I have made a few connections already. With Jake and daulton. I think brendon (Tentitivley) too. Vik seems chilled I see us working together. I haven't really met cath yet and Anna too ^^. Mostly i think jake and daulton would be great to work with in the future too. I really hope we win immunity. Eviction so early will be so hard > ~ < even though I sorta predict who might leave. I'd assume cath cause they are the only one inactive currently. or the most anywyas. but well see


Ok, so I've been getting along with the tribe pretty well so far... If you count Julia as the whole tribe, that is. I'm working with the fellow writers as a team, but it just bugs me to not talk with anyone but these guys. I sure did a much better social job in my earlier ORG, but I guess I'm not really ready for a 9-people tribe LMAO. I have no idea about our tribe being strategic either. Even though Julia expressed willingness to work with me, 2 people are just not enough in a tribe consisting of 9 members, period. Anyway, I hope we can get this story going ASAP, since I wouldn't want to fuck everything up this early.


First confessional!! YAS! I am excited about this game.

The Periyar tribe is weird. There are a bunch of old people but in general everyone seems nice. I get Chau Ghan from Thailand vibes. I think we are the underdog tribe, the other tribe seems soooo much stronger. First person I talk is Asa, the Japanese Phillipino American that seems to be an early favorite. I like her. She is fun to talk to and we seem to speak on pretty much a similar tone. I also like Jacob and Michael. I was excited to have a grandma in our tribe but so far communication with Diane has had difficulties. I would like to start an older person alliance maybe. But right now I am playing 100% social game. I learn where everyone is from, I am trying to be their friend. This is going to be my long term game. I will be everyone' s friend.


Catherine has decided out of the blue that she can't do Tetris like she said, and has now asked to switch with me. After I spent three hours on the Jigsaw puzzle. FFS. These people, I swear to god. Anyway I accepted so I don't look like a prick. My HOPE is that even if I fuck this up, people respect that I gave up my puzzle position for Catherine. And thus I'm not voted out, lol.

So far no change on the private conversation front. Everything seems to be happening in the tribe chat, which I'm not really that great at, group conversation. It worries me. Is that normal for Wiki games? If it is, my goose may be just about cooked already, lol. I'm much better 1 on 1.

So yeah, shitlist already: Catherip, Juliaviv, Dullton. All three annoy me so far. I want to try Patrick, Brenden, and Nicolai one on one next, along with that other girl I rarely see. I just need to get brought into an alliance or something. Once that goes down, I can coast through a couple votes EZ. Maybe.


I've been trying to create more personal relations with my tribe, I don't want to have to introduce myself before tribal trying to be on the right side of the numbers.

I'm definitely not rushing anything, but I feel a genuine connection with Tucker, he's probably the one who I trust the most right now, however that can change really quickly. I also like Asa, Tatianna, Konstantinos and Violet, and will continue pursuing these relationships as well.

However, my social game will probably be accelerated if we go to tribal council, but I'm also looking forward to it if we do, because then I have a solid excuse to talk about the game without appearing threatening / shady / paranoid!


After having an opportunity to meet most of the people on my tribe, I have acknowledge that the path ahead is going to be difficult. Most, if not everyone on the tribe is older than me, so I have way less life experience than some of my tribemates. While this is scary in a way, It is also exciting to see how things pan out with the oldies.


i take that back about cath lol idk anymore dxjgcfhkvjblkn


Okay, I've had a chance to actually talk to these people a little more, and it's not SO bad. I mean, still bad, but y'know. Nicolai is officially my boy so far. This guy is someone I actually enjoy talking to, and he's fun to joke around with. Adds to conversation. If I were into making super early alliances, it'd be with Nicolai.

Catherine isn't HORRIBLE, I guess. I've removed her from my shitlist. We spoke a bit today, and though she's still sort of boring, at least she TRIES, which is leaps more that a lot of others have been doing, lol. And I was nice about switching challenge things with her, so maybe she'll like me for that.

Dullton has just continued to complain about Wal-Mart. Juliaviv forgot his name today, and to be honest, I'm not surprised since I've just been referring to him in my head as Wal-Mart, kek. That's just about all he ever talks about. I literally get annoyed at myself for bringing one topic up more than once, but I swear this guy is an undercover agent for Target or some shit, lool.

I think the twist thing will have to do with whoever scores the best out of the three categories in the challenge. I don't know how y'all do things on Wiki, but I've never seen a gauntlet challenge where people don't have one unique activity for more than one player. So if I'd have to be suspicious of something, that's definitely it. Which scared me, because nobody has shared their Spinetris scores yet, so I feel like I'm either doing better than the others on my tribe, or exponentially worse, lool. I have nothing to compare it to. I did take the opportunity to...ahem...STRETCH THE TRUTH A BIT about how good I was doing on the puzzle before I switched, though, heh heh. 8)


Waiting for results like https://imgur.com/cVaxffp


Day 3[]

Hooooooly crap I can't believe I rekt them that hard with my Spinetris score, LOL. This is surprising to me, 'cause my physical game is probably my biggest weakness out of the three game spheres. But now I feel like the Ublaz of Spinetris. If this doesn't get me into the tribe's good graces, I don't know what will.

We're sending Diane to exile. They're saying it's because she may work with us in the future, but in my opinion, if we can cause paranoia to the point where sides emerge or they split votes, that's guaranteed allies at a swap unless the bottom is full of idiots, lol. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't flip, myself. 8)

Catherine messaged me just now talking about how Nicolai is becoming very team captain-ey. I feel like she's looking to talk a bit of game, so I'm exploring that. I know she wants to go to exile, and I've already told people I don't care if I go or not, so maybe she's trying to gain favour with me, lool. I know she did really well on the puzzle, so I wouldn't mind of she promised a strength-based alliance to me, along with whoever else. Which would probably include Wal-Mart guy, ugh.

I'm a LITTLE worried about the wrong person from our own tribe getting an idol, but I think I've been positioning myself well enough to where it'd be dumb to idol me out over some others. If you're on the bottom, you don't want to get rid of strength in the next challenge, right? And if you're targeting the head of the snake, it ain't me, lool.

Vik didn't submit, so I think he's on the bottom for now, alongside maybe Brendan. I'm going to focus some effort their way to make sure I'm off their radar, at least for now. If they ever reply back to me, that is, lol.


The writing group has turned into an accidental voting bloc and the only person on my tribe I like (Tucker) is in on the plan too, so it's looking like Diane is getting the chop.
  • holds up lipstick with Diane's name on it*


MRW someone flirts with me in a PM.



So, I got chosen to go to Exile Island, and I was actually really excited about it. I knew that something good could come from being there. When Diane and I arrived, we had three options. We could go into the spice shack, the Shrine, or the Cove. Whichever one we picked, it would determine what we had to complete. If we successfully completed our challenge, we'd get a special prize. I saw puzzle and immediately chose the Shrine. When I went into the Shrine I saw a slide puzzle. I'm not great at slide puzzles, but I'm not terrible either. I thought it would be a regular puzzle, and I was wrong. So, I have 8 minutes to complete the slide puzzle and if I do it, I'll get the special prize.


So, we lost, but I think I've got nothing much to worry about... maybe?

For the most part, I've been told that Diane is being highly considered as a vote. It makes sense, I've definitely felt a lack of communication, and she didn't submit in time resulting in a 10 min. penalty. It's very reasonable. Along with this, Kos approached me and offered an alliance between him, Sim, Tucker, and I. I think it's a fairly decent idea, but I haven't talked to Sim much, so I'm a bit apprehensive. I'll still accept working with them though. Anything to keep the target off my back I guess. Initially I was planning to lay low, but since the tribe is pretty quiet, it'll be hard to do that. Not sure what to do as of late, but hey it's only the 2nd day!

At first, I thought the tribal council was going to be easy, but the other tribe chose Diane to be exiled. She may find an idol and who knows who she might vote for? She's definitely a wild card. I'm a bit nervous, but hopefully she doesn't find anything. That's all for now!


Well, we've lost the challenge, so me and Tatianna spread Diane's name like wildfire, it was a easy vote, it was a smart vote, and what better than to raise moral than a unanimous vote, because despite the alliances forming, we are one tribe.

I do love my team, however I could very easily rank them on how much.

Konstantinos was the first one to approach me for an alliance, I was thrilled, because taking an initiative to form one takes guts, but he did it and I was relieved.

We immediately both said the name Tucker, we both feel as if he's a great guy and connected to him well, so that was a no-brainer, and Asa was another easy option, as she is a cinnamon roll, so pure, so sweet, and great alliance material!

Now this is where it got tricky, a 5th name. We had our core alliance, but 4 isn't majority, so we thought about it for hours.

Here was my thought process;

Michael - I've only talked to him through the story making group, he seems nice but I don't trust him as much as Konstantinos does.

Violet - Love her! I believe she will be a very loyal ally to me.

Tatianna - She's very game saavy, and smart. This is great for someone you want to talk strategy with, however me and Konstantinos both believed she was a threat. I'm not looking forward to lie to her, but a blindside may be around the corner.

Jacob - I haven't talked to him either, but from what I can tell, he seems equally as nice.

We settled on Jacob, as we both mutually liked him, although I was somewhat pushing for Violet, and he was pushing for Michael.

I'm very happy I got an alliance formed because these one on one strategy sessions were getting tiring.

and lemme just say, I did not anticipate working with Konstantinos at all, he's such a crazy character but it's like working with NaOnka, sure he might not have the best social game, but he's hilarious, loyal and smart, and ultimately it wouldn't hurt sitting next to him. I definitely trust him, along with Tucker and Asa the most.

We'll see where this alliance goes, but I have high hopes for now. Konstantinos believes this alliance is so good that he keeps saying to me, "we're gonna have a boring season", but I don't know about that...


I'm a bit worried about the slacker in the tribe. I hope they do better next time.

Something im unsure about is f2s. I'm new to orgs and am unsure how to go about making an f2 deal. In my last two orgs I knew the ppl so it was easier. and before that i played it like a tenegaged type game (minus random.org wins.) But in orgs...this one... it feels awkward thinking about making one. How early is too early? how late is too late?


Ok, the first 3 days in Kerala have been productive. The Periyar tribe SUCKS. We are going to lose every single immunity challenge. And it sucks for me too because I can see this giant target light flashing over my head. I am trying to be very social but EVERYONE is playing the same game and I am either completely on the outs or running the tribe right now. I have made an alliance with the fun people of the tribe, Asa, Tucker and Jacob and Sim approached us we let him be the "leader" but I really think that everyone sees him as the 5th wheel. He is a cool guy though. Scrambly. I hate that I had to bring up the notion to make an alliance, noone would mention game.

On the other hand, Tatianna... I am not sure she would stay that long without being in a group. I don' t see how that would happen. I would not be surprised if I get voted out first but Diane and Michael are really making it easy to geth through the first vote. Diane is being weird and secretive about the idol clue and she sucked at the challenge. + she is really not communicating well. I think she will go unanimous but I can see the vote being 7 Diane 2 Violet and 1 Michael.

Right now Asa and Tucker are my go-to-the-end people with Jacob following right behind. I am playing a loyal game this time around. Well... for now.

But I am kinda "friends" with everyone...