Day 4[edit | edit source]

i just come to realize i'm here for the heck of it so might as well mess things up. i told my "alliance" the idol has been found. chances of who might have it are jt, bas, julez in that order. all of them told everyone they didn't have it. mhm. let's see if that will make or break my game. hell let's just see what will happen. *evil spongebob laugh


Day 5[edit | edit source]

Hellah Frustrated

Challenge results aside because I cannot even deal with the LOL that situation is.. now we are faced with a second creativity challenge. I personally love them. I am ready to dive in and get started..... our tribe says Whit is AWESOME like totally at this, so she can step up.. because last round NO ONE was doing anything a little chatter but nothing else... DERP

So coming into this game I am faced with the same issue. A pre existing relationship between Whitney Cheryl and Gyn, and a feud between Linh and Gyn.. Like fuck, can a newb not get a break.

Loren has been pretty awesome and he is what I would call my Felix but of Survivor. Now that didn't turn out so hot for me in BB5 so we will see. We have placed ourselves in the middle.

Was feeling great until the Idol hunt of 2016... everyone is your bff until you ask them if they uncovered the idol, then suddenly it is Silence of The Lamb!!!

I feel like I am in for a clusterfuck and I am going to have to smile and play nice with people I am not particularly fond of at this point.

I suspect if we go to tribal council after this challenge it could be a Gyn vs Linh war, and depending on hidden idols and that stuff a blindside perhaps. Whatever happens, I am leaving this challenge to the rest of my tribe to see if they have what it takes.

Done Venting... love you hosts. Sweet Dreams xoxox


My tribe is frustrating. Working together isn't their strong suit.. silence is. By now I would have had several versions of a shelter build and been sharing with the group for feed back... again chirping birds. I personally like to know whats going on and my safety in the game, Whit has taken "charge". So be damned or not just have to deal with it.


Whit showed me her presentation before putting it in the group. I don't wanna come across as a catty cunt but it is not as wow as Cheryl made Whitney sound.. mind you their premade alliance gives them cushion.. hmph it just looks like a lack luster slide show. Maybe Im just a dick. Awesome girl but as a judge, meeep I don't know what I would think.. and ofcourse where are the fire works


i am having way more fun trying to find the idol (eventhough i'm pretty sure somebody has it) rather than hanging out in the tribe chat with all the positive good vibes lol.

i'ma guess again.


Day 6[edit | edit source]

Fuck it I am gonna choose a side and rage against the machine and either burn out or take this game by the balls. May the odds be ever in my favor


Okay, so I really didn't know how Whit would be this game, come to find out she is actually workin WITH me this time. We have a pretty tight 5 & I am working Brian on the side. Someone won the idol so it COULD be Linh. Hmmm, what to do , what to do. Split them votes to be safe, I say...... And so I shall.....



Things are looking up definitely! I forgot to really elaborate on the vote makeup and things as such. I have decided to take more of a UTR route to this vote, but Jess and I do hold all of the cards in this vote definitely. It isn't that I am following, or floating, I just want to let Jessica all of the conniving and talking, so that it doesn't fall on me hard in the end. If anything, I'd rather pin the target on her. I have a strong bond with both Linh and Fabi I feel like. We have solidified a final three earlier in the game, as well as making a final three with Linh. If it came down to it, I feel like we could get rid of Jess fairly easily. But anyways, Cheryl and friends want to vote out Fabi, but they are going to split their with Linh as well. Meanwhile, the other squad is going to split their votes between Cheryl and Gyn. I personally feel as if Cheryl does need to go, since I haven't really spoken with "Momma C." If things go according to plan, I should find myself in the majority, Cheryl will be gone, and I will have successfully pinpointed Jessica as the schemer and not myself.


I'm so nervous rightnow. I know Gynyoh didn't like me since i've played with him before. I hope i can trust my alliance. This is second time i play this game, but i know how to win this game. I'm admit i'm not good at English, but hope it's not reason make me out this game

Btw I hate the idols T.T


I'm glad we are safe but I'm really not bothered whether we go to tribal or not. My mind is always thinking about this game whether it be planning who to vote out next or when I'm going to do the challenge and it just proves I'm here to win! Ok now for the slaughter fest: Vu Ahn trusts me way too much I mean I should be complaining but it's only gonna end up biting him in the ass! Michelle is almost evenly matched with me in terms of strategy but that isn't a good thing for her cos the moment I get the chance she is getting her ass off this island. I have Bas who is kinda just there I mean he is a vote I don't consider him as anything else. We have Julez who I can trust for the mean time but she can't blame me if my knife "accidently" slips into her back! There is Erin and Shellie who are like the mothers and are classified as being on the outs I mean Erin pissed me off when I said sorry to her then she says sorry gets meaningless after a while... it's like she can see throw me lieing about the fact I'm sorry. Shellie is ok she is like one of those back ups in the walking dead who has the most meaningless deaths it's like ok yeah let's please get on with the show. As the youngest person on my tribe these idiots perceive me as some dumb kid but the shit I have done in these first few days truly proves that wrong... I shouldn't be complaining if they see me as an extra vote cos I mean it's only gonna come back and get them. I'm enjoying the strategy part of it but I mean the niceness on this tribe makes me want to shoot myself in the head! Yay guys we won! It's so fucking fake and bs that even I have to play along with it like please do me a favour and shut up…


I vote for Lihn.......Too bad for you because I know you and we played already...You flirted with me all the way that time and you got mad I voted you out....I know how sneaky you are but I am more sneaky than you...This is our second game we played together...I campaigned to vote you off the last time..and guess what I am the reason you will be voted out again...Fab just got lucky coz you're here.


It's day 6 and people are still having this bs small talk like wtf you should know eachother by now. It's even worse when they try to get to know me and I have to pretend to be as fully engaged as possible when really I wanna cut these people's fucking heads off! I truly could not care how old your child is, how many siblings you have or what you do at work... can we swap or something? The niceness and small talk are just too much to handle... these people are so dull the witch hunt for the idol is over which was probably the only thing interesting going on despite it may hurt me! Could someone like start a fight cos I'd be first to grab the popcorn and maybe get involved. Nice people are gonna be the death of this tribe!



WOahhhhh...I'm at the freaking bottom. My alliance is not an alliance after all...This Tribal shows me that.


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