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703 ORG Network Wiki
So I made final 4! So Joey surprisingly told me I was right about Jenna after 16293)292937292827th time we fucking told him. Honestly,.. me winning POV fucking shocked me!! But I'm going in strong and I'm bringing this win to the Fallen Angels (Alexa, Elmo, Ryan, Forrest, Miguelito) we deserve to have a good person to win this game and it would have to be me or maybe Joey irk. But not Jenna cuz she racists asfuck. I have no connections with Christina and I fucking hate Jenna. So Joey and I kinda teamed up, well he reached up to me so I gues idk. I'm super glad to have made final 4! Bringing home this win !!


As of right now, Christina is HoH meaning myself, Estefana or Jenna will be evicted. Also as of right now, I have a f2 deal with Estefana and a f2 deal with Jenna and they both hate each other...like they literally posted pics of themselves giving each other the middle finger. I'm not a betting man, but if I was, I'd say my ass is safe and going to the final 3.