Will the drama has been interesting in the house. It's nice to learn that I'm just a number and that they aren't truly my allies but after all the drama the this week I bet I can change my ranking and actually become an ally member instead of just a number for votes


So Zak went home, that’s a win-win situation. If Sydney wins HOH I’m fucked but otherwise I think she’s as good as gone. A lot has happened this past few hours so I have a lot on my mind. I hopefully have the house believing I’m innocent and that Sydney indeed is the person to watch out for. Jenna also came to me about a girls alliance but there is no doubt in my mind that I will not stick with that. I trust the guys a lot more than the girls although Elmo is a bit snakey. I will for sure continue to try and use my social game to manipulate people into using me as a meat shield and hopefully being influenced by me. Apparently Sydney wants to give up? I don’t respect that. She called Jenna/Charley out (supposedly, could be a lie) on not voting with them and how they’re letting me take the win…. which is true! I plan on doing just that, winning the game. At all means necessary.


Ryan won HOH and that's great. However I do not want him to go after Sydney/AJ this week. They can go soonish but right not it doesn't majorly benefit me. For Alexa that's perfect for her game but not mine. She told me about how Jenna wants to set up a girl's alliance with Charley/Alexa/Xtina/Courtney. One of those 4 girls (not Alexa, although her time will come soon enough) needs to go this week whether Alexa likes it or not. My #1 target in that group is Courtney Bc no one would bat an eye to her getting evicted. Although really I'd be fine with any of the others, I would prefer to keep Charley around! that's pretty much where my head is at ATM!


BITCH guess who won HoH? ME


being HoH is such an aesthetic :) I've been craving HoH every since I was pawned off by Jenna that week, and whew my time has come.

It's still early in the week BUT as of right now my plan is to get out Jenna. I find her gameplay to be very transparent and slithery. Even Sydney is talking to me right now saying her only ally left is AJ because everyone else "flipped" on her... meaning Jenna/Charley. Jenna has been flip flopping since the very first vote when she voted out Danielle to follow majority.

sydney about jenna/charley: "I felt like I kinda did everything they asked me to and took all the heat for it, and I get like repaid in "sorry the whole house is against you so we can't be associated with you" wow i love tea

I honestly feel for her. She did her alliance's dirty work going after Alexa and it completely backfired, and then they just drop her the instant the other side got power lmao. I predicted this exact shit happening too so i'm living

Right now I'm thinking about nominating Sydney up with Jenna, because it's what everyone expects me to do since i was nominated by them, and they're the biggest threats to my alliance in my eyes. But if Sydney wins veto or if I even win veto? perhaps Charley being renominated wouldn't be so bad :)

That's just an idea though. I would only do that if i was certain Charley wouldn't leave over Jenna because that would be such a wasted opportunity fkjlksjfljas.

The reason I'm more worried about Jenna than Sydney is because Sydney is honestly a straight shooter from what I've gathered. Her going after me/Alexa/Will made 100% sense for her game; she was just being loyal to her allies. Jenna though? Only looking out for her best interests. That's dangerous as fuck


Sydney is complaining and making up excuses for why she’s in a minority position… I don’t really care for it honestly. I didn’t come here to be America’s Favorite, I don’t really give a fuck whether or not I’m liked so I’m not holding back any opinions. If honesty makes you a bitch then that says a lot about our society as a whole. I’m so stoked that Ryan (my alliance member) won HOH! Jenna/Sydney both put him up and he has a mini feud with AnnaJ so one of those three should be going home this week. I’d prefer Sydney to go home this week but she might get lucky again and get picked for for veto or he might put her up on the block pre-noms… a lot of possibilities. As long as one of the other two go home it’s a win-win situation. I’m using this week to continue solidifying my social bonds (Christina, Courtney, Charley, etc) that I tried building during my reign last week, a good break from all the arguments people were trying to start last week. Knock me down and expect me to come back 3 times as strong.


So i just sent in my noms. Talked a lot with Sydney today and she tried really hard to convince me not to put her up, but not putting her up would just expose me so bad it's not smart.

I really do think she could be an asset to me and Elmo moving forward, and I'm hoping that will be the case. I'm banking on her or I or AJ winning the veto to save her, and renomming maybe Charley? She's so nonthreatening & irrelevant (no shade Charley kfjasdf) that it'd be helllla dumb for the house to evict her over Jenna.

Sydney is very worried about what happens if Jenna wins veto [(which i think is unlikely) although her being saved by literally anyone else is a possibility smh which is dumb but anyway] which I understand......... considering I was in the exact same spot.... when she.... pawned me.....not long ago.............................

but it's almost kinda funny reading her explain to me how vulnerable she feels and how she expects me to not put her up just because there's a chance Jenna could win veto and she'd remain on the block and probably go home bc she's a huge target kfjakdsljfajsd like duh? In an ideal world that won't happen but if it does? Tough titties lmfao!


I love this set of nominees, best HOH to do it too. Since Jenna has deals all around the house, Ryan is one of the few people who could nominate her and not allow her to put in a victim position. Although I like Jenna personally I’m happy she’s on the block, her antics have finally caught up to her. As long as either Sydney/Jenna/Anna leaves this week is a success. I have two separate game-plans depending on who goes this week. If Sydney leaves then Jenna is probably going to unite (Charley/Courtney/Christina) and go after the guys. If Jenna leaves then Sydney continues to be on the bottom but I don’t want her to stay in too long because then she’s going to win her way to the end and I’m obviously her target so I will definitely win HOH and split her/Anna up for good. After those 3 girls are gone I kind of want to use the remaining girls left to take out Ryan/Elmo. There’s a lot of duos left in the game that need to be taken out subtly. There’s Christina/Court, Forrest/Myself, Charley/Jenna, Elmo/Ryan, and Sydney/Anna. Joey is probably going to make Final 5 by doing absolutely nothing so I hope someone uses their HOH to waste it and take him out, definitely won’t be me though. I know after Sydney’s gone I’ll probably become the next biggest target possibly but Sydney isn’t someone who would make amends with me so there’s really not much to work with. She’ll try to get revenge for Zak because that’s just how she plays the game. And then she’ll act all high and mighty when she’s in power and whine when she isn’t. I like her personally but she’s almost impossible to work with. I trust Christina/Estefana (who might flip on me towards the middle to prove a point, I’m not underestimating her that’s for sure) the most out of all the girls left.


So Jenna is definitely being pulled off the block by Charley this week which is both good and bad. As far as it looks right now AnnaJ/Sydney should be sitting next to each other on eviction night. I’m going to push as much as I can to make sure Sydney goes home because that’s one less person coming after me. I’m hoping to lay low this week and hopefully next week because I don’t think it’d be smart for me to win a second HOH so quickly… It all depends on the vibe I get from the people in the house. Ideally, Jenna will go home in 1-3 weeks so hopefully her feud with Ryan will continue for a little bit. I kinda want to subtly take out a duo every week, but not to the point where Forrest/I are the last duo left in the game because then we just become immediate targets. AnnaJ is someone I’d like to see go home soon just because she isn’t really doing much of anything and a lot of people have been playing really hard and deserve the jury over her. Nothing personal but yeah she’s just been coasting. I need to focus primarily on just continuing to strengthen my bonds on my all angles of the house so that I’m safe no matter who wins (with the exceptions of Sydney/AnnaJ/Joey).


I won veto!!! Which is awesome, obviously. I feel like this round was trial by combat, and I was Jenna's champion and won. (I'm sorry I'll attempt to be less nerdy) but yeah, I was also playing for myself. I love Jenna, and wanted her off the block, but if she had won and veto'd herself then I would've probably gone up. I don't see myself going in that scenario, because I'm a huge non threat in this game, but it would've sucked.

But aside from veto related things, this game is blowing up. The minority seems to have finally figured out they're the minority, which I thought we had already figured out and we were all on the same page with that. I mean, I'm the definition of floater, I'll float wherever the tide takes me to survive and get a foothold. Jenna seems more surprised that we're on the bottom. I just thought we both knew that Alexa was shady, so I never brought it up with her. I thought it was like this unspoken thing. Guess I should've spoken it. But yeah, I get to fuck up Ryan's plans, which is funny as hell. That's the little joy I get out of this game. Also, in the majority, Estefana keeps trying to like shade me and start shit, but she's doing it really poorly. Like you're in the majority, why are you going after a floater girl who isn't going to respond? I guess it's a way to try stay relevant, but whatever. It's funny to see her try. I'm just going to keep doing my thing. Right now, if going with Jenna and Sydney serves me, fine. I'll try win hoh, put up Estefana and Ryan to try take out a figurehead. I don't care. But my motto for this game still stands, don't trust anyone. I trust Jenna to an extent, but everyone else is going to lie, they're going to betray, because this is big brother. Don't come to play if you want people to be honest with you.


so of course Jenna lucks out with the veto draw and the veto comp and gets saved zzzzzzzz anyway.

I feel bad. Sydney is an amazing campaigner lmao making me feel guilty n shit and second guess myself. But what's done is done

What she's telling me about how she'll have mine and Elmo's backs, and how she's done with Jenna/Charley sounds nice and all........ but idk it just sounds too good to be true. Her options would be completely open....................... it's just not smart to (try to) save her

Therefore, Annajane is going up because she's highkey voted against me once or twice and is also Sydney's closest ally.

I just really want this week over with kfsdfkasd I'm o v e r it


Elmo is giving me extremely shady vibes. Just in the way he's responding lately and what he's been saying to Ryan. I’m keeping an eye out for him.


Yeah, I'm officially on board for the girls alliance. Elmo wants to play this game in a manner where... he does absolutely nothing himself and gets other people to put his targets (in this case, AnnaJane) on the block and gets no heat for it. Yeah no! I'm not going to do your dirty work for you Elmo, if you want her out... then win an HOH, expose your cards, and do it yourself.

I'll let them take out one more girl, then I'm going to take Estefana along for the ride and jump ship. They'll probably knock out Jenna and then I can use Charley/Court/Christina/Estefana and take out the guys.

I'm not going to bow down, do what they want just to please them and get knocked out for 7th/8th anyways. I'm fulfilling my own agenda before anyone else's and that's just it.


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