Day 11Edit

I hope that people see my challenge strength in flash games with this challenge. Hopefully we can win and if not, just boot Christine or something. The lines will probably start to be drawn with the one outsider gone on our tribe.

I did get a vote last time, which worries me. I get it, I didn't talk to Dana that much and she apparently was going after vets, so I was the easiest vote for her. Whatever, glad it was only one vote and not 3 or 4.


Confessional: So last tribal went pretty easily but I still don't feel completely safe. I'm trying to talk to everybody but I'm not that good with words so I never really know what to say with general talk besides with like Torsa and Joey. I think I'm trying my best but theres not a lot of bonds being made since I'm not really connecting with that many people. However, it's a two-way street so it could be anyones fault. I am worried with the fact that I've been hearing the ideas of targeting a male vet which sucks because I literally was a flop on different "show" and I didn't know any of the other vets besides Ally so like I'm still open to anything because I'm not completely into the idea of being a trio with Toby & Mikey longterm. And then someone who has been getting on my nerves is Tate because he leaves me on seen all the time, after like one reply. I tried having a conversation with him which he led into asking me who I wanted out if we lost and then left me on read. Like what was the point then?? So basically I guess I'd say I'm in an okay spot but I could definitely improve that and hopefully I will.


The last time I played this game was 400K and it was my expectation at first, but I couldn't even equalize the score AND even reach 1M. What a whacky evening.


So I forgot to submit my challenge score, stupid me! I am so hoping my tribe mates don't start targeting me, and to make sure of that I need to talk to the people I'm closest with, which are Aromal, Asa and Jon. I want to get Ally or Violet out because they are playing with people from their original season, and THAT is dangerous af.


So Ting Ting just told me that it is pretty much me or Violet going home. I am shit scared, but I wont play my idol this early in the game. My life is very ,uch on the line


Even though we won immunity, I have to plan for the next time we end up at tribal. I hope it doesn't happen or we do swap again soon, but at the same time I kinda want it to happen.

Christine is not that in the group with everyone. Not like Dana, who rarely talked and was a complete outsider, but is still not close. She needs to go next. Like Dana, I've rarely talked to her, and if I want jury votes she will be harder to convince if she gets farther than the next tribal she attends.

However, this all depends on how Motu votes. If another newbie goes home, then we might go through with it. Only because I really don't want the newbies to get spooked and start joining together to start taking out vets. And when it is a 4-4 split between veterans and newbies, that's not good for an upcoming tribal. So we make them feel comfortable by letting Christine go home.

But here is where the most interesting choice happens. Because if we vote Christine out, now we have the possibility of the girls coming together to take the guys out. But if we vote Tate or Joey out to make the girls feel comfortable, then the newbies will get spooked that possibly 6 of them are already voted out.

It really all depends on this next tribal, that I'm not even a part of.


Day 12Edit

It wasn't much of a surprise to me that we lost, really, since it seems the other tribe is gifted with flash game prowess. Still, it would've been nice to win with my not-bad score. Shoutout to Mikey though for crushing my hopes and dreams! Just kidding, but that was a wildly impressive score!

No one has said much to me, which is slightly worrisome, but I did try to carry the team, having the highest score in our tribe. I hope that automatically excludes me from being the target! Technically, it doesn't, but I just hope I'm safe.

Violet and Jake didn't submit for the score, though I feel like even if they did we wouldn't have won. Not because of them, but rather the other tribe. Jake hasn't said anything about it, but Violet did say she forgot to submit I guess? I like both of them so their abstaining isn't much of an impact on me, but I'd be worried people would target them. To be honest, I like everyone on our tribe. It sucks that we have to make a decision like this.


All right. I'm not sure what I've been previously discussed with Asa and Aromal since I feel closer to them the most. I still couldn't saw the line but, at least what Aromal said of considering the two abstains... is enlightening.


Please enlighten I'm in confusion.


I got completely no idea. Considerations are narrowed down, and the next job is I need to check out which one will fit, and also, to check if my feelings and considerations are right. Game on!


Okay I've been sick with a bad fever for the past couple of days so sorry for not sending in confessionals! Anyway before the challenge was over Jake started gunning for Ally hard. Idk it seemed kinda random, but I went along with it because I feel more comfortable with Jake than I do with Ally tbh. But Jake decides to not do the challenge and even though it cost us immunity, it seems to have calmed his ass down and he's content with voting Violet out. I won't be sad to see Violet go at all lmao, I sent her a "Hi Violet!!!" on day 1 of the swap and she still hasn't responded so bye!


omg this situation is so uncomfortable JON WYD


That was a ridiculous tribal council and the stupidest move I could have possibly made. Everyone made me feel so uncomfortable that I was going, so I had to play that idol. Also in the process having to reveal to my two allies Jon and Aromal that I had it. Hopefully we win and the target on my back decreases.


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