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So what is with big brother that it makes people fucking insane?

If you wind up in the majority, you suddenly become evil and like just beat on the minority like crazy. If you're in the minority, you turn on your people with very little prompting and tear them apart. Do people not realize that they have to play the long game, and big brother in itself fights against the "minority majority" thing that survivor is so strictly bound by. SOMEONE IN YOUR ALLIANCE THAT YOU JUST HATED COULD WIN HOH. I guess Ryan is an easy target because he can't win hoh, but damn they are going for him! Not that I love Ryan, he annoys me more than anything after last round, but come on. And then my alliance. Like we were just on the bottom, and it could quickly happen again. Don't get too cocky. The ones being quiet are the ones who are playing strong. Big brother rewards the snakes in the grass who pop up in the right moment, not the loudest one in the house.


A lot of shit happened. Jenna/Charley flip flopped as usual and went back to Sydney. They tried getting us to make amends so I went along with it and pretended but Jenna is my #1 target as of right now. I’m ready to expose her game to people on my way out if she tries to take a shot at me. Elmo is extremely shady too. I’m just going to keep my allies united so that we can take a shot at that other side when necessary. I knew Jenna would unite with Sydney lowkey because having a common enemy brings you close.


Sydney is smart and we all knew she was smart and that's why I put her on the block lol. She did her thing and used my words against me to help her stay in the game and honestly good on her. I can admit I fucked up and was a bit loose with my words in my discussions with her. Tbqh, oh well. Shit happens and I'm just looking forward and not behind.

It's officially the jury phase and the house is generally split 6-5. I have two strong threats with minions coming hard for me lol. Gonna be a hard battle to get to the end but isn't that what we all came here for?


Whewwwww Courtney won HoH! and it's an instant?!!!

Not at ALL worst case scenario hehe. I made sure when I was nominated to start a bond with those two because i knew they were gonna be instrumental to work with moving forward. I knew that when I won HoH I needed to use it to gain their trust and I feel like i did? I really lucked out with Court winning this right after my messy HoH whew. Obviously having someone like Forrest win it would have been better but I'll take what I can get.

I still need to talk to Courtney again tbh just to make sure things haven't changed bc I know some of these ppl want my head on a stake and I need to keep tabs on dat. But as of now I think it's rip Stef :/


Jenna to every HOH: I'm so glad you won, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to win!

90% of them see through her shit and play along as she probably proceeds to write a narcissistic confessional about how she's calling the shots and is fooling everyone even though her game has been transparent from the start!

Like girl, if you're going to play a snake game take notes from Vanessa Rousso not Ronnie Talbot.


So it looks like Forrest/Estefana will probably end up like the nominees for this week. Which means that after this week is done it’ll be 6 vs 4, with my alliance being in the 4. I’m already at the bottom so I’m not going to be playing it safe if I win HOH. You better believe either Jenna/Sydney/Charley will leave if I’m the HOH next week, no doubt about it. I refuse to bow down to them and let them take out my allies just for me to be cut last. Sydney I don’t blame for any of this, she’s just trying to survive. My target is Jenna because she is just flip flopping as she wishes and thinks she’s playing this amazing, totally not see through game which she’s not. Charley is up Jenna’s butt and although I love her personally it’s the truth. Christina/Courtney are #4/5 in that alliance so it’s stupid for them to do their dirty work for them. If Forrest goes home this week that means they’re evicting my best friend which means they will be lighting yet another fire under my ass, I will be going hard for that HOH. Elmo is playing passively and will target Joey if he wins HOH because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. Estefana is like my Abi-Maria in this game and I need to continue keeping her close. Ryan… god I hope Ryan does not leave soon. He/Forrest/Estefana are the only people with balls in this game who would make a huge power play. I’m not going out without a fight, that’s for sure. They can keep trying to get me to give up like Sydney almost did last week but I won’t be doing so!


When was the last time I made a confessional? Who knows but I'll just wing it here. So Ryan won HOH and told me he would "do his best to protect me", however his best was putting me up next to Jenna who has a million allies and expecting her to go home over me. After Charley won the POV and took her down, he was still saying that he wanted me to stay but he was going to put up my only guaranteed vote up Anna so I felt really betrayed and hurt, like I get it you want me out, but don't give me false hope that you want me to stay since his explanation for how I would get the votes was basically to beg to Alexa and hope her and all the people who follow her would vote my way, not happening bud. But he basically worded his alliance to me, so I sort of told everyone not in the alliance about this and sure enough I got the people on the side of get rid of the majority alliance, and it worked! I felt really bad because Anna left since she was someone I considered a friend and my only ally left in the game, but she basically swerved me too so, I guess I'm just bad at keeping allies.

At this point my game was on red alert blinking furiously in everybody's face so I'm just going to keep my head down and not really do anything so I can try and not go home so quickly after I just got out of that last mess. Oh but I do really want Alexa out, Jenna was saying she wants to make a chat with us and Charley and in the chat she was basically saying how the guys are turning us apart, but I don't buy it for a second. I think she's just trying to cover her own butt incase one of us were to win HOH but the second she'd get power she would put me and Jenna up so quick it wouldn't even be funny. The good news is I think everyone feels the same way about her as I do so I suspect her time in this game will be coming to a close soon enough.


Elmo’s shit just hit the fan. I still don’t trust Jenna but I trust Elmo even less. He’s a rat! I’m just going to blame everything he said on him and make him the target even though I do want to target Jenna.






I’m trying to inflate Elmo’s target as much as possible to hopefully get Jenna/Charley to distrust him. Although he did do what he did, I also had a part in it but I’m just throwing all the blame on him. Get him to be extremely hated/distrusted and hopefully reduce my target. I’m still coming for him/Jenna/Syd though, they all have to go home. I’m also quite worried about the 3 people laying lowish (Court/Christina/Joey) but I’ll see what I do about that after HOH. The winner of this competition can change the direction of the season for better or for worse. Also P.S. Forrest I miss you and love you!


i woke up today to a big ass fight in the main chat *eyes emoji*

Forrest came for and snatched jenna's wig lmaooo *eyes emoji* my name came up so many times during it too jkfajsdlkfjas *eyes emoji* then Forrest comes for Elmo's wig too??? *eyes emoji* and Alexa/Stef make a new chat with just us 3 because ALLEGEDLY Elmo has been feeding everything we've been saying to Jenna????? *EYES EMOJI*

a mess. at least my name isn't the only one in the spotlight now whew


I've just been informed... That people are lying in this game?? That's absurd! I thought we were all friends and nice and told the truth in this house! >:(

Anyway Alexa told me she's nomming me, and she really thinks I have an advantage for some reason. I don't. I literally have no idea where she got that notion from because I don't have any advantage. I guess if I'm being nommed then I'll just... Play the game, play veto. It's funny because in my convo with Alexa we talked about omitting the truth. How we don't lie, we just don't tell each other the entire story. We said we were having an honest conversation, and we are. Everything I'm telling her is the truth. I just don't bring up the advantage. So I guess, I'm omitting the truth again. Funny how the world works.


I’m well aware Charley has the advantage. Sydney is trying to get me to keep her safe but there’s no way I’m letting the 3 of them get out of the week alive.

I'm assuming Sydney is afraid that Charley will use he advantage to save Jenna thus screwing over Sydney in the process and sending her to jury. If it was a coup or halting hex then Sydney wouldn't be worried, which is what leads me to believe it can’t save all 3 of them.

Sydney going is still a win win scenario for my side, so if she has to be collateral damage for the advantage to get flushed then so be it.

Jenna already knows I'm backdooring her so there's no point in smoothing shit over. Sydney wouldn't be worried if this advantage could save all of them. I’m not going to play this game scared. I’m not going to not do things out of fear, if it blows up in my face then so be it. I’m playing fearlessly.

They tried tricking me into believing it could halt the week but I’m still taking my shot, if it misses then who cares because at least I’m at peace knowing I tried. I’m not leaving this game without taking a shot at Jenna’s clique and exposing every last lie she’s told in this game.

The Courtney plan is obviously scrapped, it’ll be Sydney/Charley up with a backdoor on Jenna. If it fails then so be it, I’m unphased either way.


OMG! The house has gone nuts these past couple of votes and is full of almost non-stop drama. Of course, I try to let them fight it out while I sit back and follow who is saying what about whom. I learn a lot from doing that.

This is probably going to be another eventful week and I am going to need to play smart so I am able to keep myself safe for as long as possible. I'm just not positive how to do that yet.


So I might have to settle for getting Syd or Charley out this week. Christina says she'd vote them out but she has a deal with Jenna so I know she won't vote Jenna out. I can't push her too hard or she'll just vote Ryan. I'm going to still try to send Jenna home but Sydney or Charley leaving is still beneficial.

If it wasn't for the twist, I would've done Syd/Court and then put Jenna in Syd's spot and then force Christina to save her daughter over Jenna.


Jenna swears her game is so perfectly hidden and that people are too afraid to take a shot at her. But I'm not, not one bit. And if she doesn't go this week then either Sydney/Charley hopefully will. If Ryan leaves then it should be evident to people that Jenna has deals with everyone. She doesn't intimidate me strategically, she doesn't phase me, and I would much rather get evicted knowing I tried to get her out than sheep her till final 5/6 where she cuts me loose. I knew coming into to these nominations that there would be a twist so yeah, keep trying to phase me Jenna because you'll be unsuccessful every time.


this seems to be the point where I can no longer play Both sides. Now that I'm in the leftovers, it seems to be my best bet to stick with them. It wasn't until after Alexa nominated me that she realized my loyalty was valuable, and now it's too late.


I went really hard in that veto competition, I hope I’m able to win it. Jenna is probably staying this week so I’d like to send Sydney or Charley home at least but knowing how this game is going rn Ryan will probably go home, and definitely Estefana if she’s nominated. I really want to pull the rug out from under for this clique of Jenna/Syd/Charley so I’m not going out without a fight. If they want me gone they’re going to have to work real hard! And I’m going to blow up their games (specifically Jenna’s) at some point in this game because some people need to wake up and smell the roses, truly. Jenna walks around the house so arrogant and cocky in herself and swears she's the best player in BB history. The best way to get Jenna to freak out is to make her paranoid that her name is going around, works like a charm. I just want to show her that I’m not going to bow down to her orders. I am not intimidated!


Sad i didn't win the veto tbh :'( I tried really hard for it and lost by 1 points rip. Can't win 'em all amirite

So Sydney is safe now and Jenna is being renominated. *cue Sticky Situation.mp3 by Baylor Wilson*

this is a really tough spot. I need to swing just ONE vote so that I can get a tie at least. My f8 rests in the hands of Joey.......................... blinks!

I've done a lot of talking with him today but he seems so unaware of whats really going on in the game and i'm afraid he's been roped in by the other side too much already :/ I laid out a bunch of really valid points and now all I can do is hope he is receptive to them

I also talked to Xtina a bit. She was told by Jenna that Jenna won the ability to be MVP this week by coming in 2nd in the hoh.........LMAO OK SIS. Xtina isn't buying that either.... why are they even lying about that? Mess!

I'm hoping that Xtina at least will recognize that keeping me in to go after Jenna and Sydney is a smart decision. Charley isn't benefitting anybody in this game except Jenna. kfhjkashdf ugh just keep swimming just keep swimming


These people really expect me to save Jenna...first and foremost, with targets like Jenna and Sydney in the house, my ass ain't going ANYWHERE. I need these fights to continue or Ill be the one in danger. Also, Jenna is probably the only one I like talking to.


I'm joining forces with Sydney whether Ryan survives or not. I hope Sydney sees that Jenna will never take her to the end and will cut her loose at final 6/7. Jenna needs to be stopped and I'm glad I'm at least breaking up her/Charley this week. I'm sick and tired of her dodging every single statement that is brought up to her. Whenever you call her out she brings up something personal stuff to make herself like she's the innocent one. She's doing whats best for her game but there's no way I'm going to fulfill anyone else's agenda before my own. I will go down swinging, know that.

That infographic hopefully opened people's eyes, I doubt it but let's hope so.


I don’t know what the hell these people are doing, especially Sydney. You’re really going to stay loyal to a girl who will backstab you in 3 weeks? It’s funny how she sees it as “Jenna saved me” but it’s the motive in which Jenna did it with. Like does she really think Jenna saved her Week 6 because Jenna “didn’t want to break her word and wanted to stay loyal?” Like screw that! The reason Jenna saved you is because she wants to use you to take out Ryan/I, which you are falling for and then she’s going to toss you out through the backdoor like garbage the second you lose a competition. Jenna is the type of player who leaves her allies to die if the majority isn’t there, her shit hits the fan and she just lets it sit there. If Jenna owned up to her shit and wasn’t so cocky I’d consider voting for her in the end, but I’m not.

Sydney is going to seriously regret evicting Ryan if that’s what she chooses to do because I would’ve worked with her till the end if it meant having a good winner for this season.

Joey honestly? You aren’t even playing the game much and you’re getting a pass to the Final 5 so congrats. He's pretty nice personally but I see him as a potential Steve Moses yikes.

Christina/Courtney? They’re going to sheep Jenna and then cut her at the end like lol wow what a great move.

Estefana? She might be OTT and dumb at times but at least she has a backbone. She doesn’t played scared.

Elmo? God, I hope he truly makes a move against these people. I really hope so.

Ryan? Fucked over by a twist. He deserves to be here so much more than a majority of these people lol.

Also, I love how Jenna whines about pregame but she created one with me before this started herself… Hypocrisy at its finest. I’m glad I’m knocking Charley out this week at least because it infuriates me to see people just following Jenna like that. I don’t even think Jenna is playing an amazing game lol she’s been exposed more times than she can count at this point, she’s just playing with passive players. She’s been transparent to me from the start and if it wasn’t for her bonds with Christina/Courtney from Bali she’d be in a big load of trouble lol. She also got saved by the twist so… yeah. Nothing personal against any of these people but I’m going to keep fighting, they’re gonna have to really try to get me on the block as a post-veto nom because I’ve never given up in any of my games and I won’t start now.

P.S. I miss you Forrest and I wish you were here!