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Day 0[]

Wow. I'm back. Aren, the original confessional spouting mutant, is back in black! How fantabulous!

So, in the past few days, I've been talking to a lot of different people about a lot of different things. The only people I've hinted at wanting a working relationship with, though, are Marie, Joan, Felix, Roxy, Nathan & Zak. The reason I've been particularly buddy-buddy with these people is because we get on really well together and if I'm on a tribe with any of them going forward, I actually feel decently confident that we might be able to run shit. Also, if it is a schoolyard pick, perhaps I shall be picked by one of them...?

That being said, just because I trust them does NOT necessarilly mean they will trust me. They might fuckin' hate me for all I know lmao. But I think I've done a good job at bonding with them, so, hopefully I'm in their good books - and I've been talking a lot to the other folks too, so I'm not overcompensating.


Is it just me, or does it feel right to call all the participants this season 'the phoenixes' rather than 'the castaways'? Everyone here is thirsty for blood; they want to win, they want to shed their skin and resurrect anew. However, only one will achieve true ascension - and that will be the Sole Survivor of the season.


Being back after so long sure makes me feel nervous. I feel like my intuition is on point, the last major ORG I played I ended up going home due to a twist that came out of thin air and I've realised that in Survivor, having the players in check isn't enough to make it to the end again. I am practically divining the twists so that the way stays clear for me, because no bullshit twist is going to take me down again.

Yet I've noticed something, this hosting team, they are nice people: they set up hints at what is down the road. I was able to predict that there would be 25 players thanks to the fact that they were revealing the cast in groupings of 5. This made me become aware that the 24 players into 3 tribes of 8 was all bullshit, something that threw everybody down paranoia lane as they are all expecting Anarchy, a schoolyard pick or even a Viewing Lounge vote, but no, I dug deeper than that. I realised that there are 6 hosts, and there is something abnormal about the avatars in the season's page, four of them match the tribe theme of yellow-blue-green meanwhile two of them wore two completely new colours: mauve and red. This pushed an instinct I obtained from back when I used to host Survivor ORGs: check the template pages. I checked the tribe navigation template and realised there were 2 extra empty slots under the three revealed tribes, but that could have very well been an error or something that was just set up for an additional tribe down the road and the merge tribe, so I kept searching. I finally remembered that there is a template page that contains all the hidden hex codes of all tribes, and that there was a slim chance that they had added all planned hex codes prior to the season starting, since they had already revealed three of them and even added them to the season page. Guess what? I was right. Bizet and Grande Terre, I recognised Grande Terre immediately from when I checked the location wikipedia's page and Bizet also had a connection to the location, neither had been used previously. So that is it, we are starting in 5 tribes of 5, perhaps the 5 tribes will be our 5 respective reveal batches, which would be neat, somewhat logical and a bias free method of dividing us; but I cannot be sure of that. After I confronted the hosts with this information they pretty much confirmed it to me, but asked me to keep it to myself, which I will do. The six of them seem to be understandably pissed off at me since I have been really hectic during the pre-game due to the possibility of a pre-made alliance (it was confirmed there was not such a thing) and then figuring out these two twists, which I boasted about cracking in my private thread. Here is my apology and reasoning to them, since I really don't want them to be mad at me: Survivor has become more twist-based than ever. It has reached the point that even the show is trying to pull new twists every season, and meanwhile some twists do work, some majorly blow. My last serious ORG experience was destroyed by one of the twists that did not work, playing in the Main ORG was something that was understandably important for me, since it seems that people obtain their player status and validation there and my previous two seasons there were mediocre and terrible. I had finally gotten a good shot and grasp of the game in Generations and it all crumbled in a single blink, as soon as I was voted out I understood that I would never return to the Main ORG since I would be undeservedly be taking a 4 time player despite overall being just a strategic middling and slightly entertaining at best. 703 became enormous between now and then, it is basically now a dual beacon together with the Main ORG, so eventually I wanted to return after my Japan fiasco to get some overall redemption. It wasn't like I was terrible at Japan, I was still a key player in that season and it got me invitations to return in both Tokelau and Heroes vs Villains. Furthermore, I am pretty certain that Tyler confirmed I would have been cast had I applied to Skye Islands. Yet I decided not to give a shot to any of those three seasons, because I was not in the right spot, or I did not get a good vibe from the season. I would have wasted my potential, flocked with my usual friends, I'd do good but it wouldn't be rewarding. In Tokelau I would have dominated with people such as Sora and Dani in the cast, they had their friends in Chris, Yannick and Trent. We'd flock together because that is the instinct in a returnee season, you are scared and want to just stick with those people you know, trust and like. Heroes vs. Villains would have been more of the same, Eddie, Sora, Chris, Szymon, Emma, Miguel and Eva. I had become friends or something close to that with all of them, it would have just been a kiddy competition between all of us to see who did better, with the merge assured to a certain majority of us since the competition were people out of touch such as Jay, Bailey and Ci'ere, people that simply weren't into our circles, they weren't friends of friends, they were nothing to them and honestly, they would have been nothing to me too. So that is why I accepted Resurrection, I literally gave this game life a second chance, I was ready to compete surrounded that people that at first I expected to be complete strangers, friends of each other with me being excluded. All my friends were successful in this community, I didn't expect them to be here, and they aren't. I expected to be in the outs and fight to the top, but it was not like that. When we were revealed in those batches of five, it was something I had not expected, I recognised these people, but didn't know them. I only didn't recognise 4 of these people, but at the same time, I didn't have a solid bond with the remaining 20. We were all people that had been always in the same room but had never dared talk to each other - we just stared at each other from afar. For the last five days we have been breaking barriers, kid you not, half of these people I had never even sent a message to. It filled me with joy, this is a shot at building new never seen before alliances, new friendships, rivalries and bonds. It truly was a resurrection, we'd been in Purgatory and now we'd all transcended back into a game world vaguely similar to the one we knew before, but it was all new. I could finally see first hand Cali's quiet yet graceful game, without being pitted against her until we both realise when it's too late we could have guarded each other's back. I'd express my respect to Nick about his passion for politics. Heck, I might even provoke Josephine to discover a new level of hell designed only for me. I feel a thrill to play again, a thrill that I don't want to end because a twist. I want to outwit or be outwitted by the others, I want to outplay or be outplayed by the others, you get the point. I will not be outdone by the game's mechanics this time, I will try be one step ahead of it. Every time I divine a twist or feel that I've divined it, I feel ecstatic, I come closer to overcoming my game demons, I throw myself a little private party in my thread to leave a record. Now that confessionals are finally out, I think that I will be able to be less irritating since before it was me writing in the thread, probably leading Evan, Alex and Joe to mute my thread since I probably became too much to bare. I just feel so much hope this time around, I'll be able to play a game I will enjoy, and nothing is changing that.


Wheewww, I'm literally so hyped to start this season!! I'm so, so grateful for being here and I can't wait to kick some ass and either die trying or, hey, perhaps even win the damn game! My odds are kind of shit - 4% shot of winning this thing - but I'm gonna try my best to succeed. When my torch is snuffed, or when the votes have been revealed at FTC, I wanna be able to be proud of my game, y'know...

I'm very different from other people. I'm quirky, and weird, and homeschooled, and just different. I want to prove that the folks with a quirk or two can succeed in Survivor too!!! I dance to the beat of my own drum, and admittedly that doesn't always work in Survivor, so now I need to learn how to adapt and sometimes instead dance to the sound of another person's drum - or even a big group's drum. That'd kinda suck, though; I love the sound of my own drum more than anything, after all!!!




So, I've made some real close connections here.

The first one I'd like to discuss is my connection with Nate.

~ Robbed goddesses returning for a second chance, they are ready to make a stance

Whether they will succeed or not you don't yet know, but they are in fact the Scorpibros! ~

^ I made this little rhyme up for us because we're pretty close right now, and we call each other 'Scorpibros'! Because, astrologically speaking, we are both Scorpio. :D

So, I'm trying to hold my horses. But I'm also entirely fucking that up. As you can see, MY HORSES DO NOT WANT TO BE HELD. I've made an unofficial deal with Nathan - he watches my back, I watch his. I can tell he's a good guy, and we have good chemistry together, so all that I really need to think about now is if he is deeply loyal to me or not. And, as of now, the answer is probably no. I don't think he wants me out first, but I also don't think he wants me in the FTC with him. However, if I can at least work with him for a little while, then that's just wonderful. But I have to make sure that he trusts me.

The second one I'd like to talk about is Joan!!

So, Joan is a really, really cool person, and he might be the person that I trust the second-most at this point. I feel like Nate is more strategic than Joan, and Joan is therefore less likely to stick a dagger in my ass at random. All I have to do with Joan is maintain a bond with him and make sure he trusts me and then boom my friends I have a good ally!! I also feel like Joan has less connections than Nate, so I can have him all to myself - whereas with Nate, he probably has a lot of friends here already because he's a very charming guy. Joan is too, but Nate also has that strategic edge to him.

Third up on the list is Marie!

So, Marie is really, really interesting. I feel like she's smarter than she pretends. She said that I'm the only person she knew coming into this season, and whether that's actually true or not I'm not sure. She wants me to feel comfortable with her, though. I feel like I can work with her for a little while, hopefully - although we don't currently have an official deal or anything.

Next up is mah boi Felix!!!

Felix is - by FAR - the person I trust the most. I know Felix very well, and if you watch Felix's back then he will watch your back. If I'm loyal to Felix, he's loyal to me, and that's EXACTLY what I want in this game. Felix is everything you could ever desire in an ally, truthfully - and he's also a great friend! Can't wait to work with him!!! :D

I'm probably overplaying like a mofo right now, but eh - I've only made deals with people who I feel like I can trust, and I need to believe in my own intuition here. Bonds are for the 'uncharted territory' people; deals are for the people that I have an acute insight on; and alliances are for the people that I know AND trust. The dagger, however, comes out when the tribes are divided.


A few things

I actually hate Ciera so much but this Miguel kid loves her and is excited I said I love her. I think that was my first lie. He's not a bad kid but I'm desp (half desperate) to make some relationships.

And can I just say how annoying Josephine is. They speak so formal. Every single message. ""Greetings!"" Like just say hey what's up. I've maybe sent 20 messages back and forth and Josephine comes off like a know it all. They're one of those people who you can tell only wants to talk to you so you don't vote them off, they'll only let their friends in. Like Josephine will probably do with Zakriah who at least as substance to his messages. Annoying, but at least the convos not bland.

Speaking of Zakriah, I played a Tumblr game with him where he only did challenges and complained about being voted out so I tried fighting him since his claim was we were stupid to get him out cause his performance in challenges.

I actually have so much bad blood in this game. Hunter, Jenna, Zakriah, hate them. Andy and Ali I love but umm I didn't blink twice about slaughtering them in 703BB2 so as much as they say we'll be fine they know if I'm threatened by them I'll give them the boot.

After talking to everyone I love: Andy, Ali, Nick, Ryan M, Adrian, Kevin, Felix, Nathan, Trent.

I don't like: Hunter, Jenna, Julia, Zakriah, Josephine

Everyone else are forgettable or I have nothing good or bad to think about them.

I wish I wasn't such a bitch like I know how I am in all my confessionals. I hate watching people like me but these people make me wanna kermit. And I only like guys that are playing like I'm some kind of meninist.


I actually called out Josephine on why she's so formal all the time and why she only answers questions. I try to get to know her like the social threat I plan to be and we talk about her school and she never once asked me anything about myself. Not my age, location, my past on 703. She literally says "I don't know how to contribute to this conversation."

Which is fine, not everybody does the social thing. But like... gurl I saw you get awards for being a great player and a great newbie and a social players and I don't see it WHATSOEVER.

So I told her, I asked her why she doesn't talk to me and why she's so formal. It came of abrasive but I told her it's cause I'm blunt and honest and will be for the whole game :) In reality I know shes close with Zakriah and he doens't like me so I saw no fucking point to beat around the bush. I will trim all these fucking bushes so I don't beat around them.


So it's less than 2 hours before this game officially gets off to a start and I'm feeling this weird mixture of excitement, nervousness, and wanting to soil myself. It's been a year since I played any org and part of me feels kind of out place, I don't know. But the social game machine is slowly but surely revving up, so hopefully when this game starts I can finally start working my goddamn magic.

P.S. how the fuck are y'all gonna divide these damn tribes. Inquiring minds want to know!

P.P.S. my friends don't like each other so we're already getting off to a great start :)


Day 0

Okay so basically here's how my relationships are going right now. I'm trying to talk to everyone and get a feel for them. But there are several people in particular who I love: Ry and Adrian (who I've played with before on tumblr and who I'm friends with), Josephine, Zak and nick (all four of us are cool with each other but we should probably get to branching out our alliance soon lmao), Joan (who hosted my first game), Aren (who I can already see as like my little bro in this game), Aviv/Julia (who's basically an older Purry) and Cali who's just all around a fricking awesome person.

And then there's Daulton. Daulton and I hit it off right away and there was definitely a lot of flirting involved in said hitting it off. I have heard things before of Daulton being a huge flirt but like he seems really genuine with me right now so I can definitely see us working together closely and hopefully being good friends in this game. I have been burned before in these games by trusting too easily so I'm hoping and praying that me (tentatively) trusting Daulton won't fuck me over.

P.S. Ry doesn't like Zak and Josephine and they don't really like him back 🙃


Day 1[]

You are looking at the winner of this season - the SAVIOR of Resurrection. Ah, who am I kidding? Last season, I talked with maybe four people and spent the whole season being angry and frustrated. This season, I hope to change things around. I've learned my mistakes from last time. Last time was my very first game ever, and to be honest, I didn't know what I was doing. Now, don't misunderstand, I still don't really know what I'm doing, but I feel like I have a better shot this time. I'm just worried about what fresh hell I'm walking into.


Well, this is, uh, surprising. Although, actually, no I take that back I should've seen this coming--and I DID see this coming, that there would be a Day 1 twist where someone would go home somehow. I guess I should be lucky we aren't voting someone off right away, and are instead competing in a challenge for it. Knowing my challenge skills back on Qala, I like to think I'd be good to go and should be able to stick around to Day 2. However, it's also...a god damn puzzle. A 300 piece. God damn puzzle. I guess at this point all I got left is hoping for a lot of challenge flops in this season to buffer me from being first out.


So we started!! I've had pretty good conversations with just about everyone since we were revealed before the start date, so that's pretty nice. They revealed the first challenge was a puzzle which of course sent me to 'Nam from my stint on the Main ORG, but I think overall i'll be fine. My first method will be a regular puzzle run. After that I'm going to try Evan's Tried And True strategy of placing and pausing, and seeing how quick that can get me. I don't want to go too fast, but I don't want to be last, of course


OMG I'm so excited because of the first challenge because I feel that I really could get a spot rn because I'm not the best in puzzles but I'm sure I'm not the worst either so this is good, I like Cali, Julia, Charlie, Jenna, Zakriah, Nathan, Ryan.M's I actually like everyone LSBDJSBNDBDBDBS BUT IM SCARED AF OF RYAN BURNS, I rocked him out and voted him out of jury so he has to be pissed, he has thrown me under he bus twice!!!! Saying I'm the best placement! UGH I'm gonna take haters out if they don't change. Lol just excited


I think it goes without saying that everyone here is nervous about the right-to-stay challenge. I don't feel too terribly confident about jigsaw puzzles, especially when it comes to completing them in a timely manner, but a lot of people don't feel confident either, so I'm just hoping there's at least one person with a worse score than mine. That being said, for whomever it may be, I'm going to feel bad for the poor sap who ends up getting screwed out of the game this way.


WOW. Get your boarding-passes out everyone, because we are officially departing on Resurrection airlines!

So, the game has begun, and this is fucking awesome. I don't like this twist with the challenge, and I'll feel awful for whoever goes - but for now I have to keep my head in the game and think about how I'M doing rather than looking at how everyone else is doing. My current score is 41:27, and I think that's pretty decent? All I need is something to keep my torch alight, and I'm good!!!

In interesting news, I've grown really close to Zakriah & Roxy recently - that's always nice.


Ok so I'm really not sure what I should do about the challenge because I got two pretty decent scores i can turn in, one at 35 minutes and another at 55 minutes obviously people are gonna be like ""trent u dumbass why would you even risk turning in the 55"" but like, daulton got a 118 on his first try, so i think honestly with a 55 i should be good either way. I'm going to have to feel my way out tomorrow because I'm not about to turn in a 35 and turn myself into the easiest martyr for challenge beasts ever. It's ultimately better for my game to not be the best but not be the worst, and I'm expecting 55 to still be pretty high up there in terms of performance. I'm not turning anything in yet until I have a pretty good idea where the other scores lie, but I'm definitely feeling pretty good.

Also, I call bullshit that the person who gets last is being eliminated for good. I just can't imagine someone getting basically palau'd in a second chance season, unless these hosts really are THAT crackedt, so we'll see where unlucky 25 fits in. Ali mentioned someone goin to exile in resurgence which is very possible, and honestly with such big tribes after this, that person might as well be good as dead anyways. It just seems more than a little suspicious to me that someone is being eliminated Day 1. I'll be much less surprised to see a double tribal on Day 3 or something. Gah my head is spinning already but I'm gonna stay confident and realign my chakras if need be.



I feel like I have connected with Nathan, Zakriah, and Nick; I'm also getting good vibes right now from Selly, Aviv, and Aren, so while I'm by no means comfortable in position, I feel at least like I have somebody to lean on should I become a target. And speaking of becoming a target, the person I am the most worried about right now in this game is Ry. Ry has his little feud with Zakriah, I have no idea what's going on there, but if I want to work with Zak, I'm going to have to get rid of Ry sooner or later.


An auto-elimination challenge?? 25 people? Hmmmn some people got excited with twists. I feel I'll be fine since a lot of these other people suck at puzzles, I mean you have people doing it on their phones..... overall I've talked to Miguel Julia Josephine aren and few others. They're alright but since we aren't in tribes no one wants to talk deeper about strategy although I bet there's people that instantly messaged each other about working together. I could see myself working with Josephine however I feel that could be a wild acquaintanceship. I can't see myself working the whole game with Julia, her mouth runs all the time and never gets offline. I could sleep for 40min and she could already have the whole cast dead.


I am SO excited to get deeper into this game. I just want to get my hands firmly into this, y'know!!! I'm ready to kick some ass and take some names. :D

Honestly, if I have to go looking on the deep dark web to hire a hit-man on one of these people to, errhm, 'excuse' them from the challenge, I will. (JUST KIDDING - FBI, if you're reading this, I'm just messing around and you don't have to exterminate me xoxo)

I submitted a time that I perceive to be pretty good, so I'm looking forward to seeing how things turn out! Woohooooo!! RESURRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Okay, I just spent two hours trying to pull off a subtle mind trick and I really hope that it at least accomplishes something, because I'll be really pissed off if I'm going home. So, here's what happened: I created an account for JigsawPlanet (the website where the opening puzzle is hosted) under the username A2479 (Marie's wiki username), and intentionally got a really pitiful score (just over 2 hours) so that people will be under the impression that Marie got a really bad score, and believe that they're safe because there's at least one score longer than theirs, and thus disincentivize them from trying their best at the challenge, thus increasing my odds of making it into the next round. Nobody knows that it was me, and the best part is that if any drama emerges because of the deception, people will direct their frustrations to a confused and paranoid Marie, and I'll be completely in the clear.


It hasn't even been 5 minutes and yet someone has already picked up on it and told me what happened. Holy shit, this is amazing.


Hi 703, The flop is back. Ready to entertain for the entire 3 episodes that i'll be here for! Honestly though I really want to take this game seriously (which is something I don't usually do when I play these) and I'm ready to give it all that I got. So since i've literally been irrelevant for the past day and the fact that none of these busted hoes have invited me to join an alliance, I'll just give some of my first impressions on my fellow prostitutes...I mean contestants.

Joan: He's a clever one. I like him as a person but in this game something about him scares me. Im also getting the impression that he wants me as his ""goat"" or something, which newflash won't work.

George: I’ll ask him a simple question, AND HE REPLIES WITH AN ESSAY. I feel like we have some tension from past games, but I’m hoping I can smooth that over.

Ali: This child has IGNORED my friend requests for the past FIVE months, and right when the cast gets released, he has the AUDACITY to slide in my dms with bullcrap like “I hope you’ve forgiven me from chile” ALI YOU’RE AN ASSHAT AND THE GAME LITERALLY JUST STARTED.

Kevin: Dad?

Nathan: I literally did not know him too well before this, but I already love him. Joan thinks we should consider creating an alliance with him and im totally on board with that. I just need to constantly remind myself that he is someone who has an impeccable social game, he's not really someone I want to go far with.

Josephine:Also I don't know why but I'm literally scared to even message Josephine I feel like ever since her roast in Sumbawa I've created this misconception about her personality, yet I haven't even ever talked to her Like i've elevated her to this level, and I know in my head that she's probably a sweet girl, I just can't get the thought of her reading me the house down out of my head.

Miguel & Marie: They both think I'm a nut. And I'm at peace with that.

Felix: I'm not gonna lie, but if you had asked me who was the one person in this cast that I did not like... I would say myself. But if you asked me again nicely I would definitely say Felix. But I'm actually really liking him in our talks were having, so maybe there's hope we can totally not go against each other?

Talking to Ryan Burns or whatever his name is, is like talking to a brick. Like I'm someone who is somewhat immature, but he is veryyyy immature. For instance, I'll ask the kid a question, wait a sec, and he responds with an answer dryer than eva's wig. Like how you gonna talk to a thirsty hoe, and stay dry?

So ya, those were just the ones that stood out, but generally I do not like a majority of this cast (which can actually be an advantage for me tbh). I can feel my anxiety already going through the roof though, just because I can tell i'm not coming across great to a lot of these people. If thats the case, and if I truly am the first target, I will blow up anyone who I feel is responsible. If they thought I was gonna come here to be nice and shit, they thought wrong.


This puzzle is actually really getting to me. And it's getting to me really really badly. I consider myself an idiot, I take forever to figure things out, and I'm generally slow person. I feel helpless trying to do this puzzle and figure it out. I know I seem like a drama queen right now but I'm at the point of tears, just knowing how bad I want this. But none of the pieces are fitting together, which is very similar to how the pieces of my life aren't coming together either.


So, uh, I made the stupid, dumb, awful, and possibly fatal mistake of only doing the puzzle once. I got around 98 minutes, and I figured someone would get a time over 100 minutes and submit it, but now as today is progressing I've just been realizing how much more time I have in order to try and improve that score. I can't do that anymore, though, as I just submitted it after one try last night because I was tired and wanted to get to sleep and not have to worry about it.

All I got left is hope. That's about it at this point. Hope that my impulsive mistake still got a good enough score to beat out someone. Just one person. However, just in case that doesn't happen, I've just been telling myself the whole day that I lost and I'm already out of the game, lol. At this point I am mentally prepared to leave already. I'll be relaxed and accepting on the way out. A little pissed, as I got out due to a puzzle, not even due to being voted out. However, I'll still accept the fact that I'm out. I still really, really hope I get to see at least day two, though.


I'm not confident in my score, it's definitely in the longer end of the ones I have heard. It's a very real possibility that I'm going to be the one going home first. I'm just at ease right now because I know that if there is, there's nothing left I can do about it, so I'm just going to sit back and await my fate.


So far, this game has pretty much been "who can flirt with the most boys in 24 hours?"


I'm so excited to be back in the org where it all began. I'm a little paranoid already and think everyone's lying to me about their scores in the puzzle and I'm gonna be the first boot but like aside from that I have a feeling that despite where I place this season's gonna be the most lit season 703 has ever seen. Last time, I was backstabbed, I was finessed, I was made a complete FOOL of, and I was ITEMED out y'all. This time around I I I WILL BE DOING THE BACKSTABBING and the LYING and the FINESSING and the IDOLING. I always play 100 percent loyal and true to my word in games and each time ive done it what has it gotten me? 8th place. 9th place. 13th place. 14th place. Unless I win Tonga next week, my usual strategy has gotten me nowhere (and even in tonga I did my share of lying and backstabbing I suppose actually). I'm looking to take home this W and sock it to all the haters and make whoever may support me happy that they supported me :)


I usually don't care at all premerge/Jury and start balling out post merge/jury, but this game is a little different. I'll try to give a couple of craps, but I won't go all out until then. Like for this comp I could've gotten like 30, but submitted 45 so my threat level is down since I know it's good. Wish me luck.


So I'm currently freaking out right now. This may be my last 10 minutes in this game but I gave this challenge all I had and I'm just hoping and praying that someone (or someone's) in this season did worse than me. I may or may not soil myself if I actually survive this lmao.


Well we got our tribes and I am.... Disappointed! To say the least. Basically every single person I've formed connections with the last few days are on the other tribes. All I have going for me are julia who ive played with numerous times and Ali who wants to work with me because we're both Pakistani. But like they weren't necessarily my first choices.... Ugh. I miss Nathan and posie and Nick and all of them :/


WOW. The game is now - OFFICIALLY - on. This is fucking INSANE, but God, am I excited as fuck or what?!

So, my tribe contains Josephine, Marie, Jenna, Cali, George, Ry, Adrian and myself. It could be better, but it could also be a lot worse.

Honestly, the people that stand out to me right now as potential allies are all the women and also Adrian. Ry, however, has also expressed the fact that he likes me a lot, so he's a potential ally too. That leaves George as the only one on the tribe that I have no solid bond with. Yikes.

At this point, I have my social-game primed and ready and also I'm good at challenges - which means that the strategic-game is all that I need to succeed at in order to go deep with the Azorella tribe. Basically, as long as I can keep a solid grasp on the events of the game whilst also not overplaying, I should be good until the swap inevitably hits a few votes down the line.

Additionally, is it just me or is it ironic that the youngest person here got the best time on the puzzle?

Oh, nevermind. Thomas is nine. :)


That poor, poor boy. I feel bad for Burny, he really is unlucky when it comes to twists on 703. That being said, my sympathy ends where my game begins, and Burny and I didn't really talk. I feel pretty decently about my starting tribe; I'm really gelling with Jenna and Selly and Aren, so I feel like I have some connections right from the start. I have talked a little bit with Marie, and I'm willing to work with her. I haven't talked at all with Cali or Adrian, but I feel like Ry would target me if it came down to things so I'm a bit antsy about being on a tribe with him. Here's hoping everything goes alright!


Also, I kinda find it really hilarious that the fake Marie ended up getting a better score than the real Marie. That was a complete waste of two hours.


Well, thank the lord that I'm still here and in the game. Not starting off on the best foot with that weak as hell puzzle performance lol, but at least I'm on a tribe and still in the game. RIP Ryan tho, that dude has had a rough ride in 703. Rocked out, removed from jury, now eliminated on Day One due to a 300 piece puzzle. I feel legitimately sorry for him y'know?




Whenever I try to talk to Josephine I feel like that weird unpopular girl who just wants to be friends with the cool kid. But I'm too scared to like talk to the cool kid how I normally talk to people, just because...idk just because she's so cool. Like even the way she types so eloquently in her replies is so intriguing (mainly because I have the grammar of a wolf child, while she has the grammar of a Harvard student) idk it's probably just me geting paranoid and getting in my head but I can tell she's not buying my bullshit and if she gets the chance she'll probably take a swing at me. I can't let that happen though, my second chance will not go down the drain because I doubted myself and let anxiety rule me. Not today Satan


so ryan's gone! poor guy, he didn't deserve it. i hope he's doing alright. i placed third in the challenge, not the most optimal outcome but when i heard people were getting 40s and even 20s it was too big of a risk for me to not go with my 34 minute time. the good thing though is i got a pretty solid tribe. this challenge basically built my army for me, i have 3 of my best friends nathan ryan and miguel on the tribe. ryan and miguel and i are pretty set on working with each other and i definitely see us fitting nathan in there. a fifth person would be nice too but i'm just not confident as to where that person would come from. nick im not super close with, nifty is pretty shady according to ryan, felix i just don't care for that much (we've never had similar interests) and andy and i honestly don't like each other. i apologized for being mean to him and we reconciled but i honestly feel like there's still gonna be some tension and i'd like to avoid that as much as possible. nathan and him have a link from playing siem reap, so that could be a key person to bring in, but right now i just don't know if i trust andy to be in an alliance with me and not leak it. i'm definitely gonna keep an eye out for him in the days to come


Day 2[]

Whew Ali is like ...fully trying to align w me bc I grew up Islamic and I dont have the heart to tell him saying mashallah and insha'llah (which basically mean good job and if god is willing respectively) won't make me give up this puthy for a f3 deal and im too gay for Allah to be willing to do anything for me so like.... Ima go with it for now but I'm worried about when ima need to backstab his Karachi ass


I'm gonna try to create some alliances now that the whole "bonding time" is pretty much over and now we're finally in tribes with this game actually starting. Gotta jump on the opportunity of making early allies before it becomes too late down the road and we've already lost an immunity challenge or something. I gotta be assertive enough to start up some deals and make these alliances, because I know a good handful of these people will be cautious about being the alliance-starter or whatever. Gonna start with Nick, and expand outwards from there.


I'm sooooooo glad I survived. I was this close to go home, and now I get the chance to prove that I can go far in this game. Before the tribes were formed, I made an alliance with Aren, that's called Miaren, because we already knew each other before the game, and I trust him a lot. I also made bonds with Cali, Nathan and Julia, and only Cali is on my tribe, so Nathan and Julia are back-up plans in case of a swap or merge. I basically have talked to anyone in this tribe except Adrian. I'm just scared I could be a target because of my horrible score in the Day 1 challenge, so I hope we'll win immunity.


WERK! I got that five person alliance set up, man. Reached out to Nick, then we just split it up--me getting Nathan on board, then him getting Miguel and Felix--and now we got a (hopefully) secure, early, five-person alliance to ensure that I get past this first tribal council safely if we do go to tribal council within these first few days. Now, I know that I can't trust everyone, and I should remain flexible with who I want to work with--obviously still going to talk to Trent, Andy, and Ryan. However, I'm not going to secure any outside deals or alliances until after we go to tribal council with the way things are currently. I'm going to be pegged at the creator/leader of this alliance, so I need to make sure I don't come off as shifty by making other deals/alliances early on, especially right after making this one.

Right now though, I'm glad I got this alliance secured. Took initiative and asserted my place in this tribe, and if that's enough to get me voted out early on (like Ciera in Gamechangers) then damn me to hell for being the one to reach out and create the first alliance on this tribe.


I feel pretty decently about my tribe right now, everyone has at least taken the time to start a conversation with me except for Ry, who seems to be very aversive to talking with me, so while I'd prefer to avoid tribal council if at all possible, if I'm forced to cock my my pistol at someone this early in the game, it'd be Ry.


Alright, so, I feel like Ryan is shifty. He hasn't done anything gameplay-wise in this season to prove that point, but whenever we talk one-on-one it just feels...fake, ya know? Like there's something missing in our interactions. It feels like he's just interacting with me for the sake of interacting with me, and hoping that I'll bring up he possibility of working with him or aligning with him while still talking to me one on one only because he thinks he has to in order to stay in the game. Which, admittedly, he does, but the way he's going about it seems really fake. Idk, I just don't feel comfortable around him. I talked to Nick about it and he feels the same way about it. So, right now, if we lose the first immunity challenge my target is gonna be Ryan just because I can't feel comfortable around him.


Honestly, I really want to think about getting some sort of alliance going. I might have a talk with Cali about it; Cali, Marie, or Josephine. I'll talk to one of those ladies about forming a super alliance either tonight or tomorrow. I think it's a necessity to get through this portion of the game, and honestly, I think that at this point everybody wants safety and therefore anybody would be thrilled to receive an invitation to a super alliance - and I doubt they'd flip on it before the swap or merge hits. Everybody's afraid to play hard since that could risk their flame, but I ain't, because I'm hoping to reign supreme as the Phoenix of this season and the only way for me to do that is by playing the game how I love to play it - HARD.

That being said, I'm not arrogant. I'm well aware that I have seven other thirsty people in the same tribe as me who are all ready to compete. However, one thing I AM, is confident.

The bonds have been formed - now I'm ready to form some alliances, baby!


So, I've officially decided exactly what I'm going to do.

The girl that I think I can rely on the most in this game is Marie. Not because I trust her the most, but actually because I think SHE trusts ME the most. The reason for that is because a lot of my fellow tribemates have been saying that they haven't spoken much to her; whereas Cali is everybody's best friend, and Josephine is also well-liked.

So, color me foolish, but I think 'I have Marie in my pockheet', as to quote Ace Gordon. (I don't actually believe this please don't kill me)

Anyways!!! The plan is: when I get to talk to Marie tomorrow, I'll bring up the idea of forming an alliance. I'm hoping we can agree on something like me/her/George/Cali/Josephine - MAAAAYBE throw Jenna in there. Then, I'm gonna ask her if she wants to recruit George whilst I can recruit Cali & Josephine. I'll take this as the opportunity to subtly lead Cali & Josephine on to believe that Marie was actually the one who decided that we should form this alliance in the first place; thus making sure that Marie seems like the big strategist around the block and not myself. The reason that I think this'd work is because I don't believe Marie and Cali/Josephine are very close, so, I doubt they'll ever find out that I'M actually the catalyst of the alliance. MWAHAHAHA!!! >:D I call this one... OPERATION: MAJORITY ALLIANCE!!!

This is a lil ridiculous, I know, but that's just Aren for you. You cast me on here. Now, watch and enjoy my chaotic-ass gameplay. :P

DISCLAIMER: If Operation: Majority Alliance begins to go to shit at any moment during the text transaction with Marie, I shall evacuate situation and have a lil switcharoo; a change of plans. I might actually not try to make Marie seem like the Godfather around these parts if it doesn't feel necessary, either. It all depends on what happens in the heat of the moment.


Ok so I'm not even joking but me and Josephine are about to have some legit beef. I have been TRYING to start conversations with this girl and she just takes all my pitches and SMASHES THEM DOWN. She doesn't give a fuck about me and she couldn't be more clear about it. Like I'm not that fucking stupid that I can't see when someone isn't interested in talking with me and probably wants me out of this tribe first. I'm disappointed cause I remember relating with her on a lot of what happened to her on Sumbawa, and I remember rooting for her so hard. Idk it's just like am I really that bad socially, or does this girl have something against me

There's a reason I don't have a lot of friends in this community. There's a reason I shut myself down when I'm talking to large groups of people. What's that reason? It's because of my fear to be seen as the outcast I am in real life. I have trouble conveying real emotions in this game, too the point where everything I say is instantly ""fake"". I struggle with it in real life and I struggle with it here. Like I came into this game wanting to play super hard and have an amazing social game. But while attempting to do that, I feel like I'm exposing insecurities to myself that I had thought I had conquered YEARS ago. Like it's only been a week and I'm already beating myself up OVER NOTHING.


omg first immunity! we got matchups which eek i'm nervous. it seems like i have the hardest game so if we lose i feel like it's kinda on me, which doesn't leave me feeling exactly too thrilled for my chances at tribal. i would hope nathan ryan and miguel would have my back though. i'm remaining optimistic though! i submitted 41, which looks like it would be on the higher end of scores usually, though i do see some 60s and 70s in past games. i'm not sure how cali will do but julia is probably my biggest competition assuming cali doesn't perform well. at this point ive submitted and need to go to bed so like... not much i can do at this point! but if things go south hopefully i got my girls with me and i'll live to not be first boot!


Are you fucking kidding me? We lost the duel challenge... I literally tried all these games, and in just a few attempts my score was better than all my tribe. It's fucking ridiculous.

Like, i thought I our tribe was good enough to where if the time came, i would sit out if needed. Nope! Not the fucking case. Looks like I'll have to play, cause either my tribe will never be up in numbers, or because they don't stand a chance unless I play. Fucking hell.


I think I ended up on the worst possible tribe. No one wants to game talk with me, and only two have shown interest in working with me. One is daulton which then later threw my name around and Kevin whom has revealed good info to me but is not very proactive in socializing. So I may soon be the first person voted out. Damnit I knew I shouldn't have applied to this game. It was bound to have negative results. I want jury. I also can't look desperate, not at this stage in the game.


We just won immunity. Yay. And the team I wanted to lose lost. I pray Hunter or Zakriah go home. The only person I care about staying okay on the losing tribe is Ali. Maybe Julia

Anyway we got the idol clue. The clue states that the winner of the hosts is in the top half. Meaning Tyler, who won my season, is in the top 3. Which leaves A LOT of guesses available. I don't plan to let anyone else get this idol like I did last season with an easy clue. I plan to share with Adrian and vise-versa. I also have alarms set every 8 hours. I am in it to WIN it. I made a cute google doc and everything.


I'm glad we won, I don't feel safe on our tribe. I've talked to every single person here but I only feel safe with Aren and Adrian.

Adrian and I happen to both be on the same page with Josephine going, however I think realistically that'd be hard to accomplish. Josephine got first in her bracket in the competition, she's holding her own. I think people like Cali and Jenna are gonna gravitate towards her.

Jenna and I had a little wink and nod that we wouldn't want each other to go first. Marie I've been super social with because I feel like I need her. George and Cali I try to talk to a lot because if anyone is gonna make a decision, I feel like it'd be those two.

I have a feeling that just like Canada, a big majority is forming without me.


I honestly can not believe I was chosen to compete on this season out of 80 something people, like I know I needed redemption but damn, that's a lot! Anyway, kicking this season off with a bang, I was preeetty positive I would be the first out, simply because I absolutely blow at challenges. Thankfully, due to time constraints, Ryan B. wasn't even able to finish the puzzle and got the boot for it and I couldn't be happier about it! I mean, I'm obviously gutted for him, but at least it's not me/someone I've already had good conversations with. Speaking of conversations, I'm really looking to up the ante on my social game, considering it was definitely not my strong suit in Tokelau and I'm gonna try to use it to carry me to at least the merge while staying under the radar strategically. I've already had a ton of conversations with a lot of people, most notably Aren, Nathan, Julia, George, Miguel and Nick, so I definitely feel like I've been doing a solid job up to this point! I also couldn't be happier about my tribe! I've got so many people on here that I want to work with, that I feel like would also wanna work with me: Nick, Miguel and Nathan immediately come to mind! Trent and Nifty used to be friends of mine, so I can definitely use that to my advantage! On the other hand, we also have Andy whom I've previously called out on his receding hairline because he pissed me off, but I think him and I are cool now and we agreed to start with a clean slate! The only one I don't really have a connection with yet is Ryan M, whom I've previously hosted in San Marcos, but other than that, I have no clue about him. We're looking really strong and I hope we can win out until the first swap!


So right of the bat, I can spot a huge difference between Tokelau and Resurrection, I'm not the first one to start an alliance, which goes perfectly with how I want to play this game, a lot more utr than last time! So I'm not sure who initially started it, but I'm pretty sure it was Nifty or Nick and it consists of those 2, Miguel, Nathan and I. That would have pretty much been my dream alliance, except I'd probably have swapped Nifty out for Trent but it is what it is. I'm not sure how solid everyone in that alliance is, especially Miguel, so I'm just gonna continue talking to everyone on a daily basis to cover all sides. If we were to go to tribal, I'd honestly prefer Ryan M. to go home, because talking to him is like dragging your balls through a cement mixer, like he just seems so uninterested, maybe it's just me though who knows! I'll definitely settle for who everyone else decides on though, because I definitely don't want to be taking charge at this stage of the game.


Okay so sorry about this being late but let's get this fucking shit started.

I will now go through the list of people in the cast and give you one word to describe them.

Ryan B. - You fucking idiot! How could you not finish a fucking puzzle you dropkick!!!! You are from Australia I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you! HOW DARE YOU!

Marie - idk you, i don't care to know you! If it were up to me your ass would be fucking gone! Damn why did we get stuck with this idiot! Swap her with Ryan B.

Adrian - GODDESS

Charlie - Boring/white/idc

Andy - An old fuck like me! But he's meh

Julia - Oh jesus, I love her she is fucking great! WHY is she on another tribe? WHY?!

Joan - my spanish daddy ily him

Felix - cat? idk her oh he is the german

Daulton - what kind of name is daulton? like wtf it means ""from the valley town; the settlement in the valley"" go back to the valley babe

Jenna - She seems fun! I know Danielle George so like hopefully she tells her to be nice to me

Nathan - Baethan.....god i met him back in my first ever online game and i've loved him since then! IF this fucker backstabs me i'll fuck him up

Kevin - seems nice enough but idk about that beard

Nifty - go home


Ryan M. - who?

Zakariah - I love this little thing! he is great and I hope we can work together in the future!!

George - omg so I've been speaking to this little munchkin and omg ily him!!! DESPITE THE FACT THAT HE THINKS HE KNOWS MORE ABOUT EUROVISION THAN I DO!! BITCH SIT DOWN! ily george

Ry - the fact that we are on the same tribe is probably a bad thing....people will see us as a pair and that is not what you want!!! ily ryan and he has a few enemies on this tribe so hopefully we can sail through that. also this bitch got 1 sec better than i did in the fucking puzzle...what a fucking cunt

Aren - still oblivious to the fact that we have played together but ily him! maybe he is playing me but is he that smart?? no.


Trent/Nick - ?????

Miguel - my chilean neighbour! ily him and I want the brownies to be able to work together!! :( rig that too

Cali - omg i didn't know how to feel about her before the tribe placements but now I LOVE HER! omg she watches drag race and she is olD!! we are the bitter old lady brigade

I didn't miss anyone did I??? Hmmm no. No I didn't.......well anyone that matters at least.............

Okay so about that puzzle........wtf EVAN AND YOUR FUCKING COAT!!! ALSO Y'ALL HAD FREAKISHLY FUCKED UP HANDS! I'D GET THAT CHECKED OUT.....I honestly hated the fucking puzzle but could I have gotten a better time? probably what next oh! so fuck you, you stupid bear! why do you have to jump from car to car you little furry fucker! like you could be damaging so many cars by stomping on them you rude cunt!! FURTHERMORE WHY IN GODS NAME DO YOU HAVE TO FUCKING JUMP FROM CAR TO CAR WHERE THERE IS A FUCKING DUCK INFESTATION AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THE FLOATING APPLES......anyway I am looking forward to the rest of the game.

  1. whyamidoingthis #ihateh&j #iknowthefuckingandsymbolwillruinthehashtag #ifididhashtagihatehandjyouwouldntunderstand #okaybye #ily


A(drian)P(osteraro) aka your friendly australian


Day 3[]

Wow wow wee!!! We have officially won the challenge!

My score literally doubled both of my opponent's scores combined, which is insane. I really am a physical-threat here in these parts, aren't I? Well, I shouldn't let it get to my head, but it's a fact. That's twice in a row that I've done incredibly well at a challenge - and I'm sure everyone else is keeping a note of my challenge prowess as well.

So, I want to move in on making an alliance now. I truly do. I think it's time, honestly. I've had a change of plans, though. So, Marie's not INACTIVE, but she's also not here very often; so I've decided that including Marie in the alliance might not be the best plan. I think it might be safer to instead have a fivesome of me/Cali/Josephine/Jenna/George, whilst simply having a one-on-one alliance with Marie. I'll tell her that I have her back, and I'll reassure her that she's going to be safe simply to keep her trusting me - however, do I ACTUALLY have her back? Hm. Maaaaaaaaaybe.

I like Marie a lot, and I'd rather see both Adrian & Ryan go first, but if it comes down to it I guess I will have to let her go. You have to mutable in this game, and I get the vibe that nobody else on this tribe would like to be in an alliance with Marie, so I need to accept that. Even if I did push for a me/Cali/Josephine/Jenna/Marie alliance, I feel like it'd rustle feathers because they'd all rather have George or Adrian in the alliance instead of Marie - and therefore, there'd be a larger chance of somebody flipping.

In other news, I'm searching for this damn idol, and I'm searching hard. I currently have one 'search-party' established - Cali & I have been looking together, and we plan to tell each other our guesses and if we find the idol we're going to notify one another (I mean, I hope that she does, at least). I plan to establish a few more 'seach-parties' during my time in this game. So, listen - I reaaaaally want this idol, but what's the second best thing to actually having the idol itself? Knowing who's pocket it's in. So, in other words - if I don't find it, I want to know who DOES find it. That is the reason that I want to host multiple 'search-parties'. Of course, it's no guarantee that I WILL be told if somebody else finds it, but ya never know. And, if I do happen to find it, my mouth will be zipped.


So errrhm, for some reason I made the stupid assumption that Josephine had never seen Survivor before but holy shit she's actually a superfan LMAO.





Winning immunity was a huge relief. I am not prepared in the slightest to go this early on in the game. I want myself (and Zakriah) to be the first Sumbawa alumni to make it to double digit days.


Confessional: So this vote is really going to hurt me, a lot of people want out daulton but I told him I had his back till the end this just sucks. Why can't we vote off someone like Hunter?


Confessional: I really just want to win this game, I don't wanna be an early boot I wanna WIN! Also look at me win my part of challenge #slay#challengebeast


Hi!!! It's SO nice to be back after 10 seasons! Last time I was an absolute mess. I was a pussy bitch and I'm not gonna be like that again. Votes are gonna hurt and I'm ready to stand behind my decisions firmly this time and do whatever it takes to get to the top. In Socotra I felt like I had a lot of control and I was in a great position, with no votes cast against me. But then things went south and an accidental rock draw took me out. It haunts me to this day. However, enough of living in the past and time to make the most of my second chance! I'm super grateful to be here and ready to play.


My tribe idek the name let alone how to say it DHJKGD but anyway, we lost the first challenge. From the initial puzzle to this flash game thing, I'm looking like a weak person this season. Now we have tribal but I feel alright about it. My game plan is to try and be everyone's best friend. That's easier said than done bc some people just can't be helped (stale asses :( ). It's exciting to go to tribal as much as it sucks. I came to play and I get to already! Tribal is a great way to build trust. I think the ball got rolling to boot Daulton, and he's a nice guy buuut..he's very proper. I can talk in a formal manner too but my god some people need to loosen up and not do it all of the time! It bugs me, so girl, bye.


Whew I'm actually in a pretty good position on my tribe here! I think everyone probably thinks that on this tribe bc from what ive gleamed everyone talks to everyone here. I'm hoping that these people are being genuine with me, the only alliance I'm in is with Ali and Roxy which admittedly wouldn't have been my first choice but you get what youre given, so I'm just gonna have to stick with the cards I'm dealt and reap the most benefits from them that I can.


Well, well, well, the majority alliance has officially been made!

So, let me skip back a day or so.

Josephine & I were chatting, and let's just say that it escalated. We eventually started discussing a majority alliance - and we agreed upon me, her, George, Jenna & Cali. So, therefore, she recruited George & Jenna whilst I recruited Cali and that's why this alliance was created!

I sure hope this goes well!


Right now I'm feeling very confident in my position. Today, a five person majority alliance formed on Azorella called the Slaughterhouse Five, consisting of myself, Aren, Cali, Selly, and Jenna. I love this alliance; these are the four people on the tribe I talk to the most, and as long as nobody rocks the boat, everything should be alright, at least in the short-term, anyway.