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Winning HOH not only comes with a cute HOH basket, it also comes with a new best friend and her is Jenna... but this "friend" has a 7 day rental and once it expires she'll throw you into the garbage and will come crawling back when it's convenient. They better brace themselves because this week is going to be one hell of a ride.


So this might be a bit lengthy because I’m going to go in depth for my plans for the week.

First off I’ll start off recapping what went down before Forrest’s eviction. So basically, a few hours before the eviction results were posted Jenna/Charley/Estefana/Myself engaged in an Elmo expose session if you will. I basically tried my best to get Jenna to talk shit about Elmo in case I won HOH so that I could go to Elmo, expose everything Jenna said thus making her a target for him (which is what I did) and getting him on board to evict Jenna. Do I trust Elmo? Not fully. He’s passive and won’t stick his neck for an ally but this week I need him to get rid of Jenna and Sydney (as a backup in case Jenna wins POV, Charley is the 2nd backup). So then, poof Forrest gets evicted 7-1 (the 1 being me because I’m loyal to my ride or dies).

Then I win HOH after being sent in 4 times to the knockout stand and immediately begin exposing everything to Elmo to hopefully get him to distrust Jenna. Jenna has played this game sloppily since day 1 and Forrest’s eviction was the final straw. She kept me in the dark about the Sydney vote and ignored me all of last week so I don’t owe her anything.

My plan this week is to put up Sydney/Courtney and then use the veto on Sydney and then backdoor Jenna. Having Courtney on the block ensures that Christina will be voting to save her (unless she pulls a Ciera Eastin) and my 3 alliance members thus sealing my target’s fate. I’m in a minority position so I’m well aware the voting could go rogue which is why I have to just ensure someone from their side goes, preferably in this order Jenna>Sydney>Charley>Courtney>Christina>Joey.

I’m going to try my best to rebuild my relationship with Joey this week and make him believe that Jenna/Charley were behind his nomination in week 5, which I doubt he’ll believe but it’s worth a shot. I’ve been a huge target in this game since Sydney’s HOH so there’s no point in trying to regain the other side’s trust and sending someone like Ryan home. I for one refuse to do Jenna’s dirty work and anything she tells me to do just goes in one ear and out the other.

She’s already freaking out about possibly being backdoored and I love it. She’s getting a taste of her own medicine as she has brutally backstabbed Zak/AnnaJ/and finally Forrest. I like her as a person but I’m done with her shit like honestly. I’d really like to take Estefana to the Final 2 and she’s definitely my closest ally right now, with Ryan a close second. But I know my allies will try to turn on me later on so I need to have these side alliances built now so that I can have something to grasp. All in all, I’m going in for the kill this week and if it works great if not then at least I tried.


I'm a little frustrated that nobody in my alliance besides Courtney even finished the puzzle...I haven't won shit this entire game and I still completed it and tried my best.


So Ryan/Charley were evicted and Elmo won HOH. Let me recap what happened post-that and my thoughts. This’ll be a bit lengthy as usual.

I pretended to make amends with Sydney, even if it’s just on the surface. I doubt she believes I’ll be loyal for a while but as long as I made the effort then I have something to fall back on. This week Elmo/I agreed Jenna/Sydney were the best nominees possible and I’m hoping Syd wins the veto so that we can send Jenna home as the back-up target but if she leaves then it’s a win scenario as well. The best plan is to put up either Court/Christina post-veto (like I would’ve done if that twist didn’t work) and ensure that the vote sways in our favor.

Joey is also like making absolutely 0 effort to work with me and I’ve heard the same thing about Joey from Forrest when he was in the game, Ryan, Estefana, Annabelle, etc. He’s just coasting by and it’s annoying.

I hope Jenna feels extra paranoid this week and that she blows her game to smithereens because of that paranoia.

Unless I somehow end up on the block for whatever reason then I want to stay out of the spotlight, despite me being one of the biggest targets in the house.

This is Big Brother after all so anything can happen, so I won’t be getting cocky. I’m pretty close to Estefana so I have faith she’d do what I want her to do, wouldn’t be surprised if she/Elmo tried turning on me later on in the season though. I’ll never let my guard down because that usually leads to disaster.


So it looks like Jenna is winning the veto, which means I can’t send her packing this week… which isn’t all that bad in the sense that I won’t be betraying Elmo at least.

I’m hoping that Elmo puts up Courtney/Christina when the veto is used because if he makes the dumb move of putting up Joey then Sydney will almost definitely survive the week and the week is a total failure because neither nominee left. If I win HOH next week my target is obviously Jenna and I feel like such an underdog at this point but I’m not giving up.

It’s looking like it’s going to be a Jenna v. Alexa battle for the rest of the season and I feel I might come out on the losing end because I feel like I might fuck up in a competition out of the pressure lol!

Also, Elmo is too kind for this game sometimes like…. he doesn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. Like I’m sorry but this is a game, you need to play with your head and not your heart. Plus, he won’t be feel bad about my feelings when he tries to evict me in a later week once his targets are gone lol. I’m going to keep fighting though, I care about this game a lot and I’ve put a lot of effort into it.

You can’t trust anyone here you really can’t. The second you let your guard down, boom you’re gone.


Well I really do feel that people are not into consideration with my game. I have bean talking to lately to mostly everyone in this game except for Sydney. I'm on Jenna good side and I made her believe that I'm against Alexa. I kind of convinced Jenna that Ryan was my ride or die so I'm not too sure if she believed that. On the other hand Alexa is the only person who's been real to me so she really is my ride or die. Elmo, I seriously can't believe that he chose me and Alexa instead of the other side, after we specifically threw him under the bus lmao but I mean, him sticking with us shows that he only has us, so that's great for me. I have gotten on the good side with Christina and Courtney, they both like me and same with me, this is the time in a game where numbers start reducing and side start merging. At this point in the game I have to come close to my enemies and the time for me to burn bad bridges. Jenna loves me and Alexa loves me so I'm at a win win side. So I don't see myself being a target for a while.


The reason this season has been a fun experience for me is that although I'm targeting some people who I consider friends, the game isn't getting nasty on a personal level. I can turn on the game switch when stuff needs to be brought to the surface, like last week when I addressed my issues with Jenna's gameplay but after that I can just continue being friends personally. I'm just happy it's playing out this way because it hasn't always been the same in past ORGs.

Like Jenna is my nemesis in this game but personally, I do consider her a close friend and have no ill will against her. She'll always be my #1 target and I'll always be hers but it's just a game at the end of it all. But that doesn't mean I won't work my butt off to stick around lol!


So Jenna won the veto and came off the block, and Courtney went up just as I pushed for.

I predict Sydney to leave this week due to Estefana/Myself/Christina saving Courtney, which means it’ll be Final 7 of course. I hope Jenna tries to save Syd (which I doubt she would since she wouldn’t stick out her neck for anyone) and burns her bridges with Courtney/Christina. She wouldn’t do that but yeah, I can only hope.

So tomorrow there’s a double eviction and the targets will either be myself or Jenna depending on who wins it. I’m going to go very hard in the HOH to ensure that I can win it, throw up Jenna/Courtney and send them packing. Joey isn’t doing much of anything at all so he’ll be dragged to the end as a goat lol. Elmo can’t compete so my biggest competition is definitely Jenna, it’ll be a showdown that’s for sure. If I don’t win, best case scenario Estefana wins but she could do something crazy lol you never know with her.

I know Elmo will possibly try to backstab me at the Final 3-5 stage and he plans on using Christina probably to do that. I just can’t let my guard down in this game. Hopefully after Sydney leaves my chances of winning challenges rise exponentially.

If I do get evicted I’ll be very devastated but I’m proud of myself for making it this far, it’s truly been a wild journey. Kudos to all the houseguests for making this such an interesting back and forth season.


I'm very nervous about the double eviction today because I know either Jenna or I will be the target depending on who wins. Estefana isn't the best in competitions and Elmo can't compete so I'm pretty much all on my own for this one.

I'm not ready to leave yet, this game has been such a rollercoaster. I've been in control, been on the bottom, made great friends, snaked people out, made infographics, and I've just dedicated so much time to this. If I am to leave, (which I'll fight to make sure I don't) it's been such an interesting experience. I've learned a lot about myself and others, which is very valuable to me. ❤


Alexa really baffles me...she's nice to me and I don't have anything bad to say about her personally, but she acts like a 5 year old in the house chat...something didn't go her way? Oh, let's call-out Jenna again! What doesn't she get? Obviously I can recognize Jenna is a big threat to win, but I have no reason to turn on her yet when she hasn't done anything against me! Meanwhile, Alexa has actually put me in danger by nominating me when she had like 8 other choices.


Just so you guys don't feel super confused. Estefana asked to fake fight during the double so that's what happened.

Also on another note, I'm really going to miss Elmo. He's such a sweet person, I'm really glad we got to become close friends this season.

Jenna was so uberly excited about getting me out during the double and look her cockiness bit her in the ass again. I'm going to go hard as hell in the HOH so that I can send one of her/Christina/Courtney out the door and to the jury house. Joey isn't doing much and I feel like him/Estefana will be easy to beat down the road in competitions.

I have nothing to lose at this point so I'm just going to speak my mind like I have been all season. These people want to take Jenna to Final 3 and then cut her and win for playing a "UTR game" yeah no Steve Moses already won BB17. Christina should have targeted Estefana over me because I've been extending olive branches to her all season and she just is doing Jenna's dirty work for her.

They've been wanting my eviction for a shit ton of weeks now, they're going to have to fucking earn it lol. I'm fighting for Miguel, Annabelle, Will, Forrest, Ryan, and Elmo. Loved working with every single one of them.