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Day 27[]

Joan is now gone and I feel like with everyone there's now this sense of, ""What happens next?"" For me, personally, what I would like to ideally see happen is for the 5 people Joan tried to align with last minute, as well as Miguel, come together and make a 6 person alliance. Of course nothings that simple in Survivor so I'd have to tread really carefully to make that happen.

I came into this round still feeling like Trent and Zak have been acting too distant for me to fully trust them. Trent and I had a little talk earlier though and hopefully we'll be on our way to mending some fences and be back on track to somewhat trusting each other. With Zak though, I don't know what's up. He doesn't seem to really want to talk to me in the slightest. I'm the one who starts any conversation between us, that is, if you can call it a conversation, and his responses are always pretty clipped and short. It just comes off as though our talks are a chore for him. So certainly, I am considering Zak as a potential target this round, especially since Andy, who's like been with me since the beginning, also shares that reservation.

As always though, I'll keep waiting and watching until tribal to see what the best approach is, and hope that I won't get caught or exposed.


Day 28[]

So we have a tribal upon us. This is my second chance. No matter what happens I didn't come back to lay down and let someone else control my game. I took matters into my own hands and threw Cali right under that bus. People are starting to be woke. She's a 10-timing alliance hoe and she must be stopped before it's too late. It's a matter of flipping one or two more people and she's fucked. One thing that concerns me is Nathan could have an idol and might save her bc fucking Andy spilled the beans to him. Jesus. I just hope myself and Jenna can manage this vote properly and get her ass out!


TBH, so, I'm hearing that me/Nate/George/Miguel/Andy/Cali are gonna work together moving forward and this round we're gonna point our rifles towards Zakriah because him and his mandem are going for Cali and everyone fucking loves Cali so they're like, 'fuck no' so boom here this voting-bloc/alliance/distrust-cluster has emerged from the ashes

Honestly moving forward I'm just gonna keep up this UTR gig for a lil while. I really just don't want to be perceived as messy again. I can't afford to try to make a big shift until we're down to less people. Right now, I just have to focus on forming strong bonds so that I can use said strong bonds as leverage later to create brilliant moves in order to get me on the top of this game. I want to be in control by final 6.


TBH this vote is 100% between either Zakriah or Cali and for my personal game I want to get Zakriah out. After that, we plan to do Jenna. Things seem real simplistic but this is SURVIVOR and shit is NEVER FUCKING SIMPLISTIC LMAO

So, after Jenna goes at F10, THAT'S when I wanna make a huge move on one of the big 'threats' here. I'm already planting my seed. I lowkey told Cali about how Nate was kinda on the fence about voting either her or Zakriah, which is gonna make her skeptical of him, which is EXACTLY what I need. I need the threats to turn against each other so that at the F9 I can have them duke it out. I'd preferably have Nathan go at F9 (although that might be difficult given the fact that he probably has an idol in his pocket, or at least will by that point).

I'm also gonna keep a working relationship with the folks that land on the bottom after this vote (save Jenna). So, I wanna keep a working relationship with Charlie & Trent. I also wanna keep a very strong thang going w/ Miguel & Andy, because I think they're two of the people that I actually have potential to beat in a FTC scenario?? The reason I want Nathan & Cali gone is honestly because they're so fucking good at Survivor LMAOOO


Okay so this season is full of complete messes!!!! first we have Snake Cali who has tried to cut me out of everything.....like bitch! I did not trust you ever since the start of that last tribal!! Like you just now come to me and tell me i'm out of the loop? okay buddy Charlie/Jenna idk I like them the most but idk if I completely trust them despite the fact they are the only ones i am in a chat with lmao nobody really wants to work with me hahaha I can't say that I will be surprised if I get voted out this tribal but hey at least I tried? Did I? MAybe? anyway I expect to get votes this upcoming tribal


Well this kinda sucks. I thought I was doing better this game but I guess I wasn't. Still havent made single digits on 703 :/

Andy fucking sucks and theres no way he's getting my jury vote Nathan isn't either tbh no matter what the boy does I'm wishing all the best of luck to Charlie, Jenna, and Trent. Theyre gonna need it but I've seen a tight group of three pull it out before and I fully trust they will. I dont want to see them anywhere near ponderosa unless its for the reunion.

Cali I don't even know what to say about. I stood up for her last round and she goes and votes me out. Joan was absolutely right about her the whole time. She takes people who could be close to her - which is everyone bc she talks to fucking everyone - and votes them out. I tried harder in this game than I should have considering how much school work I neglected over this and it still wasn't even enough according to Andy. According to him I didn't put any effort in at all. All I gotta fucking say about that is something I've decided not to say bc it's actually really rude so I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut. But fuck him I can't wait until he's voted out.

Last thing is congrats Charlie on being the last Couvreux, love you


And somehow, against gods wishes, Charlie woke up at the asscrack of dawn and played his idol on me. When will your fave ever???


who's ready for my long update?!!!

ok so joan left and it was all dramatic yadda yadda and i decide hey i want cali gone. so i talk to jenna and she also wants cali gone. cool everythings set. but then cali tells me she wants aren gone.


so at that point i'm like.... there's some lying bitches out here !!! but theres only 4 votes for cali. so i talk to nathan and andy for HOURS trying to get them to flip and they won't budge. so im ready to vote zak out at this point. but then charlie whips out an idol??? ok sir.... i'm glad i didn't vote zak out and look like an asshole. cali's gone now.

ALSO !!! before i forget - andy refused to vote with zak because zak kept trying to force an advantage into andy's pants... here's where the story gets juicy... zak has now given that advantage to charlie. DING DING DING WE HAVE A SNAKE EVERYONE. zak essentially just came into my messages and said "hey! just wanted to let you know i trust charlie more than you!" so i have jenna who's been bossing me around, charlie who i don't have a connection with, and zak who trusts charlie more than me. so it's pretty clear that charlie needs to go so there's no more express pass and jenna and zak are both freed up a little.

moving on there's a double tribal now and nathan's still immune. ew. and it looks like its jenna/zak/charlie vs andy this time. why can we not just vote aren and be happy??? i like zak and i like andy so why they gotta be against each other like that?? anyways i know for a fact id rather have andy around rn bcause i think i have a better chance of beating him, but i also want zak around. so maybe i can get off the sinking ship that is zak/jenna/charlie and get rid of an advantage and someone who is definitely gonna take my spot in the f3 with that group. my body is ready


It's ridiculous because just recently I actually wanted to get voted-out but holy shit I received a tremendous amount of support from my fellow tribemates and it's giving me a morale boost, and now I'm trying to control the vote and get Miguel blindsided. I love Miguel but this is just the move that'd best progress my game from this point. I also want Andy & Nathan gone, and honestly, I want to go to the end with Adrian & George the most. George has an excellent social-game, but... I still think I could take him on... Or at least die trying!

I love everyone in this tribe <3 I'm honestly so surprised that so many people wanted me to stay...? Like, it's kinda shown me that my social-game isn't as awful as I thought. People actually seem to really like me?