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phew that was a crazy double eviction but I'm proud to say I pulled off my plan perfectly. Going in, I didn't want Will gone but since the other side won HOH and I found out that he was a rat he had to go! See, Will was so worried that if Sydney won HOH she would nominate him, so he thought it was a good idea to implicate that either Alexa or Jenna told him that Sydney wanted to backdoor him. Those are my two closest female allies so the fact that he would throw them UTB (especially Alexa who he's in an alliance with) meant he could NOT be trusted. With Alexa going on the block I knew I needed to save her since she's a loyal number to me and we're an iconic duo! I pop off and win the POV (partially thanks to Ryan's mistake). I know 110% that I'm going to use it, but how do I spin it so that Syd/Jenna aren't mad at me for it? Simple, get them to be mad at the rat (Will) instead! This keeps the heat off me and gets my new target out of the house. I act all confused when everyone talks to me and use the veto on Alexa to save her dumbass. Now I have the excuse that everyone was telling me different things and I just got confused Unfortunately she pops off and loses her shit in the group chat but I think I smoothed that over. I tell Sydney and Jenna that Will is clearly a fucking liar (lol nope he was telling the truth) and explain that he's a snake who threw Jenna under the bus to me (which is true!). That turns the girl's wrath onto him and he's thrown on the block as the replacement nominee! It's easy to rally votes against him when I expose his dumbass to Elmo and others. Will tries his best to expose me to Jenna but luckily she doesn't believe him and he's evicted by a huge margin! Hopefully this teaches everyone that you don't try and mess with me or the people I want to protect.


That DE was tucking crazy!! I'm lowkey glad I was offline for it because right now my strategy is to lay low and let the 2 sides pick each other off. As long as there are people fighting each other, I'm safe.


This double eviction just lit a fire under my ass. If Annabelle leaving pissed me off, oh this just made things 10 times more heated. Sydney had the audacity to put me on the block and although she’s right I did lie there is no way I will admit to it. Annabelle is my alibi and since she’s not here anymore I can slander her actions as much as needed. Will threw me under the bus but I quickly deflected it all, not sure if it worked but I hope so. Moving forward I’m looking to repair my place in the game and take Sydney the fuck out and just continue. I know I’m probably going to be a huge target from now on but I’m prepared to be Daniele Donato and fight tooth and nail to stay in this game. I’ve always worked hard on my social/strategic game and now I just have to turn on my comp winning ability and take them all out. I also pulled in Christina and exposed the old alliance to her, I’m ready to have her in my back pocket. Forrest, I love you soooo much. Elmo is shady as fuck and cannot be trusted. Jenna I want evicted soon but I can’t do it myself just yet or she’ll expose me for being a snake. Estefana is an icon and I love her and will try to continue to influence her. I’m not going out with a fucking fight. Game on!


Okay, so I guess I should explain what happened this past round since it's probably confusing to everyone watching.

Last round after the POV, I was talking with Alexa and we both mutually decided we'd rather Annabelle stay and for Will to go, and Alexa talked to me about talking to Jenna about using the POV, so I did and she didn't want to do it which is fine. Then after the POV Will approached me saying he heard I wanted to backdoor him, I didn't deny it and just asked him who told him since I only said it to two people. He gave me a weird vibe and it wasn't hard to figure out it was Alexa, who has been playing both sides the entire game. So I got HOH and had 10 minutes to decide, and sorta just jumped the gun on it and figured why not just go for the snake head. I've been in the minority for the first two HOH's and ignored sorta for the next two so I just wanted to go after a real target and none of this stay safe bullshit. Alexa starts saying how hurt she is and pleading with me, that is until after she's saved and starts going at me in the chat with lies about how I'm a snake (never lied) and how I'm running the game (first time anyone I ever suggested was actually even nominated). Now I'm being told it was only an inference but, come on, it's too convenient and too specific for Will to have just thought that from a conversation with Jenna.

So now I'm probably screwed but hey I don't think I've actually ever played a day in this org or my other one where I wasn't ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I've been awake since 8 AM on Wednesday and I'm fucking exhausted, I was not going to let anybody have the satisfaction of seeing me down. Bye, if you fuck with me I will promise you that I will do everything in my power to return the favor.

However, I will not be getting overconfident this week. I'm well aware that my plans could go rogue with the wrong person holding the Power of Veto but I will assure you one thing -- someone from that alliance (hopefully Sydney) WILL be sent packing. They tried getting me to put up Joey & Ryan goodbye, go try and push someone else's fucking buttons.

I gave that competition everything I absolutely had. Took three Advils and had 2 cups of coffee! I'm so excited to play this week smart and set myself up for future weeks. No way I'm going out without a fight.


Although I’m not getting Jenna out this week, it doesn’t mean that I’m not onto her game. She’s working with almost all sides of the house but is doing a semi-sloppy job of doing so but the only people I could see having the balls to send her home are Stef, Ryan, myself, and maybe Forrest. She doesn't hide it very well. Although I like her personally I can't let her get too far. I'd rather Ryan win next week and take her out maybe. I need her around for this week at least because I can’t turn on her because I also need to stay close to Christina/Court & Charley.

I feel like I was successful in making amends with Charley but she could be telling me what I want to here since I’m in power for the week, but hopefully she’s being genuine.

Elmo is playing such a weird social game… sorry buddy I love you but like you’re so shady. And I’m onto your duo with Ryan, you better not vote out AnnaJane this week or I’ll never trust you again. I don’t really trust Elmo much, especially after how dirty he did Annabelle.

The people I trust the most are Forrest/Estefana for sure, only ones who’ve had my back this whole time. But Estefana turns on her allies for “iconic moves” in the long run so I need to be weary.

So since I’m HOH this week I really don’t want to go on a power trip and be overconfident. I’m going to use this week get people’s ego stroking/desperate manner to repair the damage Will did to my game and hopefully start fresh. I’ve always been a hardcore social strategist, and I won’t give up now. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right?

I really want to send Sydney out the backdoor this week but the pawns (AnnaJane/Zak) would still be a good hit even if she did somehow manage to win veto. I’m not going to be cocky or start drama this week because I know these snakes would keep Sydney just to fuel the fire and I don’t want that shit to happen. I’m playing it 100% strategically as always, I’m not letting emotions get in the way.


Although veto didn’t go my way, I have a plan to fool Sydney into not using the veto. I’ve coordinated with Jenna to get her to run to Sydney freaking out/hysterical telling her that if she used the veto that Jenna would be the replacement nominee thus fooling Sydney into keeping nominations the same. Would she fall for it? I hope. Either way, they will be losing a number this week hopefully so it’s not a totally sucky situation.

Jenna is also being very sloppy right now because she ran to Elmo saying how great it is for Sydney to have won the veto since she and I will be going at each other’s throats. Right after she told me how she wants Sydney/I to make amends and stick together and that she’s bummed that Sydney won. Girl, a piece of advice. Play a blunt straight-shooter game because the sneaky card does not work for you. Elmo/I have just agreed to let Jenna believe she has us fooled.

When looking at this game past my HOH reign it’s not logical to put up Jenna/Charley because I’ll be alienating two people who possibly will keep me safe (although I know they’re snakey in the game). I might just have to use Joey as a pawn since he’s got no alliance and is semi-close to Sydney. This week is still a win situation for me because they’re going to lose a number so. I gave those competitions everything I had so I’m not disappointed in myself.|Alexa}}

WHEW i'm safe this week <3 Alexa came thruuuu

Zakriah/Joey are up on the block, which isn't the most ideal pairing in the world but I'll live. I was hoping Zakriah could be useful to me later on, but at the moment it's crucial we knock out one of the other side's numbers so he has to go rip. Alexa said she got Courstina on board to evict him so with their vote we'd have 5 and that's majority. so fingers crossed that's what happens

Jenna has been putting in so much effort to be social with everyone not on her side omg. She's a nice girl but her game is sooooo transparent. She is trying to be friends with everybody meanwhile everyone knows this house is split in damn two, and we're on opposite sides of the fence. I can tell she's nervous that I'll get power and target her........ and she should be!!!!!!!!!!


Jenna thinks she has everyone fooled. Her game is so blatantly transparent that it’s funny. She spins a different narrative to everyone and sucks at information control. She tells me one thing and she tells Elmo, Forrest, Christina, etc another. I kept her safe this week not because I thought she’d vote Zak out but because I wanted to force her to choose a side and stop playing the middle. Either she betrays me or she betrays them, either way a liar is getting exposed after this vote.

If Joey ends up going home it doesn’t do any harm to my game because he was just a mere floater anyways. Zak/Anna/Sydney/Jenna (possibly) are all gunning for me anyways, which is blatantly obvious. Zak going home would be nice, and right now I have the 4 from my alliance + Christina (is she stays true to her word hopefully). Charley’s advantage could fuck everything up but that’d be idiotic because advantages are pretty unfair.

I already know Sydney/I are both doomed and will probably go out in the next 3-4 weeks for being the ringleaders but I’m not going out without a fight. I’m going to take a few of them down with me if that’s my fate, giving this game my all like I have been all season. And it’s all game, not personal so.


I can already sense that Jenna is planning on taking me out soon. She accidentally spilled to Elmo that she thinks I have “deals with everyone” and I know she wants to take me out soon so that she can swoop up my allies for herself. However, I’m going to play this one smart. Because look, if I were to openly turn on Jenna now she would flip to the other girls (Charley, Sydney, Anna, and Christina) and have an army of 5 to take me out. If I play dumb then hopefully I can take out Sydney and maybe even Anna before I make my move and send Jenna to the jury house. That way I can maybe then scoop up Charley/Christina once Jenna’s gone. I can already tell Jenna is worried by the fact that Christina/Courtney think I’m the most straight-forward person in the house. I’ve been turning people against Jenna for weeks and not many people trust her word at this point so I’m just going to play it logically. Nothing against her personally though.