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Omg YES! Jenna’s HOH and this means I can finally obliterate her game to pieces. Week after week I’ve slowly been turning people against her and now this will be the week where she sets herself up to go home in the next 2 weeks. She is literally atrocious strategically this week… She’s running around telling different people different things. She also accidentally hinted to me that Christina and Zak are her other ride or dies… another dumb move. She wants to send Annabelle packing this week but I will be very surprised if she can pull it off, she’s making all the mistakes in the book… get ready to be Alex’s second coming. It’s honestly hilarious LOL and I’m getting a good laugh from her this week. I’m going to encourage her as much as I can to make the worst moves possible and just tank the remnants of her game. I’m focusing on my social bonds as usual and focusing on being the social kingpin of the game. I’m honestly having a blast and I’m in this for the long haul folks.


i was just informed by Jenna that I'm gonna be a pawn this week zzzzz

https://media.giphy.com/media/Y96xiNhhLTDaw/giphy.gif i'm not at all surprised. i know for a fact Jenna is one of those ppl who talk to EVERYone and I knew that essentially she was going to be the type of player i cannot trust/play with. she would message me periodically during the first few weeks which was nice but i really knew deep down it was just a surface-level attempt at a social game

but anyway, it could be worse. at least she gave me a heads up and at least i'm not her target + get to play veto. no idea who i'm gonna be up against but i'm keeping my spirits up and mind focused on staying.

i can't be all that mad bc i havent been a forceful player in the game yet and honestly it makes a lot of sense for me to be put up lol, good on u Jenna. At least now if i stay, I have a clear target in sight :-)


Me and Jenna just made a final 2!! I talk to her pretty much the most out of everyone so I'm glad we made this deal and i hope we work together for a while.


Yay @ Jenna winning HOH Bc I know she wouldn't put me up. With all these HOHs being won by the other side I'm making a point to get more on their good side and I think it's working. I made an alliance with Sydney Bc she's a dominant female who will always be a target + we get along! Sorry Will/Anna/Ryan/Estefana, might have to completely flip if y'all don't pull out an HOH win soon :/


i tried my DARNDEST to get Jenna to want Will/Annabelle up together so i'd be safe...... but she's stubborn about not wanting to make waves, get blood blah blah blah. So scratch that plan

The good news is I feel good + confident that I can get votes to stay over Annabelle.... I've started talking to Sydney a good amount since she won veto and i'm grateful for that bc I was worried about her targetting me in the future. But I think if I survive this week, she'd be a good ally in my back pocket. Same with Jenna although...... I won't forget her pawning me lol

So yeah I have a penalty vote against me which is scary and nerve wracking. I gotta step my bussy up and rally these votes. 12 votes + the stray penalty vote...... if 6 people in here REALLY WANTED to get me out, they highkey can rip!

As of right now....... I feel confident that Elmo/Alexa/Sydney/Courtstina will vote out Annabelle. I need 7 so 3 more on top of those 4

I have a good bond with Zakriah, and I know he has beef with Will (and potentially Annabelle?) from Morocco so I'm banking on him wanting me to stay. Annajane is someone i know is working with Jenna & the other side, so if she's loyal to Jenna she'd vote to keep me. + I'm under the impression AnnaJ and Annabelle lowkey have beef so that's good for me.....

I'm worried Will is going to go all out campaigning for Annabelle hm. I'll keep yall posted


I’m going to type most of my thoughts/things I’ve done this week in this confessional because I’ve been in bed all week so everything I’ve done has been via my phone so I haven’t had access to the computer to write DRs.

Okay so my thoughts are going to be all over the place. My goal this week was to pretty much destroy Jenna’s game, at least with a good portion of people in the game.

I’ve been keeping Jenna very close but I’m well aware she’s aligned with almost all of the houseguests.

Her/Sydney have been rallying for Will to go so I let him know about it and I did the same with Elmo, Forrest, etc.

I’ve been also using my surgery to play up the fact that I’m not “doing much” when in reality I haven’t stopped, despite being in pain all the time.

I’m in both alliances so I basically have to throw everything or else my cards will get exposed. All my influence is via social bonds/strategic things I’ve chosen to say or not to say.

Annabelle, my best girl friend on the ORG is sadly going home this week but I can’t fuck up my game to go down with a sinking ship. Nothing but love to her though.

After Annabelle’s departure I want her side to stay in unison and hopefully take out Sydney/Zak/Jenna in the upcoming weeks. I want to use the remnants of that alliance to take out Will/Elmo/Ryan/etc afterwards. Joey and Christina are floaters at this point so the best thing would be to keep a strong side alliance with them, but unlike Jenna I won’t make it totally obvious.

I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here to win. Sorry to anyone I hurt in the process.


So disappointed, looks like Anna is going. We really had a solid majority until we lost a few luck based HOH and Miguel and Anna got screwed. Now everyone's jumping ship, and I could too but fuck that.

I want to win the shit out of this next HOH. I swear to God it'll be the most lit week of the season when I get to take out the shits responsible for Anna's boot. Idc about making the end because I know I'm leaving as soon as Jenna or Sydney or Zak win an HOH, this is about going out with a bang.


OMFG! What a DE that was! Sooo much drama! Shit was getting thrown out there right and left. Usually, I don't like not being in the loop about things going on in the house. But, this time, I'm glad I had no clue so Courtney's or my name was being thrown out there. There's more to the story than what I've seen, but my goal is to lay low and let them fight this out. I'll drink my wine and take notes.


Haha!!! Sydney thought she could get me out so easily. The joke's on you because Forrest has been my ride or die since day 1 and he/I would always go to bat for each other. Prior to this week I wanted to lay low and just focus on social bonds but you know what? This calls for drastic measures. She just awoke her worst nightmare and I don't shoot to miss. I will stay up for 24 hours straight if it means winning HOH, watch me get 2nd place for the 4th time this season lol! I'm getting vengeance for Annabelle, Miguel, and Will even though Will was a fucking snake this week!


omg so i survived against Annabelle thankfully. she kinda imploded in the main chat and yeah i'm still here bitches.

so i'm in high spirits and looking forward to the Double Eviction....... I'm end up sleeping most of the day right up until 5 when it starts bc I'm nocturnal. And I get third in the HoH after Alexa and Sydney who wins. Sydney, the chick who decided not to use veto on me just a day ago. RIP.

Anyway I'm up on the block w Alexa which I was not toooo surprised about but was kinda disappointed. also she blatantly called Alexa a snake lmfaooo and that started all that shit. So she clearly didn't want me going and pawned me again which was a weird feeling ngl but from an objective point of view made sense.

Then I flop in the veto bc my dumbass talked in the veto chat so Forrest wins and saves Alexa. And now mad tea is being spilled in the house chat and I'm sitting back taking it all in lmfao. I just kept my cool and my spirits up and made myself a perfect little pawn like they think I am lmao.

Luckily Will was messy during the last week and dug himself a hole. I live another week but I SWEAR my alliance better win this HoH