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HoH couldn't have come at a better time. I need to start building my case to the jury and I needed to get at least one hoh win under my belt. My target is definitely Alexa. She's a great competitor and will win in a heartbeat if she's in the final 2 and if I can get her out on my hoh it'll help my case in the final 2.


I’m not surprised that I’m nominated this week, it was inevitable. Joey is playing a very weak game and doesn’t want to rock the boat. If he wins against anyone, it isn’t because he outplayed the others it’s because people dislike Christina/Court/Estefana’s games.

I’m obviously going home if I don’t win veto and I’ve had to fight my ass off all season long so I plan on doing the same. I’m going hardcore in that Manga Makeover so that I can stay here another week and hopefully win HOH and send one of them packing since Stef will leave if I win the veto.

The house knows I’m a competition threat and have a lot of allies in the jury house so they’re afraid of letting me get further in the game which is understandable but taking me out is pretty dumb because they could just ignite the Jenna/Alexa power struggle longer. A smart in my opinion would be to take out either Estefana or Christina, aka me and Jenna’s closest allies.

But whatever, I’m not going to give up! I’m going out swinging no matter what.