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"When Pigs Fly"
Season Survivor: Skye Islands
Episode Number 13/17
Episode Chronology
Previous Male Escort Teas
Next Nothing Was the Same

When Pigs Fly is the 13th episode of Survivor: Skye Islands.


Immunity Challenge: Bucket Toss.

Winners: Alex, Joe, Tyler, Sam, & Sarah.

Tribal Council[]

Tribal Council 14: Bhaltos[]

Tribal Council 14:
Perry (6 votes)
Domonique, Evan, Joe,
Szymon, Tyler & Nuno
Nuno (4 votes)
Perry, Sarah, Sam & Alex

Voting Confessionals[]

because sometimes I just don't care mwahahahaha #throwingmyvote #strategicreasons #ifyougohomeidontcare


I am so sorry but I really do think without you here, this will open up the game for me. I've talked to you and you may be mad but I trust you will understand. <3


You're probably not even voting me tonight (yeah thanks for writing my name down Nuno Sam & Sarah you SCALLYWAGS), but you're a phenomenal player and I gotta strike while it's lit.


This is the best decision for MY game. I'm not like these sheep, I'm not doing what's good for your game. Solid gameplayer, but your time is up


Let's hope I finally vote in a nice majority


You are a huuuge threat and you overplayed yourself through past rounds, thought you are still a good player. it was fun to play with you


I'm sticking with the people who didn't target me last round. As much as I want to trust you, all I hear from all angles is how much I should not. I lied to you about this, and if it means you'll hold this vote against me then I'll just deal with it I guess. I can't be worried about getting your jury vote if I can't get to the end. Maybe you'll save yourself and I'll be impressed, or maybe people will flip again. I'm excited to see what happens but if you go, it's been a hell of a game!


Final Words[]


Perry's Final Words


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