So Danielle was evicted, I voted her out, I didn't particularly want to, but in this game i want to be seen as submissive, someone who isn't a huge player, until the right time is to strike and they won't see me coming. So i had to go with the majority, as ultimately this has put me in a relatively safe position, the minority won't target me and neither will the majority. I was so close to winning the HOH and i was so nervous as that is not something I want to win this early on, I want to continue riding this middle wave, and laying under the radar.

I feel fairly comfortable with Estefana as HOH, I do hope the HOH's go back and forth between differing alliances, so we don't have one group dominate. Hopefully this will be another week i can just sit back and continue to build my relationships.


Estefana said she would keep me safe if she won hoh, so I'm just gonna lay low for this week, keep my target low.


I have a lot of shit to say about the first week of this game when i find the time to


Operation: Save Annabelle turned out a success just as i anticipated :) People tend to forget this is a damn marathon and not a sprint... I knew people were going to scramble week one and just paint huge targets on their backs so I made an effort to lay low AF. Of course I wanted Annabelle to stay over Danielle who I dont know + didn't try to get to know me; but I'm not gonna tank my game to save her ass lol. That's why I kept my calm and was vague as hell to everyone lmao. A bit of manipulating here, a twist of logic there, some more steady coercing..... and voila, Danielle hath shot herself in the foot and the majority magically shifts off of Annabelle :-)

I love Elmo but he's so paranoid!!!! It's week 1 baby what is u doin!!! lol. He's such a sweetie pie. We've set ourselves up SO well this week I'm so content.

Right now I feel really safe with Elmo, Annabelle, Alexa, Forrest, Joey, Jenna, Estefana, Will, and even Miguel. hehe.

Moving forward, my plan is to stay below the radar and keep as many options open as possible. Closing doors & burning bridges is simply not in my vocabulary this season!


Last week's vote went perfectly. Me, Anna, Will and Alexa put in the WORK to flip that vote and I couldn't be happier. We flipped Estefana, Jenna and Joey in order to to make sure Anna stayed. Meanwhile I'm busy playing dumb and that I have no clue what happened and that I just wanted to vote with the majority. Alex and Sydney are pissed that we kept their target and that their pawn got evicted but it's ok, they can sulk about it on the block once Estefana sticks them there or pushes one out the backdoor :)


This is going to pretty lengthy, you guys know me. Read at your own risk.

So these past 48 hours have been absolutely insane. I’ll start back to the time while Annabelle was still on the block. So at the beginning of this week, Alex trusted me with really bad information. He mentioned to me that he wanted to use Estefana as a pawn and that is what I used to get Estefana to quickly flip and save Annabelle, while also making up a few white lies about Alex undermining her ability as a strategist. I then became close to Joey and swayed him in saving Annabelle as well. And then Elmo & I scared Jenna into voting for Annabelle to stay by making her believe that is where the majority was, when in reality our votes decided who went home.

I have a pretty close bond with Estefana because we had a similar upbringing and she’s pretty easy to manipulate, although I won’t underestimate her ability to flip on me in an instant. So I’ll be extra careful with her and the information I disclose to her. I don’t even have to pressure Estefana into taking Alex out because that’s exactly what I did last week by providing her with that crucial game-changing information. All meanwhile Alex STILL believes I stayed loyal to him, I honestly am flabbergasted. I’m basically HOH this week and I’m not shocked that I got to the final 2 of the HOH competition, especially since I’m in good with everyone.

My plan for the next few weeks is to continue influencing noms/votes but in a subtle way because I know these people are aware of my threat status and I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried to backdoor me early jury so I’m going to start establishing cracks within people. Annabelle/AnnaJane hate each other so I’m going to play off of that too.

I have a close bond with Jenna, although I don’t trust her at all. As I mentioned previously she’s very sloppy with information distribution and it makes her seem very untrustworthy. Jenna mentioned to me that she’s never heard my name mentioned once so that reassures it for me. I have Forrest/Miguel both very close to me and I definitely trust Forrest the most out of anyone. I have a great bond with Annabelle obviously, along with Will (who I don’t trust as much as Anna), and Elmo (I love Elmo but he constantly mentions how much of a power player I am so that scares me a lot).

Ideally, Alex/Christina/Sydney go home this week. Alex would be a great option and the other two are cool with me too. Sydney is close to Joey so eliminating her allows me to scoop him up. I came here to play and dominate the game, but it’s good for me to lay low for a few weeks especially with my surgery coming up soon. Let’s hope for the best and continue strengthening my social connections, I know I can do this!


Wow so last week.

Well first of all I formed really good bonds and alliegence with Jenna and Danielle. And I'm talking to a bunch of these people and everything's going fine, alex is hoh and I trust him, and then he puts up Danielle as the replacement and I wanted to cry. So I had to decide between her and Annabelle. The issue with Annabelle was that she never messaged me until she absolutely needed to. And then everything was all set up perfectly, I just needed Jenna and Forrest, two people I trusted, to vote to save Danielle with me. And they go and decide that Anna has a majority and theres nothing they can do and vote to evict Danielle. Thats when I knew it was game over for Danielle, but i wasn't about to vote her out, she was such a queen in the house so I threw my vote on Anna. And simultaneously told her that I knew she had a majority so I voted to keep her, which was a boldface lie. So that was last week for me. I'm mad.


And this week... Yikes Anna is telling me she would be willing to veto me since I ""voted to keep her last time""

Which I didn't. Wow I really haven't lied this much in a game before and irs only been a week


This week seems to be pretty smooth sailing. I’ve gotten into Estefana’s head as subtly as possible, planted a little Alexa chip in there. I’m going to keep my ears open in case I get any red flags but this week I’m focusing on laying low and focusing on continue to strengthen my social bonds in the house because I don’t want be seen as the biggest threat/player (which I’m sure some think so) at all times. This game is about timing and showing your cards appropriately.


I’m getting surgery in a few days so I’m trying to lay low and cover my bases socially so that I can survive. I really hope it doesn’t get in the way because I’ve worked so hard socially this season! Just have to stay hopeful.


Loving that Alex is getting backdoored for over playing. See ya!


So Alex is probably going, which is super bummer because he's a great ally and I really like him actually. He's wild and willing to fuck around, which is what I wanna do in this game, so I'm going to miss him.

Why am I so confident he'll go? Well, because there's a high chance that he'll go, and everyone's too weenie to even try a move because ""WELL WHAT IF WE END UP IN THE MINORITY"" like guys, here's a crazy thought, but minority and majority mean jack shit in big brother because anyone can win hoh and pov. At least I have my loyalties in line. I don't care if I'm the only one voting to keep Alex, I'll do it anyway.


Ahhh we are on the block and it sucks. I was hoping to win pov , but yeah that didn't happen. Hopefully Alex is the bigger target and we get to stay. I am ready to win the next Hoh


Well, this week has kind of sucked for us. We were put on the block and are trying to survive another week. We tried hard on the pov, but came up short. Hopefully, we can survive this eviction.


You know what, I have another confessional because fuck it why not. I like all these people as people, like talking to them, but DAMN in the game it's like come on. They're always being shady like all the time, and trying really hard to hide that I'm not in their plans and I'm on the outs like BITCH I KNOW I'M ON THE OUTS they think they're clever but it's like you got your plan, you want to get rid of Alex, no point saying "well it's up in the air!" like this isn't survivor, you know you have the majority, there's no shot you're going home YOU'RE NOT ON THE BLOCK JUST SAY IT goddamnit this is probably stupid to be ranting about but like goddamnit they think they have everyone snowed and like it's not totally obvious that the majority has their plans made and they're going to do whatever.


This week has pretty much gone perfectly so far. My ally Estefana won HOH so I wasn't put up on the block. Plus she's targeting Alex who's a threat and is against two of my closest allies Anna and Wil. I'm feeling good about evicting Alex since he pretty much never talked to me to begin with. Hopefully another one of my allies or myself can win next week's HOH and things can go just as smoothly.


So here's that confessional I said I was gonna make week 1, right before the second eviction haha but better late than never!

Summing up the first week shortly, Alex told me I was fine and I was all okay with that and whatever he wanted, cause you know Alex is the HOH who we VOTED on. But apparently he got a little too power crazy and put up Will and Annabelle when he said he was going after inactive people. But when Will wins the POV he puts up Danielle, who was someone I got along with great! But apparently he got played into putting her up since she would be a 'pawn' and honestly Danielle suffered for Alex's stupidity, why he would put up Danielle when Annabelle had loads of friends here to pick from is just mind boggling.

So fast forward now, week 2 and Alex has been backdoored. Honestly Alex has just been all over the place this game so I'm fine with him going. However, now I'm in minority because of it. Joey royally screwed me over and basically sold his soul to the friendship alliance, and now I think it's me Charley, Anna Jane and probably Jenna, who doesn't even realize it, on the bottom. Barely any of them even speak to me, and when they do it's everything but game. But I'm not gonna give up and roll over for these people, I can get HOH and I can make something happen.


Jenna mentioned to me that she was weary of Will and Will said the same about Jenna. I'm using this as ammo to turn them both against each other for the future. Although I physically can't get Will out in the future (because it will destroy my relationship with Annabelle) getting Jenna to do it for me via influence would be extremely beneficial. Not necessarily right now but in a few weeks could be beneficial. I've also worked hard on gaining Christina's trust as a side number because the more the merrier, my social game will allow me to influence decisions even if I throw every competition. I'm also planning on voting out Alex since Estefana hates him due to the information I brought to her attention. Moving forward, I hope to lay low on the surface until I'm back from my surgery and am fully loaded! I'm ready to win this game.


Ok so this week again went great for me, i've done such a good job of maintaining social relationships on both sides, which is great. Alex went, and honestly i didn't mind that, but i need to be careful to not be exposed as a rat playing both sides, that worries me a lot.


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