Day 7Edit

So Luna went home. Big surprise there, I did the best I could with extremely limited options and it wasn't enough. I don't think anyone suspects me of voting for Brian, and if they do then good luck to them trying to prove it.


So now Yuki and I get to be the pariahs of this camp. It's kinda whatever personally because I only like a couple of these people, but it's bad for my game. I think I can twist this though. If Brian is this defensive over two votes then I can really use that to make people uneasy about aligning with him.


What an iconic parchment I've received from Luna, love it. I'm gonna buy me a shirt that says "Miguel da Betrayer". This is all Ella's fault btw. She told Yuki and Luna on Day 1 that I would keep them safe no matter what so now they both expect me to go out of my way and fix all of the stupid things they do, sorry but I'm not here to babysit anyone. If Ella wasn't the person more likely to flip to our tribe at a swap I'd be yelling at her rn.


Brian added everyone but Eva and Yuki on a group chat and told us that we should start throwing challenges to vote both of them out :)) he was being serious too :))) idk whether to laugh or cry at that.


The reward-challenge has just begun. We decided to sit out Nam and Kop because we need their strength for immunity.

So, this challenge is pretty darn sadistic: you play a flash-game where you're this shark that basically eats everything in sight. It's called the 'Sydney Shark' if any of you sickos want to give it a shot.

I would totally throw in the towel and refuse to compete in this dreadfully demonic challenge, but it IS for a clue to the artifact, so I do kind of want to win it. No, not kind of -- really.


Brian to me rn " hey did you know Yuki made it far in 2 orgs that I know she was in" what's even the point of this? I've made ftc 5 out of 6 times I've played, if you're targeting people based on previous placements then I'm just gonna cut you before you cut me, dumbass. Also fuck you for not submitting for immunity because you didn't "feel like it". Do it again and I'll be eager to blindside your ass. I'm ready.




I'm playing a strange role in this tribe. I went from the underdog, to kind of the leader, if that makes any sense. See, this is why I call myself the Chameleon of Matiaf. I change colors a lot.

Coming into this immunity-challenge, both tribes have to build an SOS -- best SOS wins. Despite not being able to make the SOS itself, I'm 100% making the design, which feels great. I really do believe that I can win immunity for us with my design.


Day 8Edit

I am livid. I am fuming. Brian and Lex invited to a Skype call yesterday and were talking about stupid stuff so I left. Now turns out they both didn't submit for the challenge despite both saying they had all night to do it. I'm at the busiest week I've ever had and I still manage to play challenges and those two can't take a break from talking about accents and fucking instagram to play? Fuck that, fuck them. I'm done with them


The artifact was found, but no one is claiming to have it so this must have a great amount of power for people to be keeping it this big of a secret

They think that it might have been nick so let's make them think that because since the powers and unbeknownst it could have the same power as a hidden immunity idol. If they think that nick has a hidden immunity idol, we can split the votes and I can jump on board with Nick and Joe


So, my tribe won the reward, which was basically another clue to the most amazing artifact. Immediately, it was like the search for the Holy Grail -- everybody just started looking for this darn artifact. The tribe chat became so intense.

However, I didn't find it. Nor did Joseph, Max, Rob, Nick, Patryk, Kop OR Nam. Ella found it. YESSSSS.

Also, she told me that she had found it, so that proves that she trusts me. The artifact that she got is called 'The Sword of Death'. I don't know it's exact properties, but she said that it'll allow us to take a challenge-threat out later on, so it sounds pretty OP.

Now I'm just praying that we win immunity, but even if we don't, I'm safe. This is so brilliant.


wtf i never can find anything lol squint emoticon it's really suck but okay, i think my tribe will be win anyone game. And now, i really believe Aren and Joseph. They're so sweet, i think so now. Ummm about Immu challenge, i hates it, hates hates hates fuckin' challenge upset emoticon I can't do it better so, i dont care,. I'm not do it this time shark emoticon Bye, bitch


I hope my tribe win this immu challenge. However, if we lose, i think i'll

going home :))) Because i know i'm not targeting of everyone. So i'm waiting for result


Day 9Edit

OMG. We losttttt. I hope everyone will voted out Joseph. Everything changed. I trust Aren 100%


okay looks like my "do nothing so I am not a threat" strategy has worked. when i get past a few votes I can finally make a move to get into power. looks like Rob is trying to break up Vietnam which is good for me because it keeps me and everyone I'm loyal to in the game. I would make a joke about how the Americans are breaking up Vietnam, but that could get really racist really quickly.


So, for today's confessional, I have good news and bad news.

The BAD news is that we lost immunity. The GOOD news is that I have successfully formed my alliance of me, Ella, Kop, Patryk and Max to take out Joseph. Woohoo! This is extremely exciting. I feel like I'm taking this game by the horns and I'm knocking Joseph off. Now I just need to make sure that everyone is voting for Joseph with me, and I'm golden.


This has been a hectic yet amazing round for me and The Allegiance of The Matiaf 5 (cheesy alliance name, I know). Basically, Joseph is pretty much begging on his two knees for us to keep him by sprouting lies 24/7, whilst we're secretly this tight alliance ready to vote his Azerbaijan azz off the island.

How much I've switched this game over is just incredible to me. I went from being the target, to being pretty much number 1 on the tribe. I've gone from hero to zero to hero again in this game and I don't want that to change. I might be a chameleon, but lets hang with this one color for a lil while. I like it


After seeing the other tribe's tribal all I'm thinking is what the hell is an Ella and I can't tell the difference between the other 8 of them


We finally won an immunity challenge!?!?! I'm bet Brian was crying because it wasn't a flash game. LOLZ. Hopefully we can turn this into a run and get ahead of the tribe. If not, then Brian will hopefully bite the dust.


I'm really excited to see who the other tribe votes out. It'll be nice to see how their tribe dynamic is going so we can catch their weaknesses


I am completely putting me neck out on the line to save Nick and Joe in this game because if I save them now: they will be indebted to me later in the game. This move can completely screw me over for playing too hard too fast but I am constantly telling Pat, Max and Ella that I am loyal to those 4 and that in an alliance of 5 if one person flips we are screwed but with an alliance of 6 we are solid.


I love this. So the vote is going to be Joseph but Rob (who is like Joseph's personal goat) made a alliance chat with me, Max, Joseph, Patryk, Nick and himself. That means Rob will fight for Joseph and that makes my decision to vote Joseph a lot easier. It's funny to see how much the three AZ boys will be blindsided.

To make it simple, there are nine people on this tribe. We have Joseph, who is targeted by the majority but isn't doing anything atm. Rob, who is making himself a target by fighting too much for Joseph even though he knows it'll probably not work. Nick, who is completly invisble. Same for Patryk. Those two are just not strategic yet and they seem inactive (when it's about strategy and social). Aren, who's annoying as hell and has a messy gameplay which is amazing. If I stay together with him it'll be always Aren who goes first because his name is thrown everywhere already yet he knows how to defend himself and me. So I'll use him. Max, my Dutch mate. He's playing messy by telling Rob the vote is Joseph. That made Rob trying to safe Joseph. (wow this is going to be really intense and confusing). And then Kop & Nam who are completly out of the game lmao. They are so random and you know, my English can be bad. But have you seen their grammar? I'm laughing when Nam starts to talk with me. This tribe is fun and I think after all the drama of the start I got myself in a amazing position.

The other tribe seems very united. That's just my look on them. All for one, one for all. I know Miguel, Bryce, Brian, Yuki and Eva from that tribe leaving Lexus and Charlie on the outs (if I had to make a alliance with them). I know Yuki is a paranoid girl who always thinks she's going home. I've played a few games with her and it's good to have her in this game since her paranoid will cause some annoying people. Miguel has been one of my besties on this community so when we saw each other in this game we were like 'TIME TO ALLIGN'. Bryce, yeah, I don't know. He is amazing and his exit in Azerbaijan was tragic. Brian asked me 100 times to play in his ORG. And uhm who was left again? Oh Eva. I blindsided Eva in Swag ORG and she blindsided me in THF ORG. So I think it's fair to say me and Eva could be allies or enemies. I'm excited for this tribal council. Everything can happen. Aren could go. Nam could go. Rob could go. Nick could go. Patryk could go. Max could go. Kop could go. Joseph could go. But this bitch won't go anywhere. Nahh, not planning on leaving this island. Ella Fever just began.


So we finally won an immunity. I feel like for the first time we really came together as a tribe to get something done and it feels great. Not only are we not losing someone, but now we're a bit more cohesive and able to work together. Plus it means I'm safe, which I needed.


If I have to describe this tribe in one word, it's freaking CHAOS. At the flag challenge we could hardly get a submission in. So it didn't REALLY surprise me we lost the SOS challenge as well. There's just no unity in this tribe. Alliences are everywhere, old loyalties always remain, and most of all people are just doing what the fuck they wanna do. I'm kind of scared to tell anyone anything at this point. I'm in 2 alliences, after this tribal 1 will probably not exist anymore. Ugh, this is quite the predicament. It seems to be between Josheph (who I'm in an allience with, but pretty much has 4 votes against him already) or Nam (Who I'm not in an allience with, but doesn't pose much of a threat). I guess I need to do what's best for myself, and if I look a potential swaps, Nam seems to be the better person to have. It's gonna be interesting to see how everything works out.


So I'm hearing it's Nam tonight and I just really hope that Ella actually is staying to her word right now. Either Rob and I are about to be blindsided or not so this should be interesting.


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