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Day 32[]

No Confessionals Were Recorded This Day.

Day 33[]

I am so over these stupid rewards and this stupid challenge. I really put a lot into that reward challenge for 15 stupid points. I can barely get 15 points so yeah it's a lot for me, but Chris told me he was at 111, so it doesn't fucking matter.

and everyone and their damn mothers know the idol's been found, but of course I get the most useless clue once again.

I really feel like I need immunity, because Nick has his light pearl, and if Nathaniel gets immunity, I'm done for if Chris/Claudia play any of their special items.

I'm not worried about the vote, I mean Chris/Claudia want Nat gone, and Nat/Shea want one of Tacana gone, so me and Nick have essentially become swing votes. As crazy as it may sound, even after they backstabbed us I want to side with Nat/Shea because Chris/Claudia are just too dangerous, and they've curried a lot of favour with the jury I'm sure.

I will play up everything, be as fake as fuck, have a fake meltdown, fake fight with Shea, idfk, but I want to do all of this and then blindside Jenna. She's no goat, she's been playing me, and I fell for it. I don't know why but I felt some sort of control over this game and I thought I was building up this master plan to blindside Austin, and then when he was blindsided, I wasn't even involved.

I got cocky, and I can't make that mistake again, because I do think I can win this game, I don't know what the jury's perception of me will be, but this is the first time where I can prove that I'm resourceful and find a way out of this situation.


I'm struggling with Sim now that Austin is gone. This season has been so rough and now I need to prevent a Catarina slaughter in order to stay alive. I'm extremely proud of myself for lasting this long, I'm just so set on making FTC that I can taste it. Claudia and Chris have been dominating this game and I'm so over it, they both gotta go asap.


Day 34[]


San Marcos Confessional


So basically I'm trying to play both sides. I don't know if I've done a good job because I had to cast my vote pretty early as I was up all night and wanted to go to sleep.

Anyways, my plan was to tell Chris/Claudia/Jenna that it's finally time, and I want revenge by taking out challenge beast Nathaniel. Alternatively I was going to tell Shea/Nathaniel that we need to bluff Claudia that we're voting her out, but actually vote out Jenna in case an idol does get played. At first Shea wanted to do Claudia and says we have to take risks, but it's easy for him to say that when my name's on the line.

I'm pretty used to Chris/Claudia lying to me. We've done this a billion times. Me or Nick will throw a name in whatever chat was created. Claudia will say that it sounds good! Chris proceeds to say he's going to vote immediately. What the fuck? What is the point of creating these useless chats over and over like...

I don't know how I'm more of a threat than Nathaniel right now, but hopefully Shea/Nathaniel aren't lying to me because I've given them a second chance after they stabbed us in the back.

I'm really regretting not having that light pearl, because it's essentially kept Nick save until now.

Also Jenna is almost as bad as Chris/Claudia in terms of bullshitting. I told her that we could finally vote out Nathaniel as Chris was on board, she asked if Claudia was as well, and I basically said that you should know that more than me, and she says she doesn't talk to Claudia that much and I'm her closest ally.

Fucking bullshit. I'm on to you Jenna, I know you were never going to vote with me last time. You're fake as fuck, and I'll probably throw some shade about that if I go home.

It would be so stupid for Nathaniel/Shea to lead me on, and then backstab me twice in a row. It makes no sense, voting with us is actually a really good move, we would have a solid majority because they're clearly on the outs of that trio.

A trio at final 6, although not majority, is enough to be worried about, because they're the ones with Ellis, idols, and possibly other secret advantages.

I've said my peace though, all I can do now is wait. If it's me then so be it, I've put a lot of effort into this game, but I've also had a lot of fun because it's been a long and fun ride, and I've met some amazing people and got to be a part of this amazing season, however I'd rather end this on a high note at final tribal, so I'm going to be praying until the final second.