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I just worked my ass off to save myself w Jenna at final 4 and now me and Christina are talking about teaming up and making it to final 2. It's very difficult for me because while I know Jenna played very aggressive compared to me and Christina, everyone also hates her...but me and Christina played similar games but probably has more friends...idk what to do!


I can't believe this is my final confessional and I made it this far! OMG I legit thought Courtney and I would be an early boot and now I'm F2 with my ORG daughter.

This game has been so mentally stressful! I went over different scenarios in my mind for the past few days on how this game would end. I almost let people get in my head these past few days and nearly drove myself crazy!

I am so happy that it is Jenna and me in the finale. We started this game together and it is perfect that we're together at the end. I am so proud of the both of us!


last confessional! Thanks to everyone who's watched it's been insane! I truly think I deserve to win. I won 7 competitions, formed the leftovers a 6 person alliance to flip the game, took out all my targets, received the legacy advantage from a person I blindsided (Anna), fought each week, survived numerous call outs and I'm here. I truly deserve this and I hope the jury will vote on who played the best game, but if not, I'm immensely proud.