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Day 8[]

See, I'm having less problems with my castmates than I am with you fuckers. See, I can deal with Avory,

Tyler, etc, ignoring me. Even when my entire game is social. But you guys, starting fucking live challenges in the middle of the fucking night, and then making us wait around all day like fucking puppies running around a damn hoop, now that drives me up the fucking wall. For one, part of me is a little glad that no one from the other team was online, but it's also not fucking fair that you guys did that. You gave no one warning, and you're gonna do it again tomorrow. At the start of the game, I quite literally asked if you'd give us warning for live challenges and I'm fairly certain you've done that exactly 0 times. I get it, it's difficult to host, but you're kind of screwing half the cast here.


"The team backing thing was a no brainer. I have like everyone I'm close to except dani in one place.

If they lose, I think there's no way Ash, Brian, Linus and Aromal Nidoran would come after me."


"Why am I always a bottom? Was this planned? *shrugs* To be completely honest, I feel way safer with this

team, so it's okay."


I go... outside?!


"Stay pressed"


"So, in a challenge about Indonesian history, on an Indonesian-themed season, Zak has the genius idea to

guess that the answer is in the Philippines. Fucking genius."

"Ash and I are talking about the idol, and I mention the fact that I was guessing either Brooke, Jacquie, or Dawson, and she immediately clams up and becomes nervous when I mention Brooke Struck. So I'm thinking that she must have an ally guessing Brooke. Ash is hiding something from me. I know it. I trusted her and I screwed up. That error will not occur a second time."


"y'all basic ass bitches may think just bc I guess wrong this time doesn't mean I don't have people doing

my bidding for me >:))) when ash gets it right in four hours tell her to thank me ;) <3"

also when Josephine guesses in five minutes she can thank me too

nvm low-key forgot to tell her not to guess Jacquie lmao............ Disregard that ash ftw


Sometimes, you gotta suck some dick to do better in this game.


I'm actually kind of surprised on how straightforward most people are in this game. Hell, I know I'm allied

with half the cast, but the fact that people are actually telling me their idol guesses (and I don't think they're lying either) and we're all practically fucking helping each other out, now that is fucking unheard of. My game is pretty much practically flawless, too. Social game is the way to go in Anarchy, and look who's getting along with practically everyone I talk to?


Day 9[]


NICE TO ME. I CANT SWITCH IT WITHOUT THERE BEING A CHANCE OF ME GETTING VOTED, bUT IM HIGHKEY UPSET ABOUT THIS. they all said it was because he has been inactive, but he has talked to me so i don't know what the fuck is going on. tbh andy didn't talk to me until today so wth. ;-;"


Am I a cunt or am I a cunt for misleading my allies to wrong idol guesses? It's gonna be really fun once

it gets found and it gets thrown down to a witchhunt of ""who the fuck lied.""


"So, I've heard that my number one ally may be the next one voted out. And that makes me nervous,

naturally. I mean, Deckman is my ride-or-die. I don't want him to go this early in the game."


"even if i dont get this goddamn idol, i firmly believe one of Ash, Brian, or Josephine will and therefore I,

by extension, will too have the idol even if im wrong in an hour and twenty one minutes"


"Tyler is purposely making me to rock the vote when HE KNOWS I'M IN TROUBLE. He told me to tell Dani

that Jessica is after her. Which I did..in my own way that the effect isn't THAT severe and to make Tyler look sketchy as fuck. Let's see how this goes."


"I believe I may have been just a little paranoid earlier, I don't believe Ash is hiding anything from me...

nothing serious at least, and I do believe we can work well together."


"Shit is going crazy. I was nervous coming into this tribal because I hadn't talked to like half the people on

my team, but now I'm feeling pretty good. Jordan was going to be an easy vote, but now Lex is trying to rally votes against Josh."


Everyone is walking on eggshells around each other. Sure, we're quick to be nice, but when it comes to

true intentions, we're all hiding our cards.


"The idol's been found. Of course it was. And Zak said he thinks I have it, so naturally I'm worried that Zak

is telling people he thinks I have it, because Zak can't keep a secret to save his life."

"Zakriah seems to know a lot more about the idol than he's letting on, and that he thinks that Ty has the idol, and that he thinks I have the idol. Now, Zak's dumb, but he's not that dumb. If he doesn't have it, he knows where it is."


"playing three games in a row without breaks is definitely is taking a toll on me right now. Antarctica was still

down to F5 when I got cast to play on a tumblr org and literally a week after it ended I agreed to play Sumbawa and I'm seriously exhausted. Add the fact that this game is Anarchy it made this game 10 times harder than it actually is. I'm tired. I'm not thinking straight. I panic a lot and I'm not in any shape or form game-ready for this season. But I'm hanging in there. I'm trying my best. I'm just so incredibly exhausted"


"can ash please like wake up right now I'm very confused and I just want to know who has this idol.

Also a lot of people need to check the sumbawa wiki page bc it says on it very clearly that there will be two idols hidden for each tribe smdh"


"So someone has the idol, and since it's not Ash or myself, that worries me a lot. We think it's Josephine,

so I guess it could be worse. That scramble for deciphering what the fuck the clues were telling us exactly definitely put a dent in figuring out the answer. But aside from that, I think I'm indirectly controlling this Tribal. I talked to Andy about voting out Jordan, then Jordan became a target. Then Jordan came to me asking for a plan, and I said Josh, and then Josh became a target. It's so weird what kind of influence I have on these people. I'd prefer not to play proactively, but that's pretty much what it took to get a plan going for this Tribal, cuz nobody was giving me any suggestions. They all just kept saying ""I don't know, I don't know these people very well."" *shrugs*"




Welp, I'm pretty sure Josephine has the idol. She was the person who could guess before me, and I think

I know everyone else's guesses. Not to mention, she's acting suddenly super curt with me. Socially, it annoys me that Zak is as close to Josephine as I am. But on the bright side, he doesn't talk to Andy at all, and Andy and I get along pretty well game-wise. We were discussing a dislike for Lex and all the people that like her, cause she's ""useful"" for their games. SHE VOTES WITH THE MAJORITY. ThAT MAJORITY COULD BE AGAINST YOU. You stupid pieces of shit. Plus, I automatically don't like people who are well-liked by other people. Linus seems to be close with Dani and Lex and a couple of others, so he's actually popping up on my radar now. Same with Ty being close with both Andy and Brian, and Brian being allied with Zak as well. Sadly, I still need Zak, because he's just as big of a threat as I am and that might keep attention off of me. I mean, if I just keep winning immunity, I won't complain, but it'd be nice to pull some moves and get people that *I* want out, not letting others fucking take out m y allies because ""Lex is useful."" *stares at CJ*


"These bitches best be ready. 😉 Now that I know it's gone, I'm gonna play a little game of Blue's Clues.

Let's see where I end up."


"yes bitch people are f I n a l l y lying to each other I can feel the drama brewing in my l o i n s. Someone

has the idol and they don't feel like sharing it rn...it wasn't that hard to deduce Josephine was the snake all along. This will come in handy. At a later time"




Josephine thinks she's clever, but its pretty obvious its her first game. When it comes to idols, you stay

consistent with the guesses you tell people. Josephine just got caught in a lie and if she doesn't come out clean she's gonna get screwed.


"Apparently, Ty is telling people that I have the idol, and there's no possible way he could've known since

he's also spreading BS info that's not true. It's the worst type of lie. A lie that just happens to be true. I've had the idol for three fucking hours and already people are trying to slit my throat. What the fuck? Linus tells me that he was waiting to tell me about the rumours about me until after I brought it up. Dude, we're supposed to be allies. You're supposed to warn me about shit like this. That's kinda what allies do."



YOURSELF also post tribal council results. Damn called it"


"So, my number one ally has now left the game and I'm the next target cause of something I didn't even do.

Blah, this sucks. Fuck Will. Fuck Dani. Fuck CJ. Fuck Andy. Fuck Brian. Fuck Jessica. Fuck Ty in the ass with a sledgehammer. What the hell, I'll even say ""Fuck Joshua"" too, even though I'm pretty sure he had absolutely nothing to do with this."




"SKEEEEEEERT Lemme back it up a little. Me and ash are in this for the long haul. We were working together to get this idol, and we were so close. But someone got it before us. And we had fished around and found that the two possible people it could have been were Ty and Josephine. And now, ty is trying to push it on Josephine and he did a v e r y Oscar worthy job at it too. Man oh man. You see he was telling Brian that he had been talking to Josephine LAST NIGHT about the idol. like DIREVTLY AFTER THE CHALLENGE. And he said that she had said not to guess Lisa or dolly to Brian. So he had used that to say that since the answer was Lisa that Josephine had it. But she had literally told me she guessed Jacquie. So after a long time of debating we all hopped aboard the ty train and assumed she had it and were like oh my god she's lying to us. But ty wouldn't send screenshots. BC THAT SCREENSHOT DISPROVED ALL OF THAT"


Oh yeah, and Fuck Lexus. So much for our alliance.


"I had told Josephine that the answer was Lisa at 2 PM and she read it at 4:30. They had spoken nooo

words to each other last night. Ty was trying to make sure Brian didn't guess Lisa. And Brian trusts him more than anyone. He fucking played him so bad and I feel so bad for him bc he just told me that he trusts him 100 percent."

"justvrealozed that doesn't explain why I have that screenshot. I asked Josephine about it all and she was like ""ty is full of shit."" and I was like well he isn't sending any screenshots if you do I'll believe you and she RIPPED OFF HER EARRINGS, TORE OFD HER BRACELETS, AND SNATXHED SOME WEAVES ALL ""you want screenshots??? I H A VE S C R E E N S H O T S!!!!"" to which I was like ""DAAAAMN BKTCH ITS LOKE 300 DEGREES OVER HERE JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY. And lo and behold That screenshot was born."


"Zak is telling Ty's number one ally that Ty is a liar and about the counterattack currently going on against

Ty. I.. I have no fucking words."

"At this point, I'm just pissed. I'm pissed at Ty for targetting me. I'm pissed at Zak for being a fucking moron. I'm pissed at Lexus for betraying our alliance. I swear to all the fucking swear words in the fucking English language that these people are going to turn me into some grumpy gray-haired spinster."


Man, this is funny. Turns out Ty lied about Josephine, but she still had the idol. I basically played nice cop

and told her what was going on until she admitted it to me. The fucking funny thing is, she guessed after me.

  • stares at Alex* At this point, I don't care, but I'm saving Josephine's ass. If there's anything I'm good at, it's

picking holes in stories. Josephine never told Ty not to guess Dolly or Lisa, and it weirds me the fuck out that he said Dolly, because I guessed Dolly. But I'm using Ty's lie, poking holes in it, and Josephine is helping me with proof that he never said it. So instead of everyone believing that Josephine has the idol, which she seems to have, we're pinning it on Ty. Reasons for me doing this: 1) It secures Josephine with me. 2) I know where the idol is, and no one else does, so no one else can use it. 3) Since Josephine got the idol AFTER I guessed, we can easily prove that she didn't guess Lisa before me. 4) Ty is distrusted more by his allies. 5) I don't like Ty as much because he doesn't talk to me as often, so I'd like him out of power. 6) Brian, who is close to Ty, who doesn't believe Zak, who is seemingly closer to Zak than he is to me, is going to likely get inadvertently screwed, and that's what happens when you aren't loyal to Ash. The list goes on. I know exactly what I'm doing. If Josephine is loyal to me, that means I can safely be loyal to her. I gain more by protecting her than throwing her under the bus. And I'm damn good at protecting people.





"Now Ty knows that I caught him in his lie because Zak told Brian, the guy who worships the ground Ty

walks on, and fuck you, Zak, you're why we can't have nice things."

"I don't know which scenario is more frustrating: Zak is a fucking moron or Zak is pretending to be a fucking moron."

"Brian is acting all innocent about his role in the whole charade and it's so cute and it just makes me want to shove his head through a blender."


"""'Like Every episode he leaves Shaggy and Scooby alone even though he knows they're probably gonna

find the monster first? And they get scared! They probably have legitimate trauma from all the shit they've been through; the mere mention of monsters gets them worked up! And you know what fuckboy Fred does for them? Nothing. He sends them off alone again so he can be a ladies man Like fuck you At least send Velma with them bc she's rational and intelligent and beautiful in every way?????'"


"so Ash informed me about this and thinks that Dani or one of her alliance members may have found it.

I really can't tell if she's leading me on and protecting someone else,but I'd say this paints a significant target on Dani's back."


Keep sharing screenshots, girl. You are just digging yourself into a deeper grace.