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Uhh... hey. It's Day 1 and I'm already struggling in this game kinda, I dunno, I'm trying to be friendly with people and talk to them, but I'm just not being genuine with them in how I'm actually feeling at the moment, but I'm gonna try. Hopefully this won't compromise my spot in the game because I do want to be here, but at the moment, I'm just having a hard time putting myself out there with people. I'm don't want to give up tho just because I'm not a quitter and I'm not going to quit here because I know that I'll end up regretting it, but I'm just gonna put a fake smile up and just try to make some connections with these people.


This is my first strategy based ORG in quite some time and I’m ecstatic about playing. I want to go into the season with a level-head focusing most of my attention on solidifying strong social bonds because that’ll ultimately get the control and influence in the game necessary to carry me through the season.

I’m not sure what to expect with the cast but I’m hoping it’s people who are intelligent enough not to make irrational moves that blow up a plan I’ve set in motion but also dumb enough to trust me. I don’t care how close we are because if sending you home guarantees me to even stay just an extra hour then I’m going to do it.

And competitions wise I’m not really concerned about winning them because you don’t have to win HOH to be the HOH, just saying.


I'm here!!! I'm so excited to play Big Brother with all these people! I've only played BB on EM so I'm super pumped to break out of that mold. The cast looks so fun! Excited to play with Jenna & Miguel and OF COURSE ELMO! Hope Annabelle isn't problematic...... don't wanna have to put people in their place early on :)

–Anna Jane

Ahhhh so weird to be playing again, but I'm excited! There's a lot of competition here, so if I'm gonna do well I'm gonna have to learn from the mistakes from my last game! I know this is short but I'm on vacation still lol once I'm back I'll make my regular ones!


I'm so happy to be here!! There's a couple of familiar faces so hopefully i can make connections and stay safe, if I can't win first hoh, I'm gonna try to lay low for a while.


So tonight was Night 1, which is a crucial day in any ORG you play because first impressions are everything. They bring you into core alliances and basically draw the lines for the first few weeks of the game.

I’ll start off with my impressions of the cast.

Alex: I like Alex on a personal level. He’s definitely a smart guy and he asked me to give me his vote and promised me safety in return. Do I trust him? Not at all. He probably made this promise to everyone in the game and although I don’t want to win the first HOH I also don’t want to have my safety in question.

Anna Jane: We’ve actually been talking a few days prior to the game over music and stuff like that. From what I’ve heard she’s a fierce player but we have a good bond. I definitely want to get her out sooner than later but for right now we’re in each other’s good graces. Definitely one of the most dangerous players this season.

Anna Belle: I love this girl SO much. She’s my closest female friend on this entire ORG. However, she’s an extremely sneaky player. I’m not going to allow our friendship to blind me and I would definitely vote her out to win this game, although it’d really hurt me emotionally. Her closeness to Will/Elmo/possibly Ryan puts a bad taste in my mouth and I hope she emerges as a big target so that she can’t gain the social control in the game. She’s by far my biggest competition, for sure. Again she is a total sweetheart and has a heart of gold, but if I was playing with my emotions I’d take her far every time but I’m here to snatch the crown, not an L.

Charley: My bestie from Archetypes! We have a great bond but she knows how dangerous of a player I am so I hope she doesn’t go against me early, I doubt it honestly but anything is a possibility. I’m definitely going to keep a close bond with her.

Christina: She’s a very nice woman. However, I have to maintain a more reserved and serious approach when talking to her because she’d find me totally obnoxious if I was “shook” all the time. I think she’s a huge threat to sit next to because she’s just so likable. She’s one of the few people I met for the first time this season so she’s an option to work with but yeah, keeping my eye on her.

Courtney: She wasn’t online today so we didn’t get a chance to speak.

Danielle: She’s Jenna’s girlfriend so we have that connection. She was pretty nice but I don’t think we’re going to work super well together. I could go be wrong but yeah, I hope this changes in the future.

Elmo: King Elmo! He is the nicest guy I have ever spoken to on the ORG by far which is… exactly why he is a huge threat who needs to go at some point. He’s the type of person you don’t want to keep in too long because then he’ll get his footing in the door and you’re fucked. His closeness to Annabelle poses a huge threat in the game so as the weeks go on I’ll make sure that seed is planted somewhere in the house so that they don’t coast by undetected.

Estefana: She’s a really nice girl and she’s latina too, however this is my read on Estefana after watching her play/knowing her for a little while. She’s probably one of the weakest strategists on the cast and is more of a personality than she is a strategic powerhouse. She’s that person who you think you can rely on as a goat but then she tries to get you out mid-jury as a “big move” and then her game collapses because of it and she goes home. She’s someone I wouldn’t bring crucial information to because after playing with people of her archetype it does more damage than it does good. I’m only telling Estefana what I need Estefana to know and nothing more. I’ll stay loyal to her until she gives me a reason not to. Sweet person though!

Forrest: He’s my best friend on the ORG and he always makes fun of me for being a snake. I love him and would take him as far as possible but if he tries turning on me then I won’t hesitate either.

Jenna: Jenna falls in a similar archetype to Estefana. I have a sort of complicated history with Jenna. Would I trust her? Never. She’s that person who pretends to be very bubbly & nice in ORGs and gets in people’s good graces but is secretly talking shit behind their back. Remind you of anyone? Yeah, that aspect of her reminds me of myself which is reason to worry. However, Jenna has her weakness. And her weakness similar to Estefana is that she’s pretty over the top and the will be set off like a bomb with just one piece of information. She’s a loose cannon and although I don’t trust her one bit I’m going to keep my friends close and my enemies closer. She’s pretty cool on a personal level but she’s not fooling me.

Joey: I’ve spoken to Joey before, actually only once. He seems like a nice guy but I’m well-aware of his close relationship to Sydney and that puts him on my radar. I don’t trust him and wouldn’t be surprised if he heard negative things about me (whether I’m trustworthy or not) since I’ve targeted his friends in ORGs prior to this. I’m going to keep a personal relationship with him but as of right now I don’t trust him, not one bit.

Miguel: My Chilean child!! I love Miguel so much on a personal level, he’s an absolute angel. However, he’s extremely likable and isn’t stupid either. He isn’t afraid to make a move but I know my personal connection to him will allow me to influence his game strongly, even if he doesn’t realize it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried turning on me in the late-stage of the game since he sees me as a big threat. He doesn’t like being told what to do directly so the best approach with Miguel is to feed him information about people coming for him weeks prior to when you actually want to make the move. The logic behind this is that then when he wins HOH he comes to me suggesting the nominations that I planted in his head weeks ago and then he doesn’t feel as if I’m bossing him around.

Ryan: I like Ryan. I’m not sure if the feeling is mutual but he’s a cool guy. He, again, is possibly close to Annabelle as well so that scares me. He/Anna Jane/Elmo/Annabelle apparently played in some Epicmafia so I’m hoping they’re not close but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were. I think he’s definitely going to be a huge threat down the line so I’m keeping him on my radar for sure. Miguel apparently hates Ryan so I guess their rivalry could be somewhat distracting for Miguel from the big picture which could be beneficial but only time will tell if it’s enough for me to keep Ryan around.

Sydney: Huge threat, huge Swiftie (love her!) and a major player. She’s probably going to work with Joey so that’s a duo right off the bat, not sure where she stands with Alex. She is someone who needs to be backdoored pre-jury for fucking sure. We have a good relationship because we’ve talked in the past but I wouldn’t be surprised if she thought I was dangerous via reputation. She will be a huge competition threat for sure.

Will: Anna’s duo as well, love him sooo much personally but he has joked a lot prior to this about seeing through my BS so I know he isn’t someone I can fool easily. I’m going to be straight up with Will until I evict him to dwindle Anna’s potential allies because if not it’ll just dig me a hole.

Zakriah: He’s a Kesha stan so that’s instantly iconic. I’ve talked to him a few times in the past about mutual stans so I feel we have a good relationship but he could be close to people in the cast but only time will tell. I’m not going to underestimate him though.

The best approach to this game is to learn everyone’s way of being and then altering your interactions with each player based on how they operate. Miguel for example wants to feel in control so you need to give him the false illusion. Will you need to be straight forward/honest with or else he’ll see through it and target you. And the list goes on.

My main focus right now is solidifying my position in the house socially to the point where I can influence nominations no matter how many competitions I throw to avoid blood. This is where the ride begins, let’s hope my seatbelt holds me in!


Bitch I’m backkkkkk!!! 703’s favorite flop is back for redemption yet again hehe. I’m sooo pumped for this game fuccc ty hosts for letting me play whew

This cast? fucking terrifies me……. but that’s a good thing lol I’m so here for a challenge. This is gonna be cutthroat as fuck and idk if everyone in this cast is ready for that oop! Seriously though this cast is legitimately i c o n i c and my bussy is shaking

Let’s give a rundown of the cast

I immediately see Elmo and WHEW that’s my babycake <3 That’s one person right off the bat I know will be loyalty to me so yay for that <3 I love playing with him he’s a queen ugh. I’m nervous we will be targeted bc our relationship was already brought up to me in private SO fjakshd idk I’m hoping it will be to my advantage rather than my disadvantage we shall see!

Another queen that caught my eye is Miss Alexa Marrero!!!!!! W H E W i love her god I’ve never had a convo with her before this game even though we’re fb friends, but I just know she’s an icon and that we get along great so i’m ecstatic to play with her omg. I made it my mission to make sure I had a decent convo with her day/night 1 because I definitely want to work with her <3 I am a bit wary because I saw that Miguel is in this game too and…. after Resurrection oh lord hunny we have such a strained relationship lol it’s gonna be an obstacle. He’s in Canadienne BB with me too and it’s a mess. I’m hoping having ta good relationship with Alexa will make being in the game with Miggy easier at least :x

I also spot miss Annabelle :D a queen who Elmo & I both played with together deeeep ago in EMBB2 hehe we didn’t work together but vowed that if we ever did again we needed to, so LOOK WHERE WE ARE!! That’s a trio yall should watch out for hehe

I also spot king Alex!!! That’s hype because he was just evicted sitting next to me in House of Shade 17 and we were working together so!!! Ideally that should carry over to this game whew. He’s good people I’m excited he’s here

I also spot miss Annajane :0 who was also in EMBB2 with Elmo & Annabelle & I so that’s another weird layer lol. We left that game on weird terms so I plan on trying to mend that bond a bit. Her & Annabelle have also had beef since then I believe? idk but should be interesting lol

Queen Christina is playing as a double with her daughter Courtney and that’s so cute love that twist. She’s a hagqueen and I live for my hags… I stanned her in the Bali VL and I’d really love to work with her omg. I’m lowkey afraid to approach her though fhaskasd I will at some point hopefully we clique.

I also see Estefana who I played with in TB BB5 but she quit right before jury lol. She’s a character hopefully she’s more invested in this game bc I really liked playing with her

There’s also a few random boys that I’ve seen around the community like Forrest, Joey, & Will… At this point they all kinda blend together ngl fhajksdfjk but maybe I’ll talk to them and my perception will change we’ll see

I see King Zakriah and I’m dumb shook. He’s in a random BVW tumblr vivor game with me and has been on my tribe since the start but we haven’t talked lfmaooo. I just hosted him in Island of Shade too so hm. He’s an oddball tbh. Like aloof and really likeable, but I could see him being v dangerous. Idk I gotta feel him out highkey

Jenna, Charley, & Jenna are 3 queens I’ve never spoken to before this game but I’m really excited to play with omgggg. Sydney did THAT in Argentina & Charley is a friend of Tyler’s so I know she’s a #real1 and Jenna is a fresh face in the community who seems mad chill. There’s also Danielle who just won Bali :o I think she’s the Danielle that dates Jenna who was in San Marcos with me so that’s fun she must be good people. Her + Jenna are in TD Olympics with me too oh lord

There are so many previous relationships through friendships & past games it’s a whole fucking mess of connections I’m shook to the max. This is gonna be the hardest BB I’ve ever played I think sheesh. I need to buckle up & secure my wig because I just know it’s not gonna be long before the hoes come-a-snatching. TTYL DR <3


So the game has officially begun! THIS CAST THO!!! ITS SO AWESOME I CANT EVEN!!

I know a lot of people from this season, 4 people from Bali, 4 people from EMBB2! I don't know if that's a good or bad thing for me honestly, I feel like it could be both. Right now I just try to make strong social connections with people so whoever wins HOH will keep me safe. Right now it's looking like Alex is the only one who wants to go for it and he promised me safety so I'm PROBABLY going with that, unless I find something better for me. I better not get double digits this game pls!!!!!!!! I'm ready to play and slay tbh B)


ok so I've talked to just about everyone in the cast and I decided that I'm voting Alex for HOH. He's the only one who really wants it and I don't think he would put me on the block. So far I really like Alexa, Jenna (uh oh), Annajane and Elmo and I also like Annabelle, Charley, Miguel and Sydney. Everyone else is ok but I'm not a huge fan of Christine or Estefana Bc theyre the hardest to carry a conversation with.


Right now my strategy is to work on setting up/expanding rivalries so people will be dead set on targeting each other and not me. Alexa already isn't a fan of Jenna so I'm manipulating her by talking about how much I like Jenna to make her jealous. Another pre existing rivalry is between the two Anna's but I don't wanna make too many waves yet so I'll work on making them pissed at each other later.


Jenna cannot be trusted. Like not one bit. She’s trying to play the whole house with her “sweetheart” act but I know damn well from past experience that she’s a slithering snake in this game. She’s trying to get in everybody’s good graces so that she can manipulate them and get them emotionally attached to her.

Well Jenna, the next time you decide to take a page out of my playbook here’s a tip. You changing your behavior in this season is what caused a huge red flag for me. Outside of this you’re sassy & problematic and now you’re suddenly being super kind? Like come on.

Back in a past season a similar situation occurred with Jamie. But this time I’m not in the mood for a 36 day long back and forth rivalry. Jenna won’t know of my disdain for her until it’s too late for her to save herself and she’s walking out those doors. I’m keeping her closer than ever so I can use her information/targets against her.

If she manages to catch on to my disdain for her & gets me out of the house then props to her because I think I’m one of the only people who caught on to this act. It’s week 1 after all so I’m going to play it cool and gain some social footing in the game so that I can slowly turn people against my targets, which for right now is Jenna at number one. Big Brother is about timing, you can’t play a month’s worth of a season in the first 3 days so you need to stay calm.


I’ve established good bonds with Elmo, Anna, Sydney, Forrest, Miguel, Charley, Will, and others so I’m hoping I can gain the social control of the game fairly quickly. Charley wants to make an alliance with Jenna and myself as if it causes Jenna to trust me then I’m all for it. The more dirt I have on the girl then the better.


So Alex won HOH and he promised me safety so if he’s someone who keeps their word then I should be good this week. I have a feeling he might put up Miguel but let’s hope that doesn’t happen, however I’m not sticking out my neck for anyone.

So I spoke with Annabelle and we’re both interested in creating a alliance, probably with Elmo, Miguel, Forrest, and Will. That’s a pretty strong 6 and I’d be down for it if the others are as well. I want a group I can have strong influence in and for the moment that seems like a good one. Elmo also asked me individually to work together so that's a great sign.

Charley and Jenna are gravitating towards each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if we ended up having a girl’s alliance but like I stated previously, although Jenna seems to be on my side for now I don’t trust her. She’s a schemer just like me so she could flip at any moment and that’s not someone I feel comfortable giving crucial information to. Any information I give to Jenna I’m going to assume will be shared so I won’t be giving her information that could blow up my game if gone public.

Sydney and I have a good bond, although she’s a huge threat who needs to go sooner rather than later. I know I could rely on her to save me in the early weeks (1-3) so I’m definitely going to keep up a relationship with her. Same goes for Danielle (who apparently voted me for HOH, thankfully I didn't win), Joey, and etc.

I want to focus on getting this sides together and developing one of if not the strongest social game in the house to the point where I’m in the clear no matter who wins. It’s only Week 1 so patience and staying under the radar is key.


Ok, So Alexa basically begged for votes to ppl to be HoH, and I'm now here sitting scared because I fell he will nom me and Alexa who is my main ally with Forrest, I'm doing my best talking to this people but half of them are boring AF.


I talked to Alex and he said I'm safe...we bonded over cute doggies. So I'mma just chill this week, if I'm not in an alliance chat by the end of it, I'm gonna be gunning for that HoH.


Wow so here I am playing my first facebook big brother game because no way in H E L L am I touching main lmao.

I voted Alex to be HOH even though my initial thought was to vote Christina in a Renny sort of way but Alex was the only person who asked for it and he promised me safety but like... Obviously he promised a lot of people safety. It would definitely be waaay too fishy if he guaranteed everyone on the cast safety, I feel like he messaged the people he wanted to work with so I feel good knowing I was one of those people. But who knows. Maybe he is really a giant snake ass bitch.


Alright here's how it is, the brutal honesty from Charley Ripa. I signed up for this with the mindset of I am going to flop, and I still very much have that mindset. I suck at BB, and I don't really care much for socializing or talking to people, so I'm going to be brutally honest in saying, whatever happens happens. If I flop, I don't care, if I win then neat, but I'm not going to win.

HOWEVER, for someone who doesn't care I already have strong alliances, one with queen Jenna, one with queen Alexa, and one with HOH Alex. I have a few other people who I have been #bonding with over stupid shit like game of thrones (shout out to Forrest for cutting through the small talk and just approaching me with this nonsense, I love it) and just being the generally sweet person I am. Jk I'm being a fake ass bitch putting exclamation marks after everything! Like this! Like oh my god that's so awesome! At least my allies know who I am already, a bitch who's so paranoid I'll cut a bitch just for looking at me sideways. This game, I want to play more like a bee than like a lion. I'll sting someone, and then die, but if I die, they're coming down with me. Again, I have no thoughts that I am going to do well. I have no confidence in that at all. I am actually confident that I will flop like an elephant seal. But I'm going to have one hell of a good time before I go, and let's see what damage I can cause just with my little band of misfit icons.


Dont know how for real it is since Jenna chats away with anyone buttttt I think I made my first iconic duo of the game, hopefully it lasts a little bit and comes in handy down the road!


It's very exciting getting to know everyone. Since I am playing with my mom and we have to switch out every week. I didn't get to play this week, but I am working on getting to know my housemates. I haven't been as social as I normally am due to travelling, but hopefully that doesn't cost me to dearly.


Alex is suuuch a little snake. I really dislike that he's pretending like Anna and I are inactive and that's why we're nommed. No you goof we've both talked to you a ton, you're just nomming us because you think we're too close.

Sigh, I think I'll lose this PoV but damn I'll give it a shot!


So Alex put up Annabelle and Will, two very close allies of mine. But hey at least it isn’t me, right? I’m trying to maintain a good bond with Alex so that I’m safe this week and can work to get my allies to stay safe. I’d like an alliance of Miguel/Forrest/Elmo/Anna/Will/Myself since we all seem to have similar interests. None of us trust Jenna and Anna/Will are now going after Alex so it’s all good. Charley/Jenna are close and consider me a close ally (hopefully) and I’m going to use that as my way to gain intel on what they’re doing. My plan is to throw all competitions and work my angles socially so that I’m safe and am influencing nominations no matter who wins. I’m slowly trying to build bonds with Christina/Joey/Danielle because I want my social game to be well-rounded and in with everyone. Sydney’s been kind of inactive but we had a good bond prior to this so we should be good although she is a huge threat. I see Anna Jane (who I’m also semi-close to) working with Charley/Jenna. I’ve made sure to talk to all the players as much as possible so that I can stay safe even if something crazy happens.


Okay I'm sorry but, Courtney and Christina have to be faking it right? They're only on in chats at the same time and they have one-liners that seem so prepared! "I brought her into this world and I can take her out!" "You almost did that a couple times!" like?? Something fishy is up with them..


Ok so I was really nervous the final noms were gonna be Anna/Will or Anna/Miguel so I'm glad that's not the case Bc rn I'm loosely working with all three of those people. That being said, Anna is on the block and is DEFINITELY the HOH's (Alex) target. I also have been liking Daniele she's a really nice girl and a fellow Lana fan. I can't blow up my spot with Alex and campaign to save Anna. She's gonna have to put in the work to save herself. If she can get the numbers & vote to save her


Okay so basically this has been a crazy ass week. My plan this week was to ensure that my closest allies (Anna/Miguel/Will/Forrest) avoided the block, at least together to give us some leverage.

I worked really hard on gaining Alex’s trust and I was successful. We made an alliance called 2 AM and he genuinely believes I’m on his side and am a vote for Anna to go home. My plan (whether Anna stays or goes) is to pretend as if I vote to evict Anna and cover my bases with Alex’s side. I told him exactly what he wanted to hear and threw out names (as potential allies) to the people I knew he already had in mind.

I also severely saved Miguel’s ass this week like so hard lol. So Alex came to me suggesting Miguel as a pawn to send Anna home and I instantly knew Miguel would blow up the second he found out. Alex tells Miguel and just like I predicted — boom he blows up and almost gets himself sent home over Anna. I kept pitching to Alex that we needed a level-headed pawn who was able to sit still and look pretty to successfully send Anna home — and he bought it and put up Danielle as a result, who although I like isn’t as beneficial to me as Anna is. By working with Alex I can gain intel and use it to the best of my ability.

Basically, I’m covering all my angles socially and am trying to play the middle successfully and in not a sloppy manner. I’m sure people are aware of my threat status via reputation so there’s not really a point in me sitting around and putting my fate in someone else’s hands.

Jenna’s also being seen as less trustworthy by others which is great for my game as I’ve been plating little seeds of doubt about her two-faced behavior.

Overall, I'm trying to set myself in a position where no matter whether Anna goes or Danielle goes I can still stay safe and influential.


I've heard snakes need up to 16 hours of sleep a day, so let's give Alex credit for staying up as long as he did!


So coming into this game, my goal absolutely was to try and play as under the radar as possible in the first few weeks, form crucial social relationships that would help me down the road, and honestly, have people believe I am their number 1 ally, and will stick by them. I think i have accomplished that, I have Elmo, Zakriah, Charley & Annajane who all think I am their ride or die, and i have established good relationships with nearly the entirety of the cast, and avoided the block. Moving forward I need to just continue this, and throw competitions, winning an HOH early on would not be good for the type of game i am trying to play, hopefully my allies will just win, and i can avoid the heat.


This vote on a surface level, looks completely easy. Annabelle is the clear target, she's seemed quiet shady to me, so there we go, easy vote right? However Danielle i know is a strong player, she won Bali, and people completely underestimate her, as I did, but i will not this time, so I'm keeping my eye on her closely. Her leaving would be beneficial, as It would downplay the possibility of a bali type alliance in other peoples eyes. But its far too early to rock the vote this early on, and end up in a minority position, so i'm pretty certain Annabelle will be leaving this week, unless someone flips the vote, but who would put their neck out this early on?


So alex is a meninist BITCH who promised me safety but at the price of two of my favorite queens in the game??? Choosing between Anna and Will was a piece of cake but choosing between Anna and Danielle, one of my partners in crime, is literally going to kill me.


Overall, it's been a fairly uneventful first week. I'm trying to get to know and make connections with the other house guests. Everyone seems very friendly and fun.

I am excited to play the game with Courtney and look forward to see what the next week holds for us. Maybe, we will get lucky and win HOH next week.


I just turned Estefana against Alex and to save Danielle and this week is fucking CRAZY. Elmo and I are basically playing the middle and are included in both sides of everything. I want Anna to stay but this is so fucked up and Elmo//I are double agents in everything and have been working so hard in this vote.


Hopefully I solidified Joey’s vote and trust for Anna to stay. We hopefully fooled Jenna into believing Anna and the majority regardless so that she throws her vote in there out of fear. I’m having so much fun this season, this IS real big brother.


I think I may be a swing vote right now and I'm definitely leaning more towards keeping Annabelle, most of the people I've barely spoken to are keeping Danielle. I trust Alexa the most right now...not sure if that's entirely smart because I know she's a great player, but I'm just gonna have to go with my gut for now and try for that HoH.