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Day 7[]

Voting out Melca was something I hated doing, but her going out peacefully really made things a lot easier. Unfortunately, my tribe is down to four people and while I think I'm in good with everyone, I'd prefer not to go to tribal again.I really want to win this reward, but solely for the advantage. If I had the option, I'd take the idol clue and throw it in the ocean because I REALLY don't want an idol on the loose in a tribe this small as it could really screw everything up. I'd rather prefer for this tribe to remain idoless.


Being out here has really challenged me, but I have overcome it so far. Great confidence boost.


So, no tribe swap has been announced...yet. Not sure if it will be in this episode or at a later time, but for now my same plan of just avoiding tribal and, if we do go to tribal, having the Ameriqala Alliance vote out Andrei is still in play. Honestly was hoping for a tribe swap/dissolve soon to mix things up a bit but I guess if we are staying as Qala a little longer then so be it.

Anyways, reward challenge is goin' on. Sat out Andrei and I managed to go above and beyond everyone else's average score right away. I really want that idol clue, because finding and using that immunity idol for my own goals would be beyond fantastic. If Andrei, Minke, or even Jake got it, I'm not sure if I could handle that. So if we win this I'm gonna help out Jordan as much as possible so that it's either me or him that finds that idol. Or, you know, we could lose the reward challenge. But I prefer winning stuff over missing out on advantages, tribal and personal.


Apparently since Lucky is a dumbass my submission isn't gonna matter anyway so I tried for like 30 minutes and gave up. This tribe needs to get its shit together pronto


*Explitive* MAN.


Day 8[]

I would’ve continued writing sooner but I can’t really since nothing has really happened ever since we voted off Nicholas. It’s the same old “I can’t do the challenge” from Vince, “I’m graduating” from Trace, and “I have a terrible score that Grace can triple within 20 minutes” from Will. Okay maybe he didn’t say that last part but he might as well have. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the only one to submit a score for this challenge. We were lucky enough to win immunity and reward last time, mostly because of me for reward and completely because of me for immunity. This past reward, I was sort of busy so I got a score of 1.3 million, and our tribe without me only got half my score like come on.

If we lose, Vince is going to leave because he’s literally never here and not in the alliance. The alliance is Me Trace and Will obviously and he named it “Will and Grace plus Trace”. Will thinks he’s controlling both Trace and I but little does he know Trace and I have been like a duo since day 1. My plan is to act stupid, it always works


*Dancing to Robot Unicorn* ALWAYSSSSS I WANNA BE WITH YOU


Camp is quiet. Too quiet. I'm simultaneously happy and worried that Murokata is going to Tribal. I wish it had been Manco Capac or Qala so that the numbers of each tribe had been more even but at least it wasn't us.


So... yeah. We lost another immunity challenge. At this point I'm getting worried about how our tribe will going forward. We've shown we CAN win, it's just a matter of actually pulling together and doing that. Vince has been easily the quietest member of the tribe. And with my alliance with Grace and Trace still going strong. I feel like tonight should be a no brainer.


I'm thankful that I'm on Qala. We're a consistent tribe in challenges and we won all immunity challenges thus far. I just wish that Manco lost